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Michael · Gandler is the chief officer of the inter profit, he added, "this cooperation is an important step for Inter, which will help to realize the value of existing assets of us better. Through this cooperation, Suning will be able to expect more mainstream publicity opportunities, wider international media coverage and more direct communication through the official website and fans of Inter. We also want to further enhance our strength in e-commerce, retail and media.The formations of row injury problems this week San Diego lightning will be troubled by the team in the next game. This week the team against Oakland Raiders, safety Eric Wardle (Eric Waddle) have been identified missed because of a groin problem, running back Melvin Gordon (Melvin Gordon cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ) and Keenan Alan (Keenan over Allen) respectively for ankle and hip injury is still in the observation period. Stevie Johnson veteran receivers (Stevie Johnson) due to a hamstring injury also is listed as doubtful". according to NFL official website reporter, the professional bowl near end Antonio Gates (Antonio Gates) injured the knee collateral ligament in the match with Green Bay Packers last week, which will lead him to be unable to play this week. It was Gates's first knee injury in his 13 year career. local time on Friday, Gates said: "I will try to find a way to come on Sunday." If I can't get out, I'll let the coach know it as soon as possible and give them a chance to adjust. I'm very optimistic now because I know what rugby is. But to be honest, this is really a difficult thing to overcome. This is the first time I have encountered this kind of injury and let us see what will happen. "even-even soccer equipment network KITH adidas Soccer in this season;; to create a new series of cooperation, and from the New York and Miami Cobras Flamingos two; a virtual football club based respectively to create a group of football theme style features. KITH and Adidas are football leader of two industries, in their respective fields have a huge influence, this time the joint works they share the love of football, football and fashion when together, as we create some bold and fresh things. In order to promote the new It is reported that the newdocumentary on Al Jazeera suggested that Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) may be related to drug use after the "Washington Post", recently reported that Manning's lawyer in the documentary aired before sending investigators visited the documentary witness Charlie Weasley (Charlie Sly). In the documentary, Manning's wife was exposed to human growth hormone drugs. Manning strongly denied this statement. In the documentary, sly face candid camera out of several possible doping athletes name. According to the police, there are two investigators in December 22nd to visit parents for Weasley weasley. This aroused the vigilance of the Sly family, who reported to the police and said that the comer called himself a law enforcement officer. The police responded to the report, but the investigators provided ID and were invited into the house. Sly was not at home at the time. No one was arrested and no incident reports were released. for this report, Weasley responded that he did not think the investigators is to intimidate him with their. He did not say when he got in touch with the investigators. began to contact the athletes who were named in the documentary shortly before the broadcast of the documentary on Al Jazeera. Manning's lawyer team began a private investigation. They hired investigators looking for Weasley place and hope to get the relevant information from the Weasley here. They also sent a lawyer to check the medical records of Manning and his wife in the clinic. Weasley Thursday again insisted that he never gave any of the players mentioned in the documentary for illicit drugs.

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