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the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Spencer Achim - (Akeem Spence) need to wait a week to start his 2015 season. , according to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the four round show of the 3 time last season, which has achieved a career high, will be banned from participating in the first season of competition because of the violation of the alliance drug abuse regulations. And he has been put into the list because of his back injury. now, this news should have nothing to do with pirates. They are composed of Jacques Smith (Jacquies Smith), Gerrard Mccoy (Gerald McCoy), Clinton Macdonald (Clinton McDonald) and George Johnson (George Johnson), the defensive front line now looks relatively fixed. and Vspan after the reunification efforts to return to the crowded lineup.The official website of NFL | pirates and patriots linebacker | football complete substitute transaction at the trade deadline before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is indeed worthy of attention support team, but traded a backup linebacker specifically in the League will not attract much attention. NFL official website cheap nfl jerseys free shipping reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to two sources reported that pirates completed the veteran line guardian Jonathan Casillas (Jonathan Casillas) to the new England patriots trading. But the details of the deal were not disclosed. , 27, has played 55 games in 5 seasons for the New Orleans saints and the Tampa Bay pirates, of which they start in 15 games. Is struggling with a hamstring and groin injury he had not played in the defense group in October. Casillas was the defender's rotation at the beginning of the season, roughly half of his time as a side guard. plus his special service team experience, Casillas can provide a bench for the main line guardian Jerrod Mayo (Jerod Mayo) and Chandler Jones (Jones Jones). The deal was an insurance for the Patriot defense team, but did not significantly improve the defensive team level.The official website of NFL | thirteenth week night match: reverse jet | dolphins Rugby Beijing time, December 2nd, the NFL regular season thirteenth weeks ushered in the eastern part of the United States Civil War. In the end, the Miami dolphin, who was a guest in New York, defeated the New York jet at 16:13 with a fourth quarter final free kick. After the opening of , the jet propelling the ball to the half court with a solid road surface. But Geno Smith failed to pass the two row in a row, and it could only be concluded by the discard kick. The dolphin is quickly struck out. The jet that takes back the ball is continuing to attack on the basis of the road surface. Finally, the Greg Greg Salas uses the outer hand reverse stroke strategy to complete the 20 yard ball to reach the goal, and the jet 7-0 takes the lead in scoring. The dolphins played 10 offensive 57 yards in the next wave of offensive, but eventually kicker Caleb Sturgis (Caleb Sturgis) - 43 yard free kick misses. second, the jet with the ball is played 10 offensive, but in the short three yards failed, only kicker Nick Falk (Nick Folk) kicked 40 yard free kick, leading 10-0 jets. The dolphin is still in a state of sluggish attack and plunged into the 123 - gear kick again. The jet went to the free kick range again after a subsequent attack, but Falk's 48 yards free kick missed the attack, and the attack group's 14 shift and 64 yards' efforts failed. In the last 3 minutes of the first half, the dolphins managed to organize an effective attack, Ryan Tanneixier (Ryan Tannehill) continuous line more than receivers, help Sturgis hit a 43 yard free kick in the last 4 seconds, the first half score for dolphins and 3-10 jet. In section third of , the first to hold the ball in midfield dolphins after adjustment, pass and move, but the jets defense group completed three defense in the red edge, the dolphins again hit the 44 yard free kick, score close to 6-10. Jet Road Attack step, but failed again in the three short code, Falk do a 45 yard free kick, jet 13-6. The third section is then caught in a tug of war, the first 13 years of the dolphin show Bangyan Duhem - Jordan (Dion Jordan) blocked the jet's punt, but a Taer Sill in passing by the impact, running back Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller) to take the low pass, but become a Volleyball Setter. Is the jets cornerback Darin Walls (Darrin Walls) steals. But the jet didn't catch the chance. In the third section, each side hit 1 free kicks, and the jet was 13-6 ahead of the fourth. in determining the outcome of the fourth quarter, both sides played more and more anxious, the dolphins offensive team finally back, defensive group also figured out today to run basic ball "Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) made the final decision, the team safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) will no longer serve as the team's punt returner. Carol in the local time on Wednesday announced that Blaine - Waters (Bryan Walters) will serve as the punt return to work in the second week. Thomas and Doug - Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) will be on standby at any time. But Carol thought it would be better for Thomas to put all his attention to defense. Carol said: we have no doubt that Thomas will return as a good hand, but let the team's best player to take such a risk is not worth it, let alone make a return on this tour Wei as strange. In the competition with Green Bay Packers last week, Thomas did not perform well. He dropped the ball at one time to kick the ball and took the risk of getting rid of the other attack. Now, Thomas can return to work, focus on defense, he is the best in the League to show the value of safety.

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