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in the male against cowboy wild card playoff game, there are 12 minutes away from the game, third and 1 lions offensive yards, lions quarterback Matthew Staffordshire threw the ball to the proximal front Brandon - Patti Gruber, the referee first is to determine the defender and the interference ball, but the flag picked up back, judge no foul. Mike Parreira, the former chief of 's former NFL referee, told the FOX audience during the game that he thought the ball was actually a foul. But the referee on the court did not think so, and the ball was a direct result of the lion's loss. "I think it's a foul," Staffordshire said, "but it's their decision, and I have no way to do it." ?????3?????????????????||????????????????? The male c cheap nfl jerseys free shipping oach told reporters, "why do they not fully explain the sentence".Denver Broncos this offseason quarterback biggest worry is their problem, but now the defense they also have trouble, DeMarcus's (DeMarcus Ware) last season because of a back injury missed 5 games for the first time this week, and voluntary training camp he horse again because of back injury problems absent. on Tuesday U.S. time coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) told reporters: "this for us than what things are important, now he every day to participate in our training, I will decide according to the situation of his daily appearances of his final." will be the key player of the wild horse last season. He finished 7.5 7.5 games in 11 matches, and he made a terrible combination of wild horses with Miller Von. actually did not participate in this week's training Miller, but Miller is hoping that the team will give him the big contract as soon as possible.The official website of NFL | [NFL] with a beard and interesting relationship playing position! | football has someone to do the statistics, the beard and the ball playing position is related! is coming to the regular season every week. Fans will pay attention to player data and technology statistics. However, there is a group of most concerned points on the field, though it has nothing to do with competition, but it is related to masculinity. It includes the most sexy moustache. has done a survey based on the shape, style of the beard, and the position of the player on the field. A score of 0-5 scores is used to count the beard of the NFL team. The result shows that the New York giants have the highest score. That is to say, the New York giants have the most beard, the longest and the most distinctive characteristics. They deserve the most bearded prizes. The second ranking is the Kansas City Chiefs, followed by the Carolina Panthers, the new England patriots and the New York jets. also found that most of the quarterback had a clean face, and 44% of the quarterback players had a clear and refreshing face. While running back many moustache, runs around 30%, the League running back with a moustache. Of all the attacking players, 28% of the people left the beard to the top of the beard.The official website of NFL | Panther outside the car and seized over marijuana, car and children | football this is not the way Stephen - Hill (Stephen Hill) wants to start his own training camp. , this week, the Carolina Panthers are about to start their training camp. Hill, the two round of jet shows, is now caught by the Panthers. Hill was found to be driving violating and having marijuana residue on the car. Even worse, there was a woman and a child on the car, and Hill explained that he had smoked earlier that day. Hill, who entered the Black Panther training team in September last year, has been trying to enter the list. His two-year career has completed 45 catches, 594 yards and 4 touchdown.

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