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The official website of NFL | panthers and linebacker based Klee contract for 5 years | football Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Jikeli (Luke Kuechly) is a recent big contract defender. The negotiations in each player contract to the start of the new season as the deadline for the case, Jikeli signed a 5 year contract. The contract is worth 62 million dollars. that's great. This contract can now really cool, Jikeli said during a press conference. I just need to keep playing as hard as I can. is likely to be the best Almighty consortium to fit the contract. Since 2012 since he entered the league, Jikeli has twice elected occupation bowl, twice a and selected the best line-up in 2013 was named the League defensive player of the year. The contract to Jikeli ranked the position of elite level high paying players, who usually don't get a big contract. The Seattle Seahawks inside linebacker Bo Wagner (Bobby Wagner) than in early Aug cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ust signed a 4 year contract of $43 million 977 thousand, including $22 million in guaranteed income.a long open kicker (Long Snapper) is a general team that is specially responsible for the long kick off of kicking and shooting. When the kick is abandoned, the long player usually passes the ball to the back 15 yards to the abandoned kicker, and when shooting the goal, it usually passes 8 yards to the football player. you long kick off hand is in the center position of each player, its responsibilities are similar. executes When kicks, the long kicker has a privilege, and the defensive team forbids the collision. When the ball is opened, the long kicker quickly turns the role into a front and helps to stop it. technique long kicker has 2 tasks: kicking and blocking. The kick-off is done, need to be honed, no special skills. Blocking is also the most basic skill, and also has the advantage of the rules, and the teammates will support it, so just practice the basic skills.The official website of NFL | Sherman children in the day of the Super Bowl football was born | for the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), this weekend is destined to be an extraordinary weekend. In addition to the super bowl, his children are likely to be born this weekend. Asked if he would be absent from the super bowl to meet the child's birth, Sherman said the child would be born at a suitable time. Sherman said he should not be born on Sunday, and that would affect something. But I think he will be a good child, and he can wait until the end of the super bowl to come to the world. A reporter joked that if a child was born before a super bowl, it would affect him to participate in the game. Sherman said: of course, I love my children more than the super bowl. I hope he can stay in his mother's stomach for a long time, but if he chooses to be born before the game and even in the game, I can do nothing. I don't want to miss the moment he was born, and I hope God can help me. Sherman said on Wednesday local time that the child's mother is now in Arizona with him. If children are born earlier than expected, they will choose to produce in a local hospital.The official website of NFL | chiefs linebacker Houston accepted surgical treatment of knee ligament | football Justin Houston (Justin Houston) can be ready for the start of the regular season play? Kansas City Chiefs training division g Barker (Rick Buckholder) de Hou told reporters on Tuesday that Houston in February to accept surgical repair of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. The anterior cruciate ligament of the knee was not torn, but it was not functioning properly. Bark Hou also said Houston needed 6 to 12 months of recovery time. The NFL official at - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Houston was recovering well and was no longer on crutches. The earliest time for optimistic recovery was the first time for Houston to return in mid August. He might have spent the whole training camp on the list of injuries that could not be on the field. is now too early to come to a conclusion, and chief chief Andy Reid (Andy Reid) talks about whether Houston is ready for the next season. We hope he will be able to fight for the next season. Houston may start a new season on a list of injuries that can't be on the field, which will leave him out of the first six games. He missed the last five games of the regular season in the last season with a knee ligament injury. In his two playoffs returning to the war, he looked completely out of shape. chief in this offseason they retained a strong majority of men in the defense group. But the most important member is Houston. If the star has missed a lot of games, the chief may have a big impact on the top of the United States.

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