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Air Jordan 11 Low IE Fire Red PE Michael Jordan "this was close to playing for Micheal color, Jordan fans will undoubtedly start. Low set to combat more flexible, greatly enhance the permeability of the upper hole, white and red tie color recognition, into the more overall burst crack tide flu. It can be said that love for Air Jordan 11 Low IE the shoe shoes fans find no reasons to start. Whether the road is good or the actual pressure selection of shoes. It is reported that the new work will be officially on sale in September 23rd, the sale price of $170. The new AJ7 Air Jordan silver color 7 "Pure Money or Platinum " shoes white Air Jordan 7 has been a sacred level, the recent launch of the Air Jordan 7 "Pure Platinum" although not out and out Triple White, but with white refreshing throughout, with details of the silver support lining, a vibrant white shoe is difficult to resist the charm of high anti war! Air Jordan 7 "Pure Money" in the same silver and silver theme, white leather with strong metal texture intertwined, relaxed and trapeze signs, dazzling highlights. the same white platinum gold color collocation, clever collocation alternately, perfect to show the exquisite design Air Jordan 7 type of shoes, both upper lines, or upper classic trapeze signs an jordans on sale mens d heel 23 inverted triangle logo, are delicate and extraordinary! The white outsole support lining, more vitality temperament, also will have GS size high shelves, "white shoe" love to help friends should focus on. The new AJ7 Air Jordan silver color 7 "Pure Money or Platinum", the 7 generation of silent shoes for a long time to meet new vitality, then in addition to men and women will also have a smaller size, the child and infant size synchronized shelves. welcomed the attention the headlines, more information consulting!to tell you the truth, now say that something happened between art and fashion of the two, it is "a commonplace talk of an old scholar". Although fashion is "cheap" and gives us the most recent distance contact an art, but also as the image, painting and music carrier of various art forms, it is "symbiosis" and "complex" two concepts. But for us, not like scholars to discuss what relationship between the Balabala... because we contact but also those brands and artists (Art) cooperation. High fashion houses and artists' cooperation, its gold content whether you admit it or not, there are still people in the bag, even if the price is not beautiful as in the past. The long-term cooperation between LV and Murakami Takashi although already ended, bu cheap foamposites t the words "bought can be appreciated". However, these brands like most of us see also really is. But to the small area, from most of our daily wearing street clothes, and the artist (Art) of the joint is not less than those. Between the Supreme and the art of joint cooperation, is already set a series of well known, of course there are many other brands are no longer one by one example. We consider as the field of fashion art has since "perpetual motion" motionless, will emit a certain brand of cooperation with other artists, with their works of art, the update frequency is not meant it all really so simple? So, we are not canmimic, making some of their art X brand cooperation? Next, we found a hard, even if you are not in this circle must also know the artist KAWS. KAWS x CampaignMay you hear the name , wondering how he is, "yes, I'm sure KAWS was recently mentioned, most of the artists. Whether it is Asia's largest KAWS Exhibition "from" end point or not, we expected to Biao "price" of the KAWS X Air Jordan 4 shoes, every aspect is enough to show that he is now in the end how much influence from all walks of life. for KAWS, the most familiar and most contact should be those X eyes of the cartoon image, and these spoof cartoon characters is not his early work air jordan 11 space jam for sale . The earliest KAWS art image from the streets, by way of graffiti, wait for the advertising industry development gradually, he began his artistic direction transfer to the field of advertising, the New York Pavilion fashion posters posters throughout the two creation, adding their own iconic graffiti image. It is said that KAWS was a headache, often without action, maintenance personnel will start work not completed, graffiti after the whole posters to replace, then KAWS gradually became famous brand creation, graffiti also gradually recognized, to actively seek for cooperation. So the creation of the TOMMY HILFIGER, Ca〉, "Transformers 5: the last rider" is now on show, while Wahlberg, the actor Mark, is not only a big fan of Jordan, but also a member of the Jordan Brand ·. days ago to publicize the "Transformers 5", especially with Jordan Brand to make a pair of shoes, the one and only propaganda. Mark · Wahlberg's original concept is to be like Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 5, as the deformation that may be too conceptual and innovation, finally by Air Jordan 5 as a blueprint, but can still see many Transformers elements in them, vamp uses black with a plaid like bright color skin, very sense of Science fiction. But of course, the Air Jordan jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black 5, "Transformer," has only Mark Wahlberg and has no plans to sell it. New Balance April head is the march of this pair of off-road jogging shoes M575J " Advantage Timber" combination. And this pair of shoes is applied to the Realtree Hardwood? Printing technology. In addition to the 3D effect, 13 kinds of natural color true to life, true Shadow configuration and realistic portrait shooting. People really think the trees can reach.Buy: ? pictures related to this topic are as follows: 20090401171503_3_.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 20090401173702.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 20090401171503_0_.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 20090401171503_1_.