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today is the Nerazzurri International Club of Milan's 110 birthday, in 110 years of ups and downs, inter gave birth to countless very crazy star. There is such a star, although he did not achieve what playing for inter memorable achievements, but one of his back, a goal, a celebration, a kiss, let all the Inter fans in mind, he is the melancholy Prince Robert Baggio. 1998 years after the world cup, with a season before Bologna's excellent play, and eye-catching performance of the French World Cup, Robert Baggio was president Massimo Moratti dug in the Nerazzurri, Juventus and AC Milan two Serie A giants, Baggio finally have the opportunity to join the club he supported as a boy. Put on a black shirt. , when Baggio chose the number, inadvertently made a classic that the Inter fans had to relish later. Baggio wants to wear on behalf of the core team jersey No. 10, while inter No. 10 belongs to the world player of the year, is in the occupation career peak aliens Ronaldo, Ronaldo willingly concede 10 Jersey to Baggio, but insisted on wearing the team's No. 9, No. 9, the original owner, but MORANO two big name, select number 18, to persuade the boss Moratti, proud and arrogant Chile Feng BA in the jersey of the "1" and "8" with a small "+", become "1+8", is still the No. 9 shirt, this has also become the history of the classic inter. however cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , dream of the combination Rolls Royce did not achieve the desired results in the injury, Ronaldo constantly, and Baggio only played one season strikes, met the enemy of life Lippi, two people relations deteriorated, stubborn Baggio refused to yield, after playing for inter two season, Baggio left Milan international that left 17 ball data in 59 games, Vieri Baggio Ronaldo - Super combination, only briefly teamed up a season dissolved.10 2, NFL International Series (ISG) Indianapolis small horse against Jacksonville Jaguar in the London bowl competition, attracted much attention, apart from the two sides, there are 4 Chinese Rugby fans. Gatorade as "a ball winning the city championship, Yu Yan, Cen Zile, Yang Hetong, Hu Lingyi won the national championship in London bowl decide the midfield opportunities around the world, this is the NFL gave the highest courtesy of fans. At Wembley 80 thousand spectators watched the final, Yang Hetong from Beijing in the final round of a second win over the opponent, do on the pitch a ball winning "". After winning the title, Yang h Tung raised the five star red flag to bless the happy birthday of the motherland, and also added a beautiful Chinese element to the internationalized tournament of London bowl. As a reward, Yang Hetong will go to Houston next year to feel the charm of the fifty-first Super Bowl. At the beginning of the game of the day, the Jaguars in the offensive and defensive end fully suppress the colts, taking advantage of 17:6 the end of the first half. When the fans say, the big screen sounded their familiar voice: "the fans at Wembley, Hello, I'm Payton · Manning." With the screams and cheers on the scene, Manning continued through the video, "I just ended up in China and met with millions of NFL fans there. This year, NFL joined Gatorade in six cities in China to hold a ball game. The player needs to finish 5 shots in 30 seconds, with the goal of hitting a barrel with a shot of 15 yards away. This rule, in fact, is a test of the strength and accuracy of the pass. Every city champion will go to Wembley Stadium in London and compete for the championship in the midfield of the NFL International Series. The winner will be invited to Houston to feel the grand occasion of the fifty-first Super Bowl. "At last, Manning did not forget to mobilize the atmosphere. He said," fans of Wembley, let's cheer up and cheer for the athletes who are from China to participate in the Gatorade finals. Manning led the scene to loud cheers and applause. In the introduction of the host, four Chinese players appeared in turn, Beijing City champion Yang Hetong took the lead, he hit second shots and got 1 points. The subsequent play of Guangzhou City champion Cen son opening hot, the first ball hit, but then failed to hit four balls, failed to get better grades. As Payton · Manning mentioned in the previous video, for training football enthusiasts, threw the ball into the ball bucket 15 yards, is a basic skill of ordinary, but in 80 thousand people watched the scene, face the enormous pressure of success is not easy. Perhaps it is the influence of the warm atmosphere in the scene, the 5 throws of Hu Lingyi, the champion of the WuHan Railway Station and the Chengdu Railway Station, are unsuccessful. The second round of the reversion, Yang Hetong from the Rugby Club of Beijing Sport University gradually adapted to the scene, usually in the team division of the quarterback of his side.Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) will be given a statuary courtesy. weeks after Manning's retirement, the Indianapolis pony boss, Jim Irsay, announced on Friday that the team will start building Manning statue outside the Lucas Oil Stadium of the team at. In addition, the team will also retire his No. 18 shirt. "I think I'm on behalf of all the pony fans and I feel he's us," said yel. He also said: "I can't express what he means to the team - the meaning of the city and the state. Just thinking about what he meant to us without saying, so action is the most powerful thing, more powerful than a word. " During the press conference, Manning walked up to the platform and reviewed several stories of his own pony. This shows how close Manning is in connection with the city - and vice versa. Manning choked when he began to look back on his little horse. If the press conference held by Denver Mustang was his official declaration of retirement, the press conference was of the most significant so far. "I can't tell you how honored I heard this news, I really don't know what to say," Manning said. "It is my honor to be able to play for 14 years for this team."[Photo] Hubei | Bowling bowling tournament Xie Chengjie won in June Kham. 6 on the evening of 28 August, Hubei bowling tournament held at Hubei University in June, Kangba bowling hall, more than 60 players will contest this month as a bowling tournament in Hubei province in 2015 before the opening of the warm-up match, master clouds, fierce competition for the top six are UFO players, Xie Cheng Jay Feng Guoxing to 853 points to win the 840 points second, Liu Nian 839 female athletes won the third, 837 Xianguang Geng was at fourth, Liu Yi won 834 of fifth, Zhang Ping 821 points sixth. 6 to 4: Zhang Ping, Liu Yi, Geng Xian Guang third: Liu Nian second: Feng Guoxing first place: Xie Chengjie The first three of leader and contestant take a photo of score

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