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To commemorate the first fifty years ago (1967) the cannon badge appeared on the club shirt for the first time, and the white cannon was skillfully introduced after the collar of the new ball. as before, the New Jersey with Puma in the front and back of the ACTV Thermo-R technology, to help the players to keep the optimal temperature in movement. The unique phase change material is used in the motion stick of the inside of the shirt, which absorbs excess heat and releases it back into the body. Sticking to the body can also play a micro massage effect on the skin, help athletes play the best level, and provide athletes with faster and more effective energy supply.cowboy is currently in urgent need of a go getters regression, so the defense striker David Erwin m cheap nfl jerseys free shipping embers (David Irving) is that they need to return. "we're going to let him back to the collective and see how it works." Cowboys coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) said, "he is not playing around, I hope he can keep the body, ready to play. We will try to get him into training and let him respond to a day and day, and he will be trained tomorrow. " Before , Erwin had been suspended for four games for a drug policy to enhance his performance in violation of NFL. Erwin participated in the team's defending team 45.9% kick-off last season. He scored 4 kills, 5 times of tackles, the number of lost codes, 26 quarterback pressure, 5 times to pass the ball and 4 times to force the ball to drop. In the four pre - season, had 8 grabs and 1 forces to drop the the 14 months to second hip Hip dislocation after September, the injured Baltimore crow tight end Denis - Pita (Dennis Pitta) of the occupation career is unknown. from now pita underwent surgery after only 1 months. The doctor still didn't know if his long hip injury would allow the 29 year old player to be unable to return to the court. "It is difficult to judge," pita said to the media. "I have to be patient now. I have to heal myself and accept this fact. I want to start my own recovery in Liaocheng and train hard when I can. In a few months, we will know how I feel and how to recover from injury, and then we can make some decisions. He said again. "It's a little earlier to make a judgement, and I'll continue to be the same as last year and let myself be ready to go back to the field." in this offseason and pita crow signed a 5 year contract for $32 million. He had to restore his hips naturally before he started a rehabilitation course. At the end of this period, pita won't know whether he can finish the rest of the contract. at the same time, crow will strive to cultivate H players (H-Back, refers to the bear and the proximal front similar duties, but does not stand in the kick-off players Kell (Kyle Juszczyk) Yusiqieke) and three rookie Crockett - Gil Moore (Crockett Gillmore) to become the pita replacement in the next season.NFL official website |JJ w want to have a good life after retirement | football JJ watts (J.J.Watt) is now only 26 years old, but he's already planning his retirement. , Houston, a Star Defender of Dezhou, recently told reporters about what he would do after retirement when he was on the radio interview. He replied, "I think I will go to high school as a coach of the rugby team. Or a high school gym teacher, no matter what I do, I just want to play my part. And now it's what I want to do, and as a coach, that's what I wanted to do. , but Watt said that if Hollywood invited him, he would change his mind. He said, "maybe my life will be changed because of the movie, but for now, I will choose to work as a senior coach. Because as a coach, I can affect children, help them grow, and teach them important things. Watt's primary goal is to help the Dezhou people get the super bowl. As for the future, it is difficult for Watt to be difficult.

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