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The official website of NFL | Steelers kicker Su wissant main season because of injury | football According to NFL famous media Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Pittsburgh Steelers starting kicker Sean (Shaun Suisham) - Su wissant in an MRI confirmed after knee anterior cruciate ligament tear, will miss the entire 2015 season. Rapoport also reported that Steelers will be in local time on Tuesday started to play the hand trial, including Jay feely (Jay Feely), the invitation of Alex - Henryri (Alex Henery) and Garrett Hartley (Garrett Hartley) and other well-known veteran fans. Suwei Sang was injured in the hall of Fame Game on Sunday local time. He was injured in cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the second half of the game when he tried to catch his back. The 33 year old player since the 2010 season is the Steelers main, in August last year and signed a 4 year contract.New York jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) has been unable to reach agreement between the contract, which makes the jets have begun to consider alternatives, in addition to the draft, they also set their sights on Blaine has just been laid off Houston Dezhou Huo y (Brian Hoyer). According to the official website of NFL reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported that Heuer will go to New York with jet management meeting, Houston due to bad weather conditions and the flooding, so Heuer had to shelve the trip. Heuer was officially cut off by the Dezhou people at the end of the weekend, and the time for being laid off was quite subtle, just in time to catch a deadlock in the jets and Fitzpatrick negotiations. The comprehensive level of Heuer's Bifeici Patrick not to go, but Heuer is still young at the age of three, it made him a jet general manager Mike McCarthy (Mike Maccagnan) - Nan goal. the United States Sunday, Baltimore crow signed NFL history best return hand - German - Hester (Devin Hester). It is reported that its crow completed a one-year contract, if the 33 year old Hester can complete the reward part of the whole, the total contract value of $4 million. , the 10 year career veteran, spent the past 2 years in Atlanta falcons. He was selected as a professional bowl in 2014. He only completed 5 games last year, and then he was put on the list of injuries due to toe injuries. ???????????????????????????????????20?|??????????????????????2014?????????-??????Deion Sanders?????NFL????????????The official website of NFL | Maxwell: the Hawks can enter the Super Bowl football | cornerback Byron Maxwell (Byron Maxwell) in the offseason left the Seattle Seahawks, joined the Philadelphia hawks. For his new club, Maxwell had a habit, he thought the Seahawks and the eagles have a lot in common: there is much like the Seahawks and culture, training someone will give us sand ice, will put on some music, these are like. Maxwell think, whether it is. - Kelly (Chip Kelly) or Peter Carol (Pete Carroll), a new tactical system modernization, two of them provide a lot of help in NFL in college at success. At the same time, the defense of both teams covered 3, which was also the most familiar defensive tactics of Maxwell. talked about the new season. Marx Weil believes that hawks can enter the Super Bowl: I know what conditions do I need to advance to the super bowl, and I hope to share this experience with my teammates and help everyone. I believe in my team, we will surprise everyone, the goal is the super bowl, we can do it, I promise.

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