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The official website of NFL | video out of domestic violence, crow and Ray - Les termination | Rugby local time on Monday, the Baltimore crows announced an agreement with team runner Ray Rice. Subsequently, the NFL spokesman announced that he would impose an indefinite suspension of the competition as a penalty. In July 24th, Les had been banned for 2 games because of violence. On the day before yesterday, TMZ released a video of its wife in the elevator to upgrade the event. in May, the crow had expressed his support for LES, but as the video came out, the team had to change its position. Official NFL said officials had been told that the crow had been informed of the existence of the video but had previously underestimated the severity of the event. No one had seen the video during the investigation. The alliance spokesman also said that the relevant law enforcement departments had not investigated the alliance, including the existence and video content of the video. The video was never open to us. No one had seen the video before today. crow he cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ad coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) said that after watching the video, the team did not consider how long it was going to make a decision to cut out. The team's contract with Roger will be completely ineffective before he receives a decision from the president of the league, Roger Goodell. Godell has said the alliance will fully resist and punish similar violence. For starters, a 6 game suspension of punishment, punishment include violence, domestic violence and sexual assault. If second mistakes are made, it will be banned for at least 1 years. The previous decision to punish Les is obviously inconsistent with the relevant provisions of the alliance. received a letter from the alliance in August 28th that expressed dissatisfaction with the way of punishment. Godell said that the previous ban decision was questioned by the society, questioned the sincerity of the alliance, and questioned the previous commitment. At the same time, it also questions whether the union truly understands the universality and injurious nature of domestic violence. Here, I am willing to take responsibility for our decision and to ensure that our measures can reflect the value of these decisions in the future. I had not been aware of the importance of the problem in time and made a decision too lightly. From now on, we have to do better and we can do better.Green Bay Packers have sold all the tickets for the team since 1950s. but the packers season ticket owners this season have to pay more for the regular season, the relative will be compensated in the preseason ticket. , it is reported that the tickets for the packers will be 45 dollars or 62 dollars for the pre-season match, which is not very cheap. The regular season tickets will be 95 dollars and 122 dollars, compared with the original increase of 5%. , according to the survey, the ticket price of packers is in the nineteenth place of the league. Because the packers are fans and shareholders, and the only thing in the US is the sports sector. The increase of revenue may be to fill the cost of renovation before the stadium.The disastrous performance of in overtime to Baltimore crow Thursday night game after the Pittsburgh Steelers replacement kicker. According to the official website NFL reported that the Steelers signed Chris - Bos Weil (Chris Boswell), and in order to vacate the space they cut off the lineup, Josh - Kobe (Josh Scobee). Kobe lost a free kick two times in the last three minutes of the game, causing the final team to suffer a terrible loss. Coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) in overtime twice face four offensive when apparently don't trust his playing hand. Kobe in four games for the Steelers played in 10 free kick just finished 6, also missed the 1 additional points shot. steel with a sixth round draft pick Kobe, he got the contract and $3 million 425 thousand from the Jacksonville Jaguars in August. 24 years old, Bosch spent training camp at the New York giants. From the Rice University he as an undrafted in 2014 to participate in the Houston trial in Dezhou. Never in the regular season had shot the Bosch, has strong legs, he will now be in the League to play one of the most detrimental to the football hand. He is the 2015 season of fourth as the Steelers played kicker, Sean - souilly (Shaun Suisham) and Sharm Garrett Hartley (Garrett Hartley) have been put in the injured reserve list.The official website of NFL | Newton Thanksgiving gift - new array celebration dance | football The (Cam Newton) - cam Newton's win is to dance. the Carolina Panthers quarterback on Thursday in the third day war Thanksgiving found the opportunity to reach the end zone complete with 33 touchdowns, helping Panther 14 victory over the Dallas cowboys, then he completed the one we don't know how to describe the dance in the end zone. in fact, before the game, the outside world of questioning inside and outside the Newton is quite violent, apparently Newton wanted to prove his own way. With the victory the Panthers finished with 11 wins and 0 losses feat, basically locked in the southern top contact position, while the completion of the Panther's first-ever Thanksgiving victory. this game Newton finished 183 yards of pass, 12 yards of the ball and a flush ball.

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