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Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) has not remembered the last time it was time to prepare for the new season in the summer. When asked about the plan, Manning said he was excited about not being able to play. Manning said, "I'm excited about the ability to plan my own fall freely. I haven't been able to do this for 22 years. " Although has retired, Manning's plan is still related to rugby. He will go to watch the University of Tennessee, and also go to the Denver wild horse. He will attend the Indianapolis Colts won 10th anniversary events, want to find some time to see his brother Eli Manning (Eli Manning) game. Manning said, "I want to see some of my brother's regular season games. Before I saw his super bowl, it was too intense, until the last moment, you couldn't breathe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ." Derek Jeter, a former Yankee player in New York, said after retirement: "I haven't gone to barbecue for 20 summers, and I want to have a good summer next summer", Derek. Maybe Manning will return to the world of professional football some day in the future, but now he can enjoy his life.Cincinnati tigers fans and with A.J. Green in the fantasy game in the game player can be assured, because A.J. Green's injury was a good recovery, is expected this week to go into battle. A.J. Green said he was "feeling good" on the tigers' team's official website and said he was ready to fight in the game on Sunday. Green sprained his toe ligaments in the face of the Atlanta falcons last week and then dropped out of the game. Green was absent from training on Wednesday, but he started training on a restricted team on Thursday. On Friday morning Green said he had no pain in his feet, and it was no surprise that he would return on Sunday. this week's game, the tigers took over Malvin Jones No. two (Marvin Jones) and near end Taylor - Eft (Tyler Eifert) will be absent, the main team quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) on the pitch will spare no effort to find AJ- Green, even if Green is not full of blood return. , but last week, the excellent performance of the team's two runner Giovanni Bernard (Giovani Bernard) and Jeremy Hill (Jeremy Hill) may make the coach team pay more attention to the ground attack so as to share the offensive pressure of Dalton and Green.The official website of NFL | cut back hand of Steelers Jia Kobe Jones | Rugby Pittsburgh Steelers can into the playoffs is still unknown, but back to attack the hand - Jones Jia Kobe (Jacoby Jones) the future seems to have the answer. On Friday local time, the team officially announced the remission of Jones. The latter in finite time played for the Steelers, did not seize the opportunity, the performance of inefficient, eventually lost his job. Jones had lost two times in an earlier match, which was the root cause of the team's abandonment. The Steelers including Antonio Brown's (Antonio Brown) and Weiss - Bryant Mata (Martavis Bryant), the number of back attack players, the team also does not need to add in this position. the start of the season, Jones played for the San Diego lightning. He and the team agreed on a 2 - year, $5 million 500 thousand contract. But only half a season, the lightning gave up Jones. The former Super Bowl hero is now 31, but he is still expected to find a new job in the next season.according to ESPN, free player identity defense front Howard Jones (Howard Jones) will visit the jet on Friday. did not offer him a free player contract because of the Tampa Bay pirates, so Jones entered the free market to test the water. In the new year, Jones contributed 5 times to the pirates, but the season was reimbursed for ACL tearing. for the rebuilt jet, if Jones can keep fit, he will be a great team to build a team. The ESPN reporter reported that Jones's recovery was "earlier than expected". Jones, a 27 year old, took 5 games in 8 games last season. He is most likely to serve as a 3-4 - position outside guard in the jet.

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