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The official website of NFL | Iraq will still missed Hassel Beck may continue to start | football on Monday, Indianapolis Pagano Pagano Chuck Pagano Beck Matt Matt Beck, a quarterback, was injured in Houston's competition in the last match. is not enough to allow Hassel Beck to rest in the next game against the Miami dolphin. He said on Tuesday that he thought Hassel and Beck, who had already left the field in the past three games, could still be the first to make their debut, completing their eighth start of the season. ????????????????????????????????????3?????????????????????????|????????????????????????????-?????????Charlie Whitehurst?????쨢???????3?????????????3????????????????????????????????? if they win the next match and have the hope of entering the playoffs in the last week, the pony will face the question of whether the Andrew Luck is ready to return to the match. Andrew. Pagano didn't want to make such a distant estimate on Tuesday. But LAK himself said he wanted to pass the doctor's examination and play the battle of Tennessee's regular season, no matter whether he had the chance to enter the playoffs. may have different opinions on the idea of LAK, but that's the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping subject of the next week.NFL official website | preseason report: Dezhou VS | Mustang football Beijing 12 time in August 24th at noon, the end of the pre-season match, Houston Dezhou people against Denver wild horse competition, Dezhou people in the last 1 minutes to catch up with the game, rely on a 2 points additional points to transform the completion of anti super, and finally 18 to 17 victory over the Denver Mustang. the first section of the game both offensive and defensive but failed to get a touchdown, the only bright spot is the Broncos kicker Mata Platt (Matt Prater) 32 yard play score. The second quarter of the game began to play. It was no longer dreary. The opening time was only 2 minutes. Peyton Manning, the quarterback quarterback (Peyton Manning), passed the 43 yards pass by Dezhou's corner guard A.J. Boyer. After the way forward to the wild motor front 1 yards by running back Jonathan Grimes (Jonathan Grimes) rushing touchdowns. The second section more than 1 minutes left, without taking off poly Manning organization, to the road passes for 67 yards, Emmanuel - Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) in vaudeville before the ball bashing completed a touchdown, become the highlight, after the successful completion of additional Mustang counter ultra score 10 to 7 lead. After Dezhou attacks the ball back to the Mustang in hand, Manning again without taking off Weiss road to Wilkie poly - (Wes Welker) 9 yards passing the ball, while Dezhou people safetys D.J. Swinburne Gabriel (D.J.Swearinger) impact Wilkie helmet is in fact illegal, Wilkie was injured. But the Mustang morale is not affected, the last 9 seconds Manning pass 29 yards Saunders once again left the high difficulty score more than 17 to 7 ball, expand the mustang. In the third section, the Dezhou people completed one kick to get the score to 10 to 17, while the wild horse substitute for the quarterback did not build. Fourth when you think the game time will end in such a boring score, Dezhou rookie quarterback Tom - match the vaygr (Tom Savage) 31 yards, proximal Griffin Feng Rui (Ryan Griffin) running after the ball 10 yards touchdown after the Dezhou people choose 2 points of bonus points match Weigel passes to rookie wide receiver Tevez Hart (Travis Labhart), additional points, score counter ultra 18 to 17 lead. For Denver left the poor 1 minutes to backup quarterback Vera Boruc (Brock Osweiler) - Aosai four times without taking poly pass fail, the final score to 18 than 17. , this field is ahead of the wild horse data. The first horse of wild horse is 22 times, running the ball 127 yards, passing the ball 272 yards, while the Dezhou people's first gear 17 times, runs the ball 79 yards, passes 215 yards. But wild horse has paid the cost of being reversed because of his inefficiency in attack and the instability of the defensive team. this game is a good harvest for both teams.The official website of NFL | Sheikh supplied to London | football fans free beer Kansas chieftain had to ask the fans to drink because of the bad 1 - 5 performance. is now as long as the season ticket holders can get free beer in the team of eighth weeks in the London games. has fans Tucao: Thank you very much for our chiefs. They are so generous. I only need to spend 10 thousand dollars to go to London, then I can see this bad team drinking free beer. has learned that beer will start to supply in October 30th. The chiefs wanted the beer supply time in the evening. But because of the Rugby World Cup, the chieftain fans could only get their free beer from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.took over the Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) an injury plagued season by the violent impact after the end of the game in the home court on Thursday night. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to sources reported that Marshall's ruptured lungs. The team lost to Dallas in the Marshall announced before the game 2 cowboy rib fracture and lung injury. Marshall in the back and ribs are the other players after the knee was taken by ambulance to the local hospital. Marshall Friday still remain in the hospital for observation. Coach Mark - Tracy Altman (Marc Trestman) said in his Thursday night when the latter visited Marshall in good spirits. this is the last time the failure of Marshall this disappointing season. Most of his time in the season and ankle fight, which he made only 721 yards, and in the first season of Tristram's Terman he got 1295 yards. Look or will leave other Marshall key players next season. His next season's salary is guaranteed and there is no reason to think that the team will leave him. The bigger question of is whether Drizzt Man will be a coach of the team. It's hard to believe that Drizzt Man was still in the team next season after a few Thursday night losses.

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