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the Oakland Raiders recently plagued by injuries, they left only one player in the proximal position of the front, so the team on Saturday from the team sparring signed fire - Sal Monson player Scott (Scott Simonson). sarmonsen, an unselected player, has been in the raider's training camp and has not had a record of the NFL. The university period Sal Mommsen played for Notre Dame Seminary, 4 years a total of 104 times the ball for 1537 yards and 15 touchdowns. coach Toni (Tony Sparano) - sparano said this week the team will even fullback Marcel Rees (Marcel Reece) in the proximal position of the front, and in the signing of SAL Mommsen, they have more space. But after the Raiders of the list of 53 national people's Congress is full, so they will be safe Weiqiao Nathan Dulin (Jonathan Dowling) into the injury list. Dulin is the seventh rookie of this year, with a total of 7 games.The official website of NFL | Panther proximal front: better, will be able to win the game | football this week to 17-13 victory over Cleveland Brown Carolina Panthers, they only need to win the last game of the regular season, the playoffs will be a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping mong the. A month ago, Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen), who had been in a 13-31 defeat to Minnesota Vikings, said: "now we mess up. We cannot do anything well. After winning the game this week, Olsen revealed his new idea in an interview. Olsen says: when you are doing well, you can win the game naturally. When you are bad, losing is also taken for granted. Our performance this season is less than expected and it takes a lot of pressure to play well in this situation. At some point in the season, we were really bad. But now we are back, and we have grown into a more powerful team. This is the fact that the performance is better and the game can be won. coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) looks forward to next week's competition in the interview: This is very different from our plan before the season, or even a few weeks ago. We are very surprised by the development of the situation, but in any case, the opportunity is in front of us. We need to look ahead, take the game, win the division and go to the playoffs.a word: he came back. from last season and the season he led to the recovery of back injury after proximal frontal Robert (Rob Gronkowski) - Gelon kousky impressed reporters and coaches in training this week. "he looks like old Marcus Kowski," the Patriots offensive coordinator Josh Macdaniels (Josh McDaniels) to the Boston media described the former in training performance. "We haven't made a careful assessment of his performance yet. He took part in the training of every project. " even in May, the health is good news for Marcus' all people: patriots, their fans, fans of NFL NFL, and most importantly, Gelon 'own. Recently, the Patriot has rebuilt the contract with him. If he can take part in the 90% offensive in the new season or finish the 80 time catching the ball to get 1200 yards or the best lineup, he will get a salary of more than 5 million 500 thousand dollars. keep healthy now is certainly the main target of Gelon sikorski. The distance can be obtained Gelon 'is still a long way to go for. But this week his "full" practice of training is a very inspiring news for patriots.The official website of NFL | Super Bowl game for 50 years of football | 's fiftieth Super Bowl will be held in the early morning of February 8th in Beijing time. held the fiftieth Super Bowl Stadium is 49 people in San Francisco's home court the Levi's Stadium (Levi 's Stadium). The stadium was built in 2014 to replace the former 49 - man old court, Candlestick Park. The Levi's stadium is located in the center of Silicon Valley and can accommodate 75000 people. San Francisco is a Pacific coastal port city in California, the second largest city in California after Losangeles. San Francisco is a subtropical Mediterranean climate. Its climate is warm in winter, cool in summer and sunny. It is regarded as the most popular city in the United States. San Francisco is also a tourist attraction for tourists both at home and abroad. In the foggy and stretches of hilly terrain and mixed architectural styles, and Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Alcatraz Island prison in Chinatown and other famous scenic spots. as the world's top entertainment feast, the super bowl of midfield performance is known as the world's pop music vane. Mike. Jackson, Madonna, U2, Paul McCartney and The Black Eyed Peas and other stars to show pride in the super bowl. The fiftieth Super Bowl halftime show the star may be one of the top of the current pop music superstar Taryn Swift (Taylor Swift). the advertising price of the forty-ninth Super Bowl in 2015 was expensive, with an average of 4 million 500 thousand dollars for the average 30 seconds. In recent years, the price of super bowl has gone up and the quality of advertising is perfect, after all, it is also bought by a big price. It is expected that the fiftieth Super Bowl ads will exceed $10 million per minute. 2015-16 season 50th anniversary Super Bowl Chinese celebration coincides with the lunar new year, Chinese opera Gala lianzhouzhuan: 's fiftieth Super Bowl will be held on the thirty night of the February 7, 2016 lunar year in the United States, and the first morning of the year in February 8th, Beijing time. The plan is to invite Chinese directors and first-line stars to participate in the planning and performance of the Super Bowl midfield performance for the first time. It plans to promote high-level cultural exchange activities between the US and China, and publicize Chinese elements and images. This is the best marketing opportunity for Chinese brands to land in the US market.

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