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I missed the football equipment network as the 2018 World Cup four teams of the strongest football in Italy, in 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006 won four World Cup champion, but in yesterday's World Cup playoff game, Italy lost to Sweden in the final 0-1, since the 1958 World Cup after a lapse of 60 years after the first World Cup race game, this result both for Italy fans around the world are fans of serie a devastating news. So what about the influence of Italy's 2018 Russian World Cup? Butif you want to use one word to describe the 2016 regular season NFL season, that is "chaos", all kinds of chaos emerge in an endless stream to end the season for third weeks, and normally should be settled for the most, but the current situation is that only one team to lock the first round bye, two teams clinched the division, four teams locked the playoffs, the nine teams compete for four seats in the National League playoffs, nine teams compete for the four American League playoff in the regular season with two weeks of brutal competition situation, so it is rare in the history of the band, you poke fog to see nature, the teams into the playoffs hopes and probability roughly number: American Federation of the playoffs first round of the free war According to the rule, the two best divisional champions in each league will get the right to rest for the first week in the playoffs, and will also win the home advantage of the US League Division. The best patriots this week is a l cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ock for the first round of the rest of the seats, is almost a hundred percent lock this season all home court advantage throughout the playoffs (except the last two defeats, the Raiders two matches of the season), the Patriots suffered Brady suspended, but they still scored fourteenth division champions 16 a season with Bailey Cheik Brady after the formal joint in the interpretation of what is called "dynasty". Again, they won the great opportunity to compete for the Dynasty's fifth Super Bowl. The second first break of the was mainly focused on the race for the queen of the United States, and then analyzed. The Steelers remained the only chance is that they should last two matches, the Raiders lost all two matches, and two chiefs of war can only win, impossible. AP top probability: 95% patriot, Raiders 5% AP a probability: Raiders or the chief 94%, 5% patriot, Steelers 1% in the western region of the United States focus on the Raiders (11 - 3) and chief (10 - 4) of the division championship, Raiders lead a victory, but the Emirates season double play Raiders made a direct dialogue, so the last two rounds of the competition, the chief must be to win the title than a Spanish American Raiders in order to win the game, the first round of the United free war. Raiders' remaining race: Pony (Master), wild horse (guest) Remainder of chieftain: wild horse (Master), lightning (guest) is almost the same as in the case of strength of schedule, need to ask God for horse from the emirates. U. S. union champion probability: Raider 70%, chief 30% the North of the United States Union and Al West, Steelers (9 - 5) leader crow (8 - 6) for a victory, crow to overtake, must be in the last two weeks than a Steelers game, in particular, crow will be away next week will be sent directly to the opponent to win the Steelers, North America last week champion to lose, because both teams will face losing playoff hopes division rivals, so crow once the war?Squash |2013 world professional squash China open to advance the first eight players! Luca in October 24th, 2013 of the world squash tournament is open Chinese occupation on the first day of the Shanghai Sheng Liying Sports Center opened Zhanmu, ranked in the top 7 seeded players were successfully promoted 8, ranked the eighth seed Madelyn Perry (Ireland) was ranked 11 in the India Deepika player eliminated, enter 8 strong players: Nicole David (Malaysia), Deepika (India), Alison Waters (England), Natalie Graham (Australia), Jeanne Duncalfe (Australia), Joe. Ireland (New Zealand), Kim Liu Weiwen (Malaysia) and AI Hui Lili (Egypt). 1 (MAS), Malaysia's Nicole David (Nicol David), born in 1983, (ranked first), she became in 2006 ranked first in the world so far, 4 times won the British Open champion: (2005200620082012), 7 times World Cup champions Title: (2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 2010, 2011, and 2012), won the 8 Asian squash Championship: (1998, 2000, 2002, 20042006, 2008, 2010 and 2011), from 2005 to 2010 and the 2012 World Women's occupation alliance annual outstanding player of squash. 2, EGY Raneem El Weleily (Raneem El Weleily) (world ranking third) 1989, 2013 won the Cleveland classic Championships. 3, England (ENG) player Alison Voight (Alison Waters) (world ranking fourth) 1984, 2008, 2010 won the British squash Championships, 2005, 2007 and 2009 runner up in the British squash Championships. 4, New Zealand (NZL) player Joelle King (world ranking fifth), she won the Australian women's Squash Open Championship in 1988 and 2009, and 2009 won the British federal games squash. 5, England (ENG) contestant Jeanne Jenny Duncalf (world ranking sixth), 1982, 2006 and 2007 won the European individual championship, 2007 and 2009 won the British championship.NFL official website | jets issued a statement Smith will become the starting quarterback football | in the Snoopy cup competition, the New York jet team lost the New York giants to the New York giants. Then the jet fleet finally released a news of expectation. Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) issued a formal announcement. Next week's first week against Oakland Raiders, Geno Smith will debut as the first quarterback. At present, Smith's performance in training camp and preseason match is pretty good. It's wise to make this decision from the time when there is only one game left in the regular season season. Smith showed the best preseason in the third week against the battle giants. He got 137 yards and a pass in the 14 pass 9. In his time, the jet fleet was in the lead. Under his leadership, the jet team got two series of attacks in the first half. The first attack helped Nick Falk (Nick Folk) into a free kick. Then in the second section, Smith and Jess - amalo (Jace Amaro) partner completed the relay array. Michael Vick (Michael Vick) in this game also excelled in 5 he won 35 and 4 yards and Eric - Dekker (Eric Decker) hand Catching a touchdown. Vic's performance at the training camp and in the pre - season shows his importance to the jet fleet. He was beginning to guide and spur Smith, to become his solid. He finished the task round and round, and at the same time he achieved 14 years of a new Smith, which was different from the past. Smith, a self confident quarterback, has also become a team leader in second years of growth. This time the official announcement that he was the first player was a greater encouragement for him. As Football League becomes more and more negative today, Smith's growth has become particularly valuable. Organizers also want him to grow into an excellent quarterback. , for the jets fans, 2014 will be an exciting year. The attack of the jet will be more aggressive and more goals will be obvious. The jet team's last pre-season match will be against the Philadelphia hawks, and it will also be the last season, which will not see the first half players who are careful and avoid injuries.

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