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has been in the past few days, but the continued attention caused by the Kobe ritual of retiring has not been dissipated. These days, the world's basketball circle is talking about this topic. in this remarkable ceremony, the stars gather. In the history of the NBA status of the top ten names, five have arrived at the scene. Russell, West, Jabbar, magician, O'neal... No wonder... The visiting players Durant exclaimed: "to see so many basketball players appeared to support the same player, it almost choked me speechless. It's really unbelievable! " in addition to the historical legend, there are many of Kobe's teammates also came, such as Fisher, Odom. Several other rivals have come, such as Iverson and Pearce. , of course, the purpose of Pearce's visit is not only to raise a lofty question to his old rivals, but also to be selfish. In an interview, Pearce joked: "I'll probably make some notes!" He was right, and then the ritual of retiring, and it was the skin team. On 8 19, Celtic officially announced that the team would retire from Paul's Pearce's No. 34 Jersey after the end of the February 11, 2018 home court match with the Cavaliers. Pearce will be the twenty-second number of Celts' retirement in the history of the Celtics. He was also the first Celtic player to enjoy the award of a Jersey after Michael Maxwell in 2003.The cheap nfl jerseys free shipping official website of NFL | Vic praised Winston is the future of NFL | football when the major media are discussed in 14 Heisman winner Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) and 13 year winner James Winston (Jameis Winston) who will be in the next year's draft in a higher, 14 years ago, 1, now the New York jets quarterback Michael Vick (Mike Vick) recently praised Winston. Vic commented: Winston, though he had made a mistake before, would have a school of his own on the court. He is becoming more and more mature. Although this year is not so satisfactory, I think he will be the future of NFL. although this year is not perfect, the incident in the offseason, and misconduct in the campus was suspended for 1 games, but he still wears well equipped and entered the stadium and ejected. Recently, he moved his hands on the referee of his procrastination. so Winston got all the attention, but it was hard for a team like jets to make a difference. Vick also said, "indeed, I think he is used to being surrounded by support. You can't let him be in a team full of young people. The more veteran I have around him, the faster Winston will grow. That's the trend I see in the league. for Winston, this level of college competition trend has been displayed, he every week in the growth, currently has 29 consecutive wins, if you take the Mario Kobita of University of Oregon will usher in 30 wins for Mario Kobita's performance, Winston might have better NFL prospect.The official website of NFL, Carlos Williams, Bill from Buffalo football nest Carlos - Williams (Karlos Williams) lost the position of buffalo Bill. Bill announced the release of Williams on Saturday. Williams is Bill's fifth round last year's draft, completed 517 yards and 7 touchdown and 2 times to catch the ball, but Williams did not participate in the team's off-season training. Williams returned to the team after being overweight, and the reason why he was pregnant as a reason for his absence from the rest season was that he was also punished by the League for 4 games. is currently running back Bill for rich, including Le Sean - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) and Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush), Williams left the team with little loss.2015 season seventh week war strike, the Patriots again another victory, "reverse the boy", oh no, it should be called "reverse" Uncle Brady finished the season first fourth wins, the Patriots of the season winning streak to six games. Half a year have not touched the ball of the season in the first week of kangua vegetable as Brady kill Steelers, then challenged Buffalo's home court, and let Rex Ryan embarrass a home court victory away win no jaguars, Romer and Bryant cowboy less convincing, then beat Andrew to Iraq road array partition pony, enemy jet machine and home court reversed the momentum Masamori, Patriot six gold is a good look. looking back at the past, the twenty-first Century regular season win the Patriots as a homely food but each It is quite common for the start of the season, but often is not rigorous, they like a vintage car, started slowly, the last seven season at the beginning of the season they tasted defeat, and then summarize the lessons from failure, through the season gradually adjusted to this seems to be the best, Bailey Cheik led the habit. The last six consecutive wins? In the 2007 season, after six consecutive wins, they lost ten games in a downplay and completed the great full victory season. Even if the Super Bowl fails, it doesn't seem to affect the team's status in the team or even the league's history. So the question is, the same season is unbeaten. Is the 2015 season patriot able to reach the height of the 2007 season? The 07 and 15 quarter of the patriots are strong and weak. This is the answer to you. 1, coaching group 55 and 63 year old Bailey Cheik compared, at the age of 55 he was the manager and the manager of the two level for seven years, has experienced four years of three crown Dynasty was established, the right to dump the Patriot ruling and opposition parties around the world to make a fetish of him on the pitch are all about, so smooth, he did everything in a successful experiment in the end, the brilliance of his face showed a little sun, the future seems to be all in the palm of his hand holding, only a year ago just lost to Toni Deng Ji and Payton Manning, who inspired the Benitez evil gene, and then in the 07 quarter of the outbreak of the "spy gate notoriety n". 63 years he experienced numerous hardships in the past seven years, every year they are title contenders, but each time they are the champions and passing, each experiment Benitez has achieved initial success, but each time can be found out to attack opponents, even lost two Super Bowl these experiences, let Benitez Darker Complexion, the pursuit of victory nothing, even aside human, "sinister" is a word and he equates to "spy gate" was not his brain short mistakes, so you can even connect "valve" and he has to do, but personally think that the pursuit of victory is a coach use unscrupulous divisive tactics of perfect personality. In addition, after years of practice, the 15 season Benitez has become the League a few can attack the Almighty coach for the team, the game has the absolute right to rule. It was a comeback in the mountains. Last season he reflected on his mistakes in the direction and rebuilt a strong defense.

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