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new England patriots and former buffalo Bill Scott Scott Chandler have had 5 seasons' experience of hand play. After the latter decided to leave the team, the Patriots shot him down. According to ESPN reports, the two sides have reached an agreement on the signing. Although the details of the contract have not yet been released, Chandler is expected to get a new $2 million annual salary. patriots always hope for Rob Kowski Gelon (Rob Gronkowski) to find a reliable substitute, and enrich the team of double tight end tactics. The arrival of Chandler will be a good solution to this problem. Last season the Patriots got Tim - Wright (Tim Wright) from Tampa Bay piracy, but his time and performance were not stable. Chandler has played a stable role in his career. In the last 4 seasons, it has been playing 2112 yards with 17 matches and almost all the games during the season. patriot in the offseason and no big players, but they operate through targeted repair of the existing lineup. In the position of the receiver, the team reorganized the contract with Danny - Oman Dora (Danny Amendola) to ensure that he continued to play for the team. At the same time, the Patriots also signed a 1 - year contract with Brandon - Gibson (Brandon Gibson). The offense of the Patriots in the next season is still worth looking forward to.For the year | fina water polo | Huang Xuechen | Cao Yuan | Liu Huixia dengbang Liu Huixia cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and Chen Ruolin sports shoes off the habit for a long time, arranged in a bag, put on the afternoon to buy new shoes, Liu Hui Xia stood up and tried to walk away...... In the face of such a heavyweight award, she pays special attention to dress up. The fina awards ceremony held in Qatar in Doha last night, on the 2014 annual best athletes were commended. The 17 year old China teenager diving Liu Huixia won the best female athlete fina diving, Cao Yuan won the best male athlete seal. The best synchronized swimmer of the year was picked up by Chinese famous Huang Xuechen. Three days before went to Doha to win the prize, Huang Xuechen learned the good news. She was very surprised and said with a smile, carefully prepared speech English. Very honored to receive this award, I will work hard in preparation for the next World Championships in kazan. 3 Asian Games gold medals, 3 World Cup gold medals, this year is the harvest year of Huang Xuechen, the stage of her smile is very brilliant. The Yellow Xuechen upset victory over Russian enemies is a major breakthrough Chinese synchronized swimming made, after the awards over the years by Russia's monopoly. Liu Huixia confessed that he didn't think he could win a prize or even know what he had to say. This is the first time I have won such an important award. I was very happy and excited. Liu Huixia's performance this year is equally impressive. The World Cup women's double 10 meter race champion, the personal 10 meter platform runner up, the Inchon Asian Games double 10 meter platform champion, and the world diving series individual and two person 10 meter champion. At the end of the award ceremony, two people hurried to the airport. There are no translations in these three days, and two people are 'living on each other's life. Liu Huixia said with a smile. As a big sister Huang Xuechen to stir up the beam, overwork, frequency of use of English now more and more high, shortly before the world cup with all of their learned words, this time is. Go back and learn English well. Speaking, Huang Xuechen laughed heartily. Cao margin failed to arrive at the award for the visa issue. In addition, 8 swimmers from swimming, water polo, high diving and open water swimming were awarded, including Close, a famous swimmer of South Africa and Hoss, a Hungarian general. Fina also the best coaches, reporters were commended. (Chinese sports newspaper special reporter Li Xueying)The official website of NFL | who will become the packers third extra over? | football due to the top wide receiver Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) through the season, the Green Bay Packers originally took over No. two Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) and exon three over David Adams (David Adams) automatically promoted to team head No. two took over, now took over the position of exon three from the second grade Geoff Jennings (Jeff Janis) and rookie ty Montgomerie (Ty Montgomery) competition. In the two weeks prior to the pre - season, played 57 games in a total of 9 times, making the most of the team. A few quarterback long passes (more than 20 yards) for the packers were only 6 times, of which two were passed to Jennings. While Montgomerie was passed only 4 times, but the number of files reached 70. but from the point of view, two people are not so satisfactory, Jennings and Montgomerie's scores are -1.6 and -2.1 points, respectively. Jennings played in the pre season game last season, and the regular season had not been on the ground. Montgomerie scored 12 points last year in the university competition. He took the sixth place in the +9.2 League of the Pacific, and the other 17 times resulted in the other team's miss. Of course at the University and NFL is hard to abuse this completely different situation, so the data value is not so high. in the past two games can be seen in the packers in as much as possible to let Montgomerie in the slot array, Montgomerie at the Stanford University during only 21.7% minutes is in the array slot, the first of two preseason slot array proportion jumped to 77.8%, although he currently still adapt to the new role so the score low, but overall his current state still can. Considering the team of Montgomerie Jennings seems to be higher than expected, coupled with Jennings's rookie season is really not what highlights, so if Montgomerie finally got over the exon three position. Don't be surprised.this week, Brown, Cleveland, suffered a reversal and finally lost 24-25 to the Indianapolis pony. Brown's attack team did bad, and the near end forward Jordan Cameron (Jordan Cameron) also talked about it. "We need to study the video carefully and find the problem," says Cameron. But I know, we're awful. Now every game is crucial and we can't stop. " Brown's defensive team's performance was satisfactory to all of them. They made 13 hits on Andrew Luck, and scored 14 points by making balls and copying. 10 minutes left in the game, Brown, safety Jim Lenhardt (Jim Leonhard) to complete the interception, helping the team to attack each other at a distance of 23 yards. At this point, Brown will have a 9 point lead if he can finish it. But finally the quarterback Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) failed to pass the ball, and they could only rewrite the game to 24-19 by free kick. This also provides a chance for the pony to reverse the score. 's latest news shows that Brown is likely to use the rookie quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) in the next game. The last 3 weeks left in the regular season, Brown want to in the fierce competition in the United States together must solve the problem as soon as possible offensive talent shows itself. It may be a good choice to change the quarterback.

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