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 20090401171503_2_.jpg this theme related pictures are as follows: 20090401171503_4_.jpgNIKE SB will release a "DUNK HI SB" for the design concept of "IRON MAN", a super sequel film this summer. The selection of high DUNK SB help for the design, the body of the shoe with wine red suede collocation red leather shoes on Nubuck, especially in the golden details wrapped black leather NIKE logo for the characteristics of the original design. The performance of the steel. The DUNK HI SB IRON MAN will be officially released jordans on sale online in the fourth quarter of this year, the friends who want to start to pay attention.Nike Air Force 1 High '07 new colors will be on sale at 2016-01-02 16:41:15 Nike Air Force 1 High 07 added a new color, the brand to create texture strong black leather uppers, with white and grey Swoosh straps, finally to rubber outsole ending color. The overall color low-key show good vitality, relaxation degree of collocation is very suitable for our daily wear collocation needs. It is reported that the shoes will happen in recent days, like friends may wish to pay attention to it. Adidas Originals to JD Sports recently launched a new joint shoes, the two sides choose modeled in Superstar, pure white shoes and black collocation details and three bars, and finally to cement the bottom, color design simple aloof, showing a perfect ancient atmosphere should have its complex. It is reported that the shoes have been landed, the official online shop for sale, the price is 65 pounds, other designated shops will be sold later, interested friends can pay attention to it.Air Jordan 1 Mid full white color has been added to 2014-05-21 02:00:08 Air Jordan 1 Mid always have a steady stream of color, overwhelmed by an all-white color of the Air Jordan 1 Mid and has pioneered some foreign sho buy cheap jordans online p shelves, shoe body composed of pure white, shoe body with two texture leather material to build, as well as the flying wing and Jumpman Logo gray rendering places, snow-white texture irresistible, summer is definitely a good choice! Earlier spy photos exposed for everyone this double Air Zoom Vick 2 again today exposed new details Photos, the first color is engraved OG classic white and red color, the details of the selection Logo embellishment Michael Vick, as we present a good personal atmosphere. I believe that with its multi-attribute set will be welcomed by everyone, it is learned the shoes will be July 2 overall sale, and interested friends may wish to look it. Nike Lunar Force 1 "Superhero" Collection New Release 2013-12-08 23:05:37 Nike Lunar Force which has a series of three double product 1 "Superhero" Collection exposure on the network, each including three color in inside with "Galaxy" "Lightning" "X-Ray" three themes to create three pairs of Nike Lunar Force 1, like their friends can look at. Superstar Experience All in Shanghai activities are now opening 2015-02-04 11:58:25 & nbsp; 2015 years Yes belong Superstar of the year. In order to better explain the "Superstar & quot; represents the spirit behind, January 31 held a le Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale cture entitled in Shanghai flagship store Adidas" Superstar Experience All in Shanghai & quot; opening event. During the opening event on January 31, Adidas flagship store in Shanghai were deep inside and outside the adidas Originals Superstar atmosphere surrounded by black and white photographs on the first floor of a significant long history confirms this pair of classic shoes, second floor The main exhibition area in 2015 playing the latest advertising video, inspire and motivate people to innovate constantly. On the other side of the display area is stocked with exclusive treasures from Taiwan grass dad hardcore collectors, many very rare and precious adidas Originals Superstar pairs of parallel walls, carrying the adidas Originals brand Zhishizhizhong street culture and attitude behind the original. The experience activities from January 31 began will continue until February 14, consumers can feel nowadays adidas Originals Superstar leadership in popular culture in the flagship store.Chinese shoes network Sept. 7 news & nbsp; Recently, the Fujian Provincial Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation with the HKTDC, as the province's 115 "provincial international brands," the company offers a free campaign, to help these enterprises impro jordan 3 katrina 2018 ve export Overseas visibility, get more orders. According to reports, the 115 export brand enterprises, Quanzhou enterprises have 55, accounting for nearly half the proportion of the province, involving mechanical and electrical products, textiles and garments, Minmetals chemical, pharmaceutical and other health-care industry. The free promotion of significance is that it can build a regional brand in Quanzhou, 55 different commodity companies will bring foreign buyers a distinctive impression, Quanzhou is an export brand focus city. The Peak was named "international brands", will be free publicity in Hong Kong and the UNCTAD website, its contents including corporate profile and product images. The Hong Kong Trade Portal home page also will open the "Fujian famous international brand zone", focusing on promotion.Yesterday the double eleven online shopping carnival season, our city electric strong momentum, through coping in advance stocking, occasion marketing etc.. Among them, footwear independent brand GUCCI Tianlun, Lei Lei Day sales have exceeded 100 thousand pairs. yesterday "double eleven online shopping carnival season, the city electricity supplier strong momentum, through coping in advance stocking, occasion marketing etc.. Among them, footwear indepe cheap air jordans ndent brand GUCCI Tianlun, Lei Lei Day sales have exceeded 100 thousand pairs. : 8 last night, the reporter saw in GUCCI Tianlun Shoes Co., Ltd., warehouses filled with shoes sent to all parts of the country, employees are busy sorting, packaging. The company's general manager