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Losangeles rams and Tennessee Titans announced a heavy pound deal on Thursday morning in the United States, and the goats will win the 2016 number one. , in fact, the deal should be completed on Wednesday in the United States. The two sides said they postponed the announcement on Wednesday to the last home game of Losangeles Lakers' legendary Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant. sports reporter Fawkes released the news in the first time, "this is the largest transaction since 2012 before the draft, the two party to commemorate Kobe's final NBA game, will announce the time delayed until Thursday morning, to express respect for the players." , maybe the fans of Losangeles will be very frustrated because the number of picks to sign the ram must be paid, but maybe this is a good opportunity.The official website of NFL | Tim Thibault | Rugby will speak at the Republican convention Donald - Trump (Donald Trump) could not make Tom Brady (Tom Brady) to the Republican party venue, he invited Tim Thibault (Tim Tebow). According to New York Times news, next week's Republican convention, Trump is expected to win the Republican presidential nomination, and was inv cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ited to Seth tibbott. In addition to UFC president Dana Thibault, White (Dana White), occupation golf player Natalie Gulbis (Natalie Gulbis) will go to the meeting. It is reported that will become the fourth explanation Seth Tibbott spokesman, White will be the second floor, third floor will be gulbis. said last month that Trump hoped that the winners of all great sports could go to the conference, but he didn't want to have any NFL the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the second round pick up not only kicker Roberto Aguayo (Roberto and Aguayo) or by picking up after the transaction outside of this decision is full of criticism. does not care about the pirate game season losing only two points difference within three points or less team general manager Jason Richter (Jason Licht) said is "playing the best Aguayo university I have seen hand." Richter also said that it was one of the reasons he made the decision to change the additional score to the 33 - yard free kick. "He's super stable," he continued. "He has never missed 40 yards of shooting in his career. It's rare. He is the best and most precise kicker in the history of college football. " Do you know what Aguayo never did? Kicking the ball in cold weather. The effectiveness of in Tampa Bay, of course, reduces the possibility of playing football in cold weather, but the playoffs are usually held in less than ideal conditions. There is a little - even a little - experience kicker can help. "I participated in the cold game, I want to say is 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) held under the environment," said aguayo. "I want to tell you the fact that I've never really played in the cold weather... I think I'm ready to face this challenge." Aguayo may be in eleventh weeks in his first regular season -- may also be a challenge only during cold weather, when the pirates will challenge the Kansas City chiefs. After that, the pirate games are not likely to be held in cold weather. so, reality, perhaps until January Aguayo will need to try a shot in cold weather, and it is assumed that the pirates will enter the playoffs. No matter what happens, he doesn't worry about the critic.The official website of NFL | North Pearl of the Green Bay Packers in | football , the Green Bay Packers is undoubtedly one of the most successful teams in the history of rugby football. This established veteran force in 1919 has been standing in the rugby community for 95 years. The home of the packaging team is located in Green Bay (Wisconsin) in Wisconsin (Wisconsin), and the team has never left it for 95 years. And rugby has long been integrated with the life of the people of the Green Bay. 1919, Cory (Curly Lambeau) - Lambeau and George - Whitney (George Whitney) co founded the Green Bay packers. Which is not only the founder Lambeau team, but also the first team player and coach. In order to commemorate him made with this team, until now, the Packers' home court still bears his name - Lambeau field (Lambeau Field). At that time, the American Indian packaging company request Rumbaut boss sponsored team uniforms. As a result, the packaging company donated $500 to support the team's equipment, so the team named it with the name of the company (Packers). packers joined the American Football League in 1921 (NFL), won eight NFL Championships, and in 1966, 1967, 1996 and 2011 season won the first, second, thirty-first and forty-fifth Super Bowl champion, is one of the most successful in the history of American football team. In many American football teams, packers are the only teams that operate nonprofit. The team is owned by 112158 of shareholders, and no dividend has been issued. At the same time, the team was the only team in the early NFL that stayed in the small city and did not move away. could be regarded as the first brilliant time for the packaging team before 1970, and they won 11 times since the alliance in 1921. In the 8 years from 1959 to 1967, the packaging team came to their most heyday - the The Lombardi era (The Lombardi era). In February 2, 1959, the packaging team announced that Vince - long Bardi, the assistant of the New York giants, was the head coach of the team and also the general manager of the team. In the long Badizhi, packers to the 20 world in 60s the best team, they won 5 trophies in 7 years, including the two super bowl champion. The stars of long Bardi were shining, and most of them went into the rugby hall after retiring. After the end of the 1967 season, Bardi finished his career as a coach. With the departure of Bardi, the packers were in a more than 20 - year downturn. 〉

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