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The official website of NFL | saints chose to leave the | football defensive coordinator Ryan According to 's reliable news from NFL official website, New Orleans saints have decided to continue to use rob Ryan (Rob Ryan) as the defense coordinator of the 2015 season. After a nightmare season, has been blamed for the saints' coaching team, and many of them have chosen to point the spearhead to Ryan. Prior to the interview, coach Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) and general manager Meagan - (Mickey Loomis) to work on problems of Ryan's tight lipped, has not revealed the team's plans. But we can see from the interview that Payton still trusts his partner very much. Ryan, in his 11 year defense coordinator career, has only 2 seasons to defend the team to the top 13 of the league, and his team has 5 seasons in the defensive top 5. One of the important reasons why Ryan can stay in office is that he has a good relationship with the players. A number of defenders asked the team to leave Ryan, to some extent, to some extent, and to a certain extent, the team made the final decision. NFL official website reporter revealed that although the team chose to leave a few core members of the coaching team, some changes are still unavoidable. The saints plan to dismiss the current coach, the near end coach and the defender coach.The official website of NFL cheap nfl jerseys free shipping | before the lions coach Schwarzer will serve in the | rugby union official Jim - Schwarzer (Jim Schwartz) has found a new job, but this time he will not be the coach of any team. On Monday, local time, NFL officially announced that Schwarzer would join the alliance as an official as a consultant. It is reported that the alliance wants Schwarzer to make some suggestions for the league in the perspective of the coach. last season, Schwarzer, as the defensive coordinator of buffalo Bill, transferred the team to the top 4 defensive teams in the league. Schwarzer lost his job as Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) came to Bill. Before joining Bill, Schwarzer had been teaching in Detroit for 5 seasons. this offseason, Schwarzer was active with several teams, hoping to get a defensive coordinator. But in the end, he didn't agree with any team. In the end, Schwarzer decided to accept the alliance's invitation to work for the official. It is reported that this does not mean the end of Schwarzer's career, and he is still expected to reside on a team next season. On the other hand, working with the alliance may also help Schwarzer's future career to a certain extent.original title: KELME 2018 a multi team team new season shirt release highlight regional football characteristics Beijing time on from February 3rd to 5th, KELME released the 2018 season Chinese Football League Club League jerseys, released in order according to the previous number of fans to vote decision, respectively is the Shijiazhuang Yongchang football club, Heilongjiang football club, Zhejiang volcano Ming Quan Yi Teng Qingdao football club, the Yellow Sea football club, Shanghai football club, Meixian Shen Xin man football the club, Beijing football club, holding the Xinjiang Tianshan snow leopard football club, Shenzhen City Football club. dream new agreement - Shijiazhuang Yongchang Football Club KELME joined hand in hand to the Shijiazhuang Yongchang club to launch the team's home shirt in the 2018 season. The new home court shirt continues the traditional main colors of the club, the advanced computer jacquard technology adopted by the Jersey and the latest fabric technology developed by Carle and the United States, while ensuring the "face value" of the shirt, while helping athletes eliminate interference and focus on the competition. main Jersey pattern design combines elements of the lightning club, from two sides to the center by dynamic line width and narrow, outline the player's body posture. The shirt is designed with V collar, with the latest seamless stitching technology to reduce the friction of the shirt on the skin of the athletes during the fierce confrontation. After leading ribbon shows Yongchang diehard "my heart blue" slogan, the details of the embodiment of the Yongchang fans for the team's sincere heart. new starting point, fighting Longjiang Heilongjiang volcano Ming Spring Football Club Heilongjiang volcano Mingquan football club as a dark horse, with team, hard work, tenacity, perseverance, wisdom and loyalty of the wolf spirit, from B in a drawing done in one vigorous effort, darling, invincible. Harbin city is home court Purple Lilac color, symbolizes the noble and moral courage, team darling, in the home court game play fully and delightfully. The road is the main color of Longjiang white earth Snow gleams white., a symbol of purity and tolerance, meaning the team will uphold the spirit of sports fair, on the road to face all the difficulties, tenacious fighting. The dark tattoo on the chest of is inspired by the black dragon image in Heilongjiang's traditional folklore, and it becomes a Jersey totem on the chest. It shows Heilongjiang's sense of city mission, condenses the power of a city, and sends a full blow to its opponent. three thousand Yue Jia can swallow Wu - Zhejiang Yi Teng Football Club Zhejiang Yi Teng team shirt design inspiration from the Warring States period, Yue Goujian sword. The special printing process is combined with the pattern. At the same time, a new jacquard process is adopted in the back area, which corresponds to the pattern of the chest. After leading ribbon with Xiaozhuan font depicting "three thousand more can swallow Wu" to display a new season team's ambition. 〉Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) will lack the help of the first to meet the Dallas cowboy in the next game. , according to team manager Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy), Jordi Jordy will not play in the match against New York giants. He will travel to Dallas and on the sidelines. from this week's news, this is the most likely decision made by the packers, and the decision that Mccarthy and Rodgers have been hinting at. In an interview on Thursday, Rodgers said that if Nelson was not ready to play against the cowboy, he hoped he would be ready to play next week. Nelson did not attend training on Thursday. Nelson has no doubt about the meaning of the packers. Nelson completed the 97 ball 1257 yards and 14 touchdowns in the season, his performance for the team and the offensive team to understand it. since 2014, Rodgers's quarterback score has been 15 points higher than other games in Nelson's game. The pass rate was 5% high and 37.7 yards in the field. packers fans should be thankful for the Cobb Randall (Randall Cobb) to play well again. Cobb ball in play in the season best 116 yards and 3 touchdowns. Can he replicate this performance against cowboys?

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