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Harrison, linebacker James (James Harrison) on Saturday in the personal social media account announced that he will soon rejoin Pittsburgh Steelers and joined the former steel defence coordinator Dick Loeb (Dick LeBeau) as the Tennessee titans. He has made his own decision. Pittsburgh Steelers announced on Sunday that Harrison has re joined the team. He will return to the team for Twelfth seasons, although he has been cut off many times by the team and spent in the Cincinnati tigers in the 2013 season. Harrison was no longer a powerful quarterback, but he made up for his flaws with a good shot. He is a stable performance of the role players, as long as the Steelers won't play him in every grade defense he was able to help the team. As one of the most unique players of his own time, Harrison won the best defensive player of the year in 2008. He also in 2010 is expected to win the award, but at the end of his teammates, safetys Troy Polamalu (Troy Polamalu) won the prize. now Polamalu and Harrison are unlikely in the next season with the Steelers. The single - ball team was not fully prepared and the legends who recently helped the team win the Super Bowl split their ways.The official website of NFL | Vikings spend mil cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lions to build a new stadium special | football Minnesota Vikings have a special effect on the new stadium for $19 million 700 thousand. on Friday, the team said the money would ensure that the new effect was like a huge rotating glass door. The Vikings paid a total of $more than 500 million to pay for the big project, while the taxpayers paid the rest. The cost of the total metal structure will be $10 billion. SMG group has announced a 10 year operation rights agreement with the Vikings stadium, and SMG also has the right to operate the golf course in Chicago, New Orleans, Houston and Jacksonville. The new stadium will be opened in 2016 and the Vikings will be playing at the outdoor stadium in University of Minnesota before the next time.The official website of NFL, buffalo Bill defensive tackle Marcel darys hamstring, rugby nest tiger July 30th news training camp in the training camp is unavoidable. But it's not a good thing for buffalo Bill to see their best defensive players hurt. defensive tackle Marcel darys (Marcell Dareus) Friday a hamstring injury. The manager, Sean Mcdermott (Sean McDermott), confirmed the news on Saturday. you are worried at any time when the players are absent, whether it's Marcel or the others, Mcdermott said. I'm going to be optimistic. He did a good job in keeping his body in the training camp. He really handled it very well. So we're going to pay attention to the progress of his injuries. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) to describe the state to receive daily check darys and informed sources of his injuries were not serious. on Saturday for the first time wearing a Bill darys training was seen on the sidelines by bike ride back. In the last season, soft tissue injuries (groin and hamstring) lead darys missed 4 games. fortunately the injury occurred at the early stage of the training camp. Although a hamstring injury may be difficult to heal, Darius before the start of the season, a month time. Even after Mcdermott took Bill to play the 4-3 defensive formation, Darius still will certainly be able to occupy a position in the starting lineup. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | free market story: elvy strategy, pool and other | football quarterback The first big wave of the NFL free agent market just ended last week. This is indeed a good thing, but if it can continue for a long time if there is any evidence that Kelly had been going to work in Philadelphia. Philadelphia eagle is reconstructed every year free agent market opening after the most remarkable one of the things -- if your name is not Sam Bradford and you once Kip and Kelly in the hallway chat it, chances are you going to get out of here. But the first day of crazy trading has passed. Some of the top players have also found the next job. The most notable contract has surfaced. Now it's time to change the direction of NFL's next development. The impact of the 1. early free agent market salary explosion on 's free player market this year made us get used to one thing: a lot of eye popping contracts. When the free agent market just opened, we saw that the entire alliance had a salary of close to $1 billion. Therefore, after a period of time, we see just starting a year Malik Jackson from the Jacksonville Jaguars got 90 million contract last season; the occasional highlight quarterback Bullock Oswald vhailor there from Dezhou who got 37 million guarantee compensation; and New York giants has thrown three pen heavy pound trading, more than $100 million in guaranteed pay to upgrade their defense. , of course, gives the team a handful of qualitative leaps. But when I asked a senior executive of a team whether he would be surprised at so many huge contracts, his answer was very simple: not surprised, because he will happen every year. because of the rising wage cap, we will not be surprised to see such a huge contract after that. Just like the collective bargaining agreement discussed by NFL Players Association five years ago. However, as the cap ceiling is flat, some people begin to worry that the players have given up too much. But now, the lucrative TV broadcast contract funds have been inflow, and the wage cap has risen rapidly. The new player began to execute in 2011, when the salary cap of each team was $120 million. This year, it became $155 million 300 thousand per team, up 12 million from last year, up $22 million over 2014. with the money becomes more and more in this part of the labor contract and the lowest consumption quota, the contract will enable the elite players premium becomes a constant, or is less than that of elite players will have a bigger contract, and the future development of the team in a rising salary cap the environment will also have a variable 〉

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