Zhang Li said, the day sales have exceeded 150 thousand pairs, an increase of nearly 100%. They are ready for one month ahead of time, and with the powerful "net army" marketing new products, and achieved good results. the modern warehouse in the first half of the year, the shoe industry, has played an important role in the "double eleven". More than 100 thousand orders only by brush barcode can enter, query, compared to the previous manual registration, efficiency has been greatly improved, shipment faster. Zhang Qi, general manager of the company, said, "independent brands have done so, there have been many brands of fans, there will be a large number of repeat customers.". it is understood that, mainly to operate women's shoes GUCCI Tianlun and Lei Lei Zi are our city's own brand, sales have now occupied Taobao, Jingdong, pat, four major network marketing platform forefront. GUCCI shoe sales in the past half year, ranked first in the four major online marketing plat Retro jordans for sale form. For nearly a month, the sale of lady's shoes was second in Taobao. last night, the distribution centers of all the express companies in our city were brightly lit. Last night, nearly 9, reporters in Huangshi SF express distribution center to see the workers busy express distribution, bagging, dozens of trucks fully equipped for. an electric mall CMC vice chairman Zheng Yingying said that at present, the CMC is to promote the construction of the business operation center and business training center, has entered the stage of renovation, in order to further improve the overall level of business operations team, started the business of independent brands. (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry) "first-class enterprise is a Zhu Geliang led the 3 STOOGES, the 3 STOOGES together is a Zhu Geliang, so he has two Zhu Geliang; three flow enterprise is a cobbler led 3 Zhu Geliang, 3 Zhu Geliang together is a cobbler so, there are two stooges." : I think there are three ways to create a regional brand: conceptual change, industrial upgrading and marketing upgrading. Hengfeng shoe industry presents this situation, must change. This is the result of the times, the result of competition and development. At present, our business imperative is to accomplish some conceptual change. For example, is the enterprise's goal bigger? Be strong? Do fine work? Or make it longer? Long should be the goal. There are three levels of enterprise management: experience, system, culture, enterprise culture is the most realm. Similarly, product management, commodity management, capital management, brand management, brand management is the most important....... These ideas change, it is important for enterprises that are interested in creating brands. the purpose of industrial upgrading is to enhance their core competitiveness. The means is independent innovation, change the mode of growth and development, carry out intensive production, and promote management innovation. The core competence is within the organization through the integration of knowledge and skills, there are three basic characteristics: first, the core ability to provide access to a wide variety of market potential; two, core competence should make a key contribution to the final product in customer value; three, core competence should be difficult for competitors to imitate. Obviously, the core ability is the most difficult to imitate, everyone can grasp is not the core ability. The ability to make a key contribution that does not meet customer needs and fails to value the customer's most important is not the core competency. the core competence of an enterprise is "stolen", "can not buy", "can not be opened," "can not take, can not slip away". "do not steal", refers to imitate others very difficult, such as have independent intellectual property rights -- brand and culture; "not to buy", refers to these resources cannot be obtained from the market; "do open", is refers to the enterprise resources and ability of each other complement, separate is not worth a combined. For example, shoes, left shoes and right shoes are complementary; others take one without use; "take it away" refers to the organizational nature of resources. Technology, the individual is to take, therefore, have high net worth talent does not mean that the core competitiveness is formed; all resources integration of the competitiveness of enterprises, is the core competitiveness of enterprises; "slip away", refers to the improvement of the competitiveness. Therefore, the real business of entrepreneurs is not management, but constantly create new competitiveness. first class)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] in 2014, "China Green Company hundred" list recently released, Aokang Shoes Co., Ltd., ANTA Sports Products Limited, a limited Nike (China) Investment The company, the German chemical company BASF (China) Co., Ltd. into the column of the list. China Green Company hundred list is sponsored by the China Entrepreneur Club a welfare contest. "In economic indicators finalists to feature the performance of the list" is a major feature of this year's Green Company hundred evaluation methods, which in operating performance, industry position, competitive advantages and business model screening companies and other economic indicators, "the cultural, economic, all aspects of the performance of environmental, social, innovation "and to determine the top companies, the industry and the community to look for the demonstration effect of a typical case. In 2014 China Green Company hundred standings, shoes and apparel industry Aokang Shoes "fashion line" Anta "as the core of retail consumer-oriented strategy," Nike "Building sustainable supply chain." Ranking points respectively. Leather chemical products to operate mainly of German chemical company BASF (China) Co., Ltd., also because of the unique "supply chain" 1 + 3 "mode ENTRY (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Cooperation Media: shoe & nbsp; clothing and footwear News)