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The official website of NFL | rookie running back Hill in the next episode of tiger | Rugby Cincinnati tiger will play the role of Cleveland Brown Hill Jeremy in the next match, which will make sure that a runner in the tigers will take the main workload. according to the team's official website news, the team another runner Giovanni - Bernard (Giovani Bernard) told reporters that the new rookie will start. Bernard also said he was willing to take any position to help the team win. has let the two young runner score the ball in the past three weeks. Hue Jackson, the offensive coordinator, said on Wednesday that he wanted one of them to have more ball possession times. , I used to let a player occupy most of the times of ball punching, because this can make running guard really become excellent, they must be honed to get a good performance, Jackson said. You have to feel about the game. We have two excellent players, they are different types of players and we will let them speak with their performance. But I think we are going in a very good direction... They are very good. I just think I didn't cheap nfl jerseys free shipping do it well this week. These words, together with the fact that Hill got the first chance, symbolized the rookie should have most of the opportunity to hold the ball. has been holding almost the same number of times as Hill (33 and 39 times each) since Bernard's three match. However, they scored an average of only 3.9 yards in the three games. In Bernard Hill injured as a power running back in the team take to punch the ball when the task successfully - and Jackson in Oakland in the past when the Raiders use Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) and Michael Bush (Michael Bush) a running back history such that the rookie team will be next to three consecutive home court schedule relies on that person. Bernard will continue to undertake the task of changing attack rhythm and passing the ball from the backcourt, which is the most suitable thing for his physical condition and technical ability at the beginning.last week Pittsburgh Steelers upset loss to the New York jets, the team that makes them in the past 8 seasons away defeat to winning percentage is less than 5 of the maximum number of competitors. This week they will face the struggling Tennessee Steelers Titans, guard Mike Mitchell Tour (Mike Mitchell) as soon as possible to stop the tide, the victory of desire gives vent to the opponent's rookie quarterback Zach Merten Berg (Zach Mettenberger) on the body. Mitchell said, "we'll try our best to hit him and try to test how tough he is." The historical data in the Steelers side, defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau (Dick LeBeau) since 2004, a total of 17 times in the face of rookie quarterback, lost only one of the 2 games. The progress of Meitengboge in the past 2 weeks in the game. In the face of the Baltimore Raven defense team, he finished 5 passes over 15 yards in the first 15 minutes of the game, but the subsequent performance tended to be flat. In the second half, he killed 3 captured, opponents hit 8 times. Under pressure, he can't perform well. It also makes Mitchell and his colleagues found a way to attack the Meitengboge.time: January 19, 2002. location: Foxborough, Massachusetts, Foxborough stadium. weather: snowstorm Hero: Tom ·, Charles Brady; · Woodson, Walter · Coleman, Greg Biekert, Adam; Vinatieri event: NFL 2001 season American League Division second round of the playoffs, the new England patriots in the old Fort Dix stadium home court against the visiting Oakland raiders. background: that season, the Patriots, as the two seed of the United States Union, took 11 - 5 in the regular season. That season is our future alliance 15 years of super star Tom · Brady's famous season. At the beginning of the season, the Patriots only scored 0 wins and 2 losses. Meanwhile, they lost their first half, four points guard Drew ·, Bledsoe in the match against the deadly New York jet. Is the so-called "one shouzhisangyu", this is also a chance, as the team's backup quarterback, Tom · Brady led the new England patriots played a great season, and eventually win. rule science: in 1991, the famous "Tuck Rule" in NFL was born after that. The rule is brief, if the player obviously moves forward, then even if he loses control of the ball in the process of recovering his arm, it will be regarded as an unsuccessful pass, and it will not be defined as a drop. we put our eyes back on December 29, 2002, the classic Blizzard battle (Snow Bowl). As the Midland No. three seed, the Raiders in the wild card race with just 38-24 victory over the New York jets, with this momentum to Foxborough, nature will not let Tom · Brady and his patriots. The first half of the game also confirmed this point, in the snowstorm raging Foxborough, the Patriots in the first half was completely suppressed but the Raiders, Raiders apparently also affected by extreme weather, in the first half with only 7-0 leading. In the fourth quarter of the game and eight minutes, the Raiders still took the lead of 13-3. in 3 seconds. Then, Tom · Brady himself rushing touchdowns, the Patriots play with additional points, will score 13-10. At this time the Patriot defense team made full work and returned the ball in a few minutes. At this point, the Patriots will start to attack from their own 46 - yard line, and the game is only 2 minutes and 6 seconds left. During a pause, the Raider team Eric · Alan's an unexpected steal.A new design with This is The new Adidas

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