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The official website of NFL | America and 49 people before the tiger line Coulthard Weiss signed for 5 years | football Jaguar Jackson this offseason very positive, has won a number of star players in the team, will reinforce the linebacker position. According to relevant sources, Jaguar is about to sign up with the former San Francisco 49 - man line Dan Skuta. The two sides agreed on a 5 - year, $20 million 500 thousand contract. , 29, has finished 5 escapement last season, after having spent 4 seasons in the Cincinnati tigers and only finished 0.5 escapement. After joining Jaguar, he will be a strong outside guard. He is responsible for passing and covering defense in the defensive tactics of the team. The Jaguar show in the past few days ambition makes all the fans satisfied, they met with the near end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas), defensive player Jared - Odd Rick striker (Jared Odrick) and Shaun Parnell (Jermey Parnell Zare Mei) signed. Although the team missed the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping German - Mccati (Devin McCourty) and Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb), but they still sign the role players at the right price under several. It is foreseeable that the Jaguar offseason is far from over., for Houston and Dezhou people, one of the important reasons why they gave up their veterans to take up Andre Johnson (Andre Johnson) is that the team has found a new top player: Andre Andre Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins). In the new season, he will officially become the top player in the team, and the team is full of confidence in the team. coach Bill Obrien (Bill O Briren) said: "there is no doubt that Hopki is one of the best foreign players in the league. I will emphasize this statement again and again in the coming days. I believe he will be better. " Last season, Hopki finished the ball 76 times for 1210 yards with 6 touchdowns. It is worth noting that Dezhou's quarterback is not reliable, in this premise can still get this achievement, Hopki is not easy. In thirteenth weeks, he is single game Monopoly of 238 yards. Hopki is only 22 years old, and as Obrien said, he still has a lot of room for progress. However, in order to get into the top ranks of the league, Hopki may have to hope that the team can find a reliable pass.Atlanta will play in the tournament week night Falcon and the Philadelphia team, hope Thai rookie running back Coleman (Tevin Coleman) can play a more important role. Dan Quinn, the Dan Quinn, announced on Tuesday local time that Coleman would be the first to start the first week. Deonta - Freeman (Devonta Freeman) which is regarded as the team's starting running back, but due to a hamstring injury he missed the entire preseason. Although Freeman said in his recent interview that he had recovered to 90%, his injury still affected his plan this season. despite Coleman's appointment as a first week first, the team's number one race is still not over. Freeman still has a chance to prove that he is the best ground attacker in the team through performance on the field. During the pre - season, Coleman held the ball 12 times in the last two weeks and took 58 yards. With the joining of Kyle Shanahan, the ground offensive of the falcons was widely appreciated. Although the attack front is still struggling, the team is confident that the spark can be wiped out in the regional cover system.Handball handball originated in Denmark: | introduced |7 system into the 1982 Asian Games | hand Handball Association handball is one of the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010. project course: November 13, 2010 - November 26th related organization: International Handball Federation modern handball originated in Denmark in 1848, the father of handball Holger · Nelson was a handball organization in a school on the site, a goal at each race, both hands passing and shooting. The men's 11 - person handball became a formal event at the eleventh Olympic Games in 1936 and was then interrupted. Men's 7 person handball and women's 7 player handball were listed as Olympic Games in 1972 and 1976 respectively. In 1982, the 7 Asian handball was officially included in the ninth New Delhi Asian Games. The handball game is a rectangle, 40 meters long, and 20 meters wide. The handball game time is divided into the upper and the lower half, each for 30 minutes, and the rest time in the middle is usually 10 minutes. There is a pause for each team at the top and the second half, and the time of pause is 1 minutes. If in the normal game at the end of the time in a tie, and must decide the outcome, in the rest 5 minutes of overtime. The overtime is made up of two 5 minutes and 1 minutes in the middle. If the first overtime is still a draw after the match, second overtime events will be carried out after 5 minutes of rest. The second overtime is still two 5 minutes, and the middle rest is 1 minutes. Such as the second overtime game is still tied, usually will throw a penalty of 7 rice balls decide the winner.

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