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The official website of NFL, the Seahawks defensive end Bennet after losing at the reporter's question, angry football nest Bennet of the Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael (Michael Bennett) does not intend to answer questions about the Seahawks rushed transmission problems happily. reportedly reported that when he lost 36-20 to the Atlanta falcons on Saturday's playoffs, FOX Q13 reporter Bill Weekes West (Bill Wixey) asked questions about Bennet's quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) when Bennet interrupted. According to USA Today report, the reporter's question seems to imply that the Seahawks rushed pass and did not reach the normal level pressure. The group scored the Seahawks defensive 3 sacks, 5 yards by loss and 8 times to tackle the quarterback impact, such a good performance in the fast lane or completed. we have exerted enough pressure. Bennet replied that he had a fast hand and a fast changing field. Obviously, you don't understand rugby at all. had some very bad things happening. He had a very timely hand, and he did what he should do. We do the best we can. added, "don't point out (to us) that we don't finish our duties, OK? Don't do that, will you? I don't want to see you now. Don't tell me that I'm not doing it (Zhou Ma). Get out of me. Again, please leave. don't play word games with me! I put all my heart into the (Zhou cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Ma) field! Don't find me happy. (Zhou Ma) disappear from my eyes! If you do this again, the consequences are self - conceited. I'm not that kind of person. But don't tell me that I didn't do what I should do, (Zhou Ma). we lost the ball! That's NFL, you don't play (Zhou Ma)! What did you experience in your life? Have you ever suffered from injuries? Or has there been any serious injury? but vicksiis also experienced a lot of hardships in his life, based on his previous article on his anti Hodgkin lymphoma. this is the Seahawks second players in recent weeks with reporters dispute. Just before Christmas, cornerback Richard Sherman in 710 ESPN Jim Moore (Jim Moore) in hot pursuit of the difficulties he will no longer respond to reporters after let the reporter get the Seahawks pass. one thousand readers, there will be one thousand kinds of Hamlett. There are many ways to read this news, as long as the author wants, but some of the facts behind it are always important. The playoffs for the players, it is difficult to. Sometimes it is not very large to deal with the class.San Diego will not match the Miami dolphins will face the lightning in the end so that the main running back Ryan Mathews (Ryan Mathews) to play, but he seems to have the chance to play in the team come back after eleventh weeks holiday week. Mathews took part in some training on Friday, the first time he had been able to take any exercise for the first time in second weeks of injury. Training is the first step to be able to move on, as team coach Mike - Mccoy (Mike McCoy) said it would happen soon. "He's getting close to the return," Mccoy said. was still able to return to a player when Mathews was still unable to play. In the recovery from concussion, Donald - Brown (Donald Brown) the appearance condition is listed as likely, but considering the excellent performance of the past few weeks, the current starting running back Brandon Olivier (Branden Oliver) may continue to be the team's first choice at the ball.On 28 day, Chongqing contemporary li Fan Football Club held a rite of expedition. It is understood that the new season will be "contemporary Chongqing Lifan Football Club Swinburne team" (referred to as "Chongqing Roswell") name for the 2018 season of super league. in the ceremony site, Chongqing team logo and New Jersey also Swinburne zhenrong. The new logo retains the original logo of the main elements, only to remove the original elements of lifan. The original Jersey chest and back, "the group" is "Swinburne car" to replace the new badge, printed on the shirt left chest. The color of the shirt is the same as last season, the home shirt is red, the stadium shirt is still blue. club said that in the new season, Chongqing ABC will continue to carry out campus activities, public service activities to make more contribution to the all-round development of football in Chongqing. At the same time, more fans and clubs will be set up to communicate with the club, with a more rich and wonderful football experience to give back to the support of the fans. it is understood that this season, Chongqing Lifan Club contemporary signings are achieved, Argentina foreign aid midfielder Aguirre and Phil Nandy Neo, Liu Le, Tang Jiashu, Neiyuan Luo Hao, Liu Bin, Jiang Jiajun, Yin Congyao and other 6 players to join. In the expedition ceremony, the coach Paul · Bento and the 30 players made all the appearances. coach Paul ·, Bento said at the expedition ceremony that the new season's team will launch a new trend towards a higher goal. "I hope we can get good results this season and hope that the fans will enjoy the games." "We are happy and are ready to meet the new season that starts this week," the captain Wu Qing said to the player on the stage. The new year will not live up to everyone's love, on the field and his teammates will be fighting to the last fight, a new future."The official website of NFL | Brady: no excuses | football for his performance Tom Brady (Tom Brady) Monday morning wake up will certainly be sore. the new England Patriots quarterback in the 18-20 team lost to the Denver Broncos ALCS were officially record was the 19 hit, this is Cleveland since Brown quarterback Charlie Frye (Charlie Frye) in the 2006 playoffs was Baltimore crow hit 20 times since the quarterback hit most of the time. However, Brady refused to blame his teammates. when you are the quarterback, you're going to be hit. You have to stand there and pass, Brady said, he said the attack was to suppress opponents throughout the game to support the strikers. for me not to finish the task without any excuse, Brady said. We fought hard. I am proud of all the people who do their best to accomplish their goals. We have only one attack from a very good team. The attack will in new England was talking about an entire offseason, when Brady in two-point conversion attack to the left side try to pass to Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman), but the attack failed. If you succeed, you can drag the game into time. Taking into account the display of only one marker was the Broncos tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) this is especially painful. I hope the two conversion attack can not be the same, Brady said. I believe everyone will pay close attention to the offense in the match when the result is so close, and say, "God, I hope I can finish that attack." But I am proud of the way we are fighting, and of course we fight to the last minute.

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