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U. S. time Tuesday, two wild horse defenders returned to training. Linebacker Shaquille Barrett (Shaquil Barrett) activated from non football injury list, safetys TJ- Ward (T.J. Ward) also returned to training Ward earlier this month a hamstring injury on the sidelines of training. NFL media reporter James - Palmer (James Palmer) reported that Ward's full protection was returned, but did not participate in the team's training. After all, he left the court for a long time, but the early return to training was very good for him to win the start of the regular season. Mustang is still waiting for the key players: defensive end Derek - Wolf (Derek Wolfe), Jared Crick (Jared Crick) and linebacker Shane ray (Shane Ray) regression.According to people familiar with the matter, Marcedes Marcedes, a Jacksonville Jaguar, has rebuilt its last year's contract. Lewis's new salary and the amount of salary space is not yet known, but it can be expected to be far less t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping han his original salary in 2015. Lewis accounted for $8 million 200 thousand of payroll is the third highest ranked team, before he is two this year signed free agent Thomas - tight end Julius (Julius Thomas) ($10 million 300 thousand) and defensive end Odd Rick Jia Reid (Jared Odrick) ($9 million). 3 signed Thomas for 5 years and 46 million dollars in, which may make Lewis's Jaguar career in danger. The general manager, David Caldwell (David Caldwell), said that Lewis could not return to the team to participate in his tenth season. "He has to compete to keep the team," Caldwell said after signing Thomas. Lewis's reconstruction contract makes it easier for him to stay in the team. He will become an important part of the offensive team, because the new offensive coordinator Greg Olsen (Greg Olson) likes to use more near end fronts in offensive tactics. Occupation career completed a total of 315 catches for 3789 yards and 27 touchdowns made Lewis is the name of the performance and stability of the open cover and players will be used as the medial proximal front. Lewis has never been an important catch threat. In his 9 year career, he only has 2 seasons, and he has caught more than 50 times. In the past 2 seasons, he suffered from injuries. A calf injury in the 2013 season caused him to miss 5 games, and he missed 8 games last season due to a high ankle sprain.The official website of NFL | giants defensive Coach: do not put JPP as the Savior of | football Jason Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) returned to training this week, so that many people are optimistic that he may play in the next battle against Tampa Bay pirates. unless the injury is repeated, most people think JPP will return to the game after the first eight games of the absence of the season. And he insisted that he was the same, even better, as he was before he was injured. tomorrow we will not make a decision about whether JPP play, but I am satisfied with what I saw, coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) said on Friday. defensive coordinator Steve (Steve Spagnuolo) - Genuoluo spa is cautious about JPP's return, he reminded not to have high expectations for the returning ball impact hand. Look, it's hard to go back to the level you expect after such a long absence, J Pagano Lo said. I think he can be the JPP that everyone wants as long as he comes out. I don't know if I should think so. Let's wait and see. J Pagano Lo also said he was impressed by the explosive power of JPP after kick-off in training, but he still had a long way to go in his return process. The giant's bad pass impact urgently needed any state of the JPP return. Maybe he can make the giant defense problem is not realistic, but JPP can slowly return to help consolidate giant lead in the NL east.The official website of NFL | Eagle workouts Pryor and Lewis two | football quarterback will be closed for nearly two months due to the injury of the Philadelphia hawk's quarterback quarterback, Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) clavicle. The hawk is now looking for a quarterback in the free agent market as a supplement to prepare for a rainy day. recently in the eagle and Tyrrell Pryor (Terrelle Pryot) and Ted Lewis (Thad Lewis) contact, and the two had a trial. Pryor's rookie season in the Oakland Raiders started 9 games, this offseason was traded to the Seattle Seahawks and before the start of the season to be laid off. His running ability can quickly adapt to the Hawks coach Kelly (Chip Kelly) - chip attack system. Ted - Lewis, who first started 5 games in Buffalo Bill last season, was lost during the training camp this year. , although the present Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) performance of the eye, very good to fill the gap left by Fowles's injury. But only two grade Matt Barkley (Matt Barkley) on the bench was not enough, and the hawk should sign the three quarterback as soon as possible.

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