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even-even soccer equipment network UMBRO company in England Derby Club (Derby County FC) jointly launched a new team in the 2016-17 season home court Jersey, New Jersey concentrated "RAM" in the classic elements - shirt white shirt, black shorts and white socks, also joined the Club Home Court glory Park elements.many people like to complain about their relatives or neighbors more or less after the festival's big meal, because it is their meal that leads to their own fatten. buffalo Bill center Eric Wood (Eric Wood) is no exception. He even weighed himself on the pound, and he found his weight increased by 7.4 pounds on Thanksgiving Day. Later, he issued the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping following sentence on his Twitter: "I think you should establish a new Thanksgiving tradition, that is, weigh yourself before and after dinner, and see how much it will change. , but 7.4 pounds (3.3 kilograms) of weight gain can't be too much. Not only a delicious main meal will have a small weight, let alone a continuous variety of beverages and sweets.The official website of NFL | before the Seahawks quarterback Jackson because his wife was arrested | Rugby armed threat four vezha Wallis Jackson (Tarvaris Jackson) the new season didn't play for any team, but this may be his most recent do not need to worry about things. was reported to have been arrested by the police on the grounds of a bad attack after Jackson was pointing to his wife with a gun. reports said after Jackson drunk and his wife quarrel, he will be shot by pointing to his wife and said I would kill you, bitch. Before the further development of the situation, another adult present stopped Jackson. Jackson's wife expressed concern about the danger of his life to the police. He once picked up the iron and knife to protect himself, but Jackson said at first that the two sides were just arguing. He also told the police that there was no gun in the house, but then the police found a pistol and cannabis in the kitchen. Jackson was released by the police after paying $2500 in bail. in Jackson as the Seahawks starting quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell - Wilson) for three years as a substitute, the Seahawks signed this year under Trevor von Boykin (Trevone Boykin) and Jack (Jake Heaps) as a substitute schips. The team had previously said that Jackson could still be back, but the incident could be a complete possibility of Jackson's return.The official website of NFL | Josh Norman changed the opinion of Bryant | football Josh, the Josh Norman of the Carolina black panther, is never stingy to give opponents all kinds of advice, even though his advice is not very positive. Thanksgiving season war, defeated the Dallas Panthers cowboy, Norman limit the success of the receiver (Dez Bryant) - Bryant Mendez, so he only completed 2 catches for 26 yards. After the , Norman said, "you should ask Bryant to return 70 million dollars." This is obviously alluding to the offseason Bryant and cowboy reached 5 years $70 million contract, of course, Bryant is still recovering from a foot injury last season state. but recently Norman seems to think it's good to put Bryant in the top ranks of the league. ????????????????????????????????????쨤?????????????????????????? last season due to the injury of Bryant completed only 9 games next season, Bryant will rebound.

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