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even-even network designer Liam Proniewicz for soccer equipment Sheffield United created a Jersey illustration, show their love carries a profound memory of the shirt. screen appears as powder painting style, let these from the mid 90s retro look as in the past attention, is the perfect present for retro. Loose size makes the Jersey distinctive, and is in sharp contrast with today's Jersey. However, this is not a bad thing, but a charming expression of those 90s shirts. The original address:NFL official website in the offseason, rugby league of nations - - article wo although the free market has already been opened, the big pattern of the whole alliance has not changed significantly. All teams will rise and fall - the cycle of reciprocating every year. But there are some changes that can be said over the last two months. if we are coming to the free market now, there are not many teams that really sign the contract for the reconstruction. Of course, as the salary cap further expands, the mother team has a greater margin to leave the core, which is an important factor. then what's the change in the pattern of NFL before the April 27th draft? In a word, it's nothin cheap nfl jerseys free shipping g different from last year. does not enter the playoffs as the failure group Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta falcons, Dallas cowboys about this time last year, I asked a question, whether to be a panther and the Cardinals Super Bowl contender for the long term. They both reaped a failed season. packers Seahawks and the other two last year -- I think the top teams in the past seven years - six times in the semifinals. This incredible stability comes from an excellent starting quarterback and the undisputed top management. these two teams are trying to make some changes. The packers lost some of the last hero (Julius Peppers, TJ Lang, Eddie Lacy, Micah Hyde), and Richard Sherman recently also indicates that the Seahawks defense tattle and prate also face change dynasties. But on paper, the two teams are still the most popular playoffs. cowboys and falcons are the leading runners in the attack group. Now they have to prove that this hot offensive performance is sustainable. Despite the strong signing of the defensive intercepting Dontari Poe, the departure of the offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, is still a cloudy cloud over Atlanta. But as we come, the promotion of the defense team still allows the falcons to be in the ranks of their competitors. And the cowboy's mission is very simple to build up a continuous winning culture that has disappeared since the Barry Switzer era. For Dak and Zeke, the possible two grade new rookie wall and a new second line defense made Cowboys the most difficult of the team to predict. However, in terms of the lineup, we can call it a failure if we don't get into the playoffs. overstaffed backbone Carolina panther, New York 〉When the top of the League West Arizona Cardinals this week against the Seattle Seahawks tough team, quarterback Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley) in the 7 game but in the field occupation 180 passes without a touchdown and distress. Cardinals coach Bruce Ariane announced Monday Lindley this week in the first game against the seahawks. The group is also revealed coach and Logan - Thomas (Logan Thomas) together with the study of tactics, to always be prepared. despite Thomas's talent more opportunities to host, but the given Thursday night race the rookie is not ready for the first show, chose lindley. Let Drew Stanton before the Ariane (Drew Stanton) can replace Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer), but the Cardinals still did not give up tactical training on their season fourth quarterbacks. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? And this week announced the first Ariane Lindley, Ariane indicating Lindley will continue to work hard, he is very optimistic about him. even if coach's attitude is very good, but for the Seahawks is another. The Seahawks team in the past 4 games on average to the opponent scored 7 points and 188 yards, the continuation of the terrorist's defensive strength last year. On the face of forest Dudley Seahawks defensive, the Cardinals lost 58 points, although this time they are stronger, but for Lindley remains still a nightmare.The official website of NFL | patriot does not exclude the possibility of | football team execution options for ray Weiss 's contract for the new England patriot trump Darrel Weiss Darrelle will expire at the end of this season. Although the team has 1 years' team option for the contract, it will cost a lot to execute the option. This season, the Patriots paid 12 million dollars to ray Weiss, and if the team wants to leave ray Weiss, they need to pay 20 million dollars for the next season. The team needs to make a choice before April 1st, if ray Weiss still stay in the team, he will get 12 million of the bonus list. NFL official website reporter said the Patriot would try to sign a long contract with Lives, but the insider revealed that if the negotiations failed, the team would not rule out the possibility of Lives's contract execution team option. That's the case, but 20 million is really a price that is unacceptable to the team. If you want to keep the number one, the Patriot still needs to find a way to provide Lives with a longer, more stable contract. expert analysis, if patriots can not agree with Lives on the issue of contract renewal, they will not cut it down ahead of time, they will wait until the last minute. At that time, the free market has tended to be flat, and the team that will still have enough pay space to sign Weiss in April will be the number one. This will also provide the Patriots with the opportunity to press the price. At the moment, the team has 2 months to negotiate with ray Weiss. No matter whether or not this season will win, both sides are looking forward to continuing to work in the next season.

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