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The team ended the second consecutive days of upper armour training. Since tomorrow afternoon is leaving for Oakland, training on Thursday local time will be arranged at 9:45 a.m. Jordan joined Webster and Robey-Coleman, and three people were not trained today. McVay explained that they had no serious injuries, and they could play at any time if they needed a match. The wounded still not trained include Austin, Dunbar, Donnal, Ebukam and Grigsby, and they will not take part in this week's match. For the purpose of protecting the players today, once again the veteran holiday, including Whitworth, Saffold and Sullivan. Spruce is returned for a small amount of training. ram in tomorrow's trial veteran cornerback Leodis McKelvin. At the present time, he may not be able to match the 4 horn guards of the team, and the potential is not as good as Penton and Peterson. If you have a successful contract, it may be a few considerations: too much injury, Hill two games, lack o cheap nfl jerseys free shipping f team experience, and... "Ready to deal Tru!" The team used the ball training as the first for third days, and the players' performance on the training ground was improved, but the results were still waiting for the test. The state of Goff continues to improve, although it is still given to Tru a copy, but the whole training state is hot, and the mobilization of TE is very handy. In the WR/CB of continuous training, the ball to feed over most love position, Watkins miss missing, but Reynolds and Thomas are easy to accept. Goff is different in different target to pass when the focus has been to, Watkins, Cooper, Kupp and Reynolds was significantly faster than that for Thomas and more to take care of their height advantage. In the aftermath of the training game, Goff first found the Hemingway in the empty space and then scored again in the out route that Higbee was very good at. Under pressure, his correspondence can also be commendable. Under pressure, we should find Kupp that is closely pressed by Joyner on the route of quick slant and seize the chance of fleeting. There's also a 25 to 30 yard run. If not several teammates in the end zone out of the stock in today's training will be more perfect. about Goff and the first time this week. Last week, McVay said she hoped that the first team could play the second quarter in second weeks, and the third week in the third week and the rest four weeks. The two day coach's rule is to spend more time than the first week. The arrival of Watkins did change the team's passing system, and the informant revealed that he could see through the naked eye that he was quicker than the other players. Although he had previously expressed his desire to be part of the team for a week and a half, it was only two days.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?The in the free agent market to Carson - Palmer (Carson Palmer) equipped with weapons, one year contract signed the 2 occupation bowl proximal front, before the first round pick Jermaine Grey Sohm tiger (Jermaine Gresham), the details of the contract were not disclosed. Grey Sohm, 27, is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 260 pounds. Since being selected by the tiger in 2010, he has averaged 56 times to catch the ball and advance 544 yards per season, including 62 times of last season's catch and 460 yards, and 5 times to catch the ball. Grey Sohm had previously signed a contract with the Raiders in March, but had been examined for surgery for the back. had the linnet array in the proximal front only Darren Faires (Darren Fells) and last season's two round show Troy - Nicklas (Troy Niklas), so the Gresham is most likely the only real threat to members with stable ball.a NFL shirt is sometimes the best gift for father's day. This is why the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson) angry reason. he tried to buy a piece of his shirt as a gift of his father's father's Day gift, but the result is: "I hope they will have to sell my shirt, if any, I'll buy it, but I can't, I can only buy some of the old Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) Jersey. Then put the name off and put on my own, but I could not have my own shirt?" Johnson was selected by the Green Bay Packers in the seventh round of 2013. He entered the Vikings list in the 2014 season. He finished 31 times to catch the ball, promoted 475 yards, and got 2 touches, which is obviously not enough for NFL to print his shirt for him. Fortunately, his wife was linked with the team management to ensure that his father and children were able to get his shirt. believed that Johnson's dad was at least happy because he got a gift from his son.

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