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The official website of NFL, wide receiver Percy HARVIN returned to Buffalo by Bill nest football comeback (Percy Harvin) - Percy HARVIN returned to our life. , the outbursts and tapping hands, signed with Buffalo Bill on Tuesday. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Bill will generously offer him a 1 million dollar bonus contract for the next 8 games. Rather than seven months ago HARVIN told Bill that he plans to retire. , who had been suffering from hip injuries last season, was the first to consider retiring when Bill put him in a reserve list in November last year. once again restored HARVIN return to Bill, Bill on the number one wide receiver Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins) (foot injury) at least twelfth weeks to return, Greg - Salas (Greg Salas) (groin) was put in the injured reserve list and Goodwin (Marquise Goodwin) - mackeys has just recovered from a concussion after the need for new receivers help. promptly returned to HARVIN in the next game against his former club Seattle Seahawks, but in 13 months had not played the ball he is unlikely to make much contribution. Bill will usher in the bye week in tenth weeks, so we are more likely to see HARVIN slowly return against Cincinnati tigers in the game after the bye week. After that, Bill will also face the Jacksonville jaguars, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Brown. suspect HARVIN how much strength when healthy, but he proved himself since 2009 to enter the alliance is one of the most exciting players cheap nfl jerseys free shipping . Bill, who is now 4 - 4 and striving for the playoffs, may be able to get his help. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.| news: Yancheng City Bowling bowling athletes in the 2017 National Youth Bowling Championships create history in Shandong Zibo City just after the National Youth Bowling Championships, the city has the concerted efforts and hard work, a new record of fourteen gold medals won the best score, a total of sixteen gold medals in the youth group, Yancheng female team consisting of Peng Rui, Li Qing, Yuan Yue, min hole sheathed cable women's single double team, all the gold medals, the Almighty, elite group. Among them, Kong Min made women's singles champion, Li Qing Kong Min, made women's doubles champion, Kong Min won the women's all-around, Li Qing won the women's elite champion, Peng Rui, Kong Min, Li Qing, Yuan Yue won the champion team of four, and women's team championship. Qi Wankang, Xu Chen made men's doubles champion, Xu Chen made man elite champion, Qi Wankang, Xu Chen, Cai Qilin and Chen Jiaming win team of four championship and men's champion. Kong Min, Cai Qilin and the mixed doubles champion, Kong Min, Qi vincant 258 257 single men and women both achieved the highest score award by the Bureau, more than four men and four women. A Yancheng team made the championship. Junior won six trophies, which are made of U12 lattice seals skills competition champion, U12 double champion Youya, Dai Manlin achieved U16 skills champion, also made U16 men's singles champion and single highest score of 245 points, Chen Jia Ming and Chen Liuhao U16 men's doubles championship. Yancheng glory glory! Hereby annunciation. Healthy The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.'s first Chinese fantasy football game on the line, "daily NFL" dream team you build from November 17, 2016, officially launched by NFL China officially launched the first Chinese fantasy football game "daily NFL". "daily NFL" is a NFL football theme, fantasy sports game data analysis and strategy, competition for the integration of the. In games, players can choose to join rooms or create their own rooms, and choose five players in the salary cap (quarterback, running guard, outer hand, near front and defensive team) to fight for themselves. The player's score is calculated according to the player's performance in the real event. In order to get higher scores, players analyze their match data, track their players' status, create their own dream lineup, experience the most popular sports alliance data competition in the United States, and rule the NFL Rugby arena with data. ? The class of fantasy sports games because of the characteristics of real data and the game itself is closely related, often requires a lot of fans of the foundation and the core user group as a guarantee. According to CCTV Sofres, domestic interest in the NFL population from 6 years ago to 1 million 600 thousand last year, growth has reached 19 million, an increase of up to 11 times. Since the start of the NFL2016 season, more than 1 million 500 thousand viewers have watched NFL events broadcast on a multimedia platform each week. The general manager of NFL Chinese Yang Ruiqi said: "the" daily NFL "to senior fans provides a new interactive way, set up their own dream team to meet their needs, and to give new fans to provide a deeper understanding of the NFL opportunity, can well meet the needs of the fans with dan." The introduction of "daily NFL" will bring unprecedented impetus to the development of NFL in China. Survey shows that since 2010, the U.S. version of "daily NFL" - Fantasy Football game player soared from 2 million to 75 million, and more than 70% of the game player in addition to watch their home games, and will focus on selected ourselves in the game players of the game, the NFL game ratings also increased. According to statistics, the average fantasy football players spend 3 hours a week in games, and more than 80% fans say they will participate in the game in the next ten years, which undoubtedly enhances the loyalty of NFL fans. is the most successful sports alliance in the global business operation. NFL has been committed to providing better and more varied interactive experience for fans. This time, the "daily NFL" launched by the majority of Chinese fans is no exception. Game player can not only join the free rooms around the country and senior fans compete, more able to become homeowners, create room and invite friends to play. In addition, game player can also rely on the super data center to help adjust their formations. The important data from the detailed range to the partition to the names of the names of the players (the pass, the catch 〉The official website of NFL | Payton Manning: next season is not a farewell tour | football Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) in his occupation career years not only to fight a season. , the Denver Mustang quarterback, met with reporters on Tuesday. He talked about the next season he had to fight after he was 39 years old: I don't think it was a farewell show. I didn't want to answer the question about how old I was, and Manning said that after he said he was in good condition. in training on Tuesday and Manning were seen passing exercises, this Mustang is organized for the first time training new coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) new offensive tactics. Payton emphasized that the team is still in a learning stage, but said he is enjoying the process of studying the tactics manual. The new tactics will not be quite different from those of some people before. Kubiak at the NFL annual meeting last month that he plans to retain some old offensive tactics, the tactics to help Manning achieved astonishing 131 passes touchdowns in the last three seasons. we don't worry about whether Kubiak and Manning can adjust the attack team. The problem is that Payton's body can withstand 16 game schedule -- not to mention again the two season.

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