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Return to Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback in May to usher in the next game. The team coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) told reporters Tuesday this week in training if everything goes smoothly, quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) "may have the opportunity to play the game" against Baltimore crow. the surgery left knee meniscus tear in the game after the Steelers lost to Miami dolphins. President Rooney said the Steelers II may be the most Wallace out for six weeks. The next game was less than three weeks after surgery. Rothlisberger on Monday to participate in the training, said Tomlin was really good ". Tomlin also said it would be big this week's training time and training towards the way he decided whether he will return in the next game. ?The official website of NFL | RAM will show champion and team boss gove compared | football legend Warner Jared Goff (Jared Goff) to become this year's draft, in his praise continued this week, Losangeles rams boss Stan g (Stan Kreonke) - Cologne, he and the team playing Kurt Warner (Kurt Warner) compared. , Cologne, recalled the conversation he had with his coach Dick Mel (Dick Vermeil) after a pre-season training in 1998, when Mel asked kelonk cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to decide who should be the three quarterback of the team. The relative unheard of Warner was considered the best player for the role. of course. Warner then led the team to the Super Bowl twice and got a championship. don't know Kurt, but I watched the training, this place is similar and gove: I told Dick, "well, I never played, but you want my advice? The child from the University of North Iowa can see the game clearly. He has a vision, 'kologk said. It's like a really good point guard. Some people have such ability, some people do not. Whether it's the indoor football league or somewhere else, he has this view, but he can see the game clearly. And Jared has the ability to do so. Two people have vision Compared to Warner, will face more expectations of his career prospects. But if he could have a vision as kologk said, he would have a better chance of reaching his expectations.Pittsburgh Steelers finally gave up cornerback Alan taze, (Cortez Allen). The team announced on Friday that they had cut him. The Steelers to 4 year $24 million 600 thousand contract with the renewal of Alan in the final year of just two years ago. Alan has been signed because of the 2014 season before he played in the first three years in the Steelers defense group played an important role. , the 2011 four round show, played 44 regular games in the 2011 to the 2013 season, of which the first 11 were the first. But he was hit by injury in the 2014 season, and then his performance fell down. did not perform well at the time in his 2014 season. He was put in a list of injuries and missed the last 5 games as a result of his thumb injury. And he had lost the first place before that. was getting worse in the 2015 season. He was only in the opening battle of the season, and then he was injured in the knee. He tried to training injuries but did not succeed, he is the second consecutive year in injured reserve list. this year January was asked about the team coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) and general manager Kevin - Colbert (Kevin Colbert) for the return of Alan was not very optimistic. because of his previous contract renewal, Alan could earn 13 million dollars after just 12 games. Alan's departure means the Steelers will almost certainly find a cornerback in the draft position. This is their main demand before they cut off Alan, and now it will be their most important demand.Bowling | Shi total qualifying program revision!!! (revised July 20, 2016). Please refer to the content of this draft.) about Mr. Shi Guotai's sponsorship and organization of Chinese bowling players in pBA 2016 world bowling series (WSOB) selection and notification December 2015, active coordination in Brunswick bowling company and Chinese agent Longmarch bowling, vice chairman of Chinese Bowling Association Mr. Shi Guotai led the delegation to attend the pBA Chinese Bowling bowling world series, visited the United States Bowling Association (USBC) and the American Bowling Owners Association (BpAA) and other organizations. The delegation has carried out extensive and in-depth exchanges with the high-level organizations of these organizations and reached a number of cooperation agreements. Chinese bowling is now showing a good momentum of rapid development. in order to further promote the development of Chinese bowling, Mr. Shi Guo decided to sponsor individual Chinese high level athletes participated in the United States pBA 2016 Bowling bowling world series now, and commissioned the Brunswick bowling company China agent Shanghai Longmarch Industrial Co. Ltd. (Longmarch bowling) is responsible for the selection of the participating players. The specific scheme is as follows. The basic situation of the 1. pBA 2016 world bowling series series (1) tournament Name: pBA 2016 World Series of Bowling, referred to as WSOB, the Chinese name "world bowling series", is pBA (professional Bowling Federation) annual, the largest and the highest level of competition. (2) competition time: November 27, 2016 -12 month 11 (3) Venue: Reno, Nevada (Reno, Navada) (4) competition system and related briefs: all competitions are individual competitions, without distinction between men and women, without bonus. Each person took part in nine bureaus of four animal oils in the first stage. The first 24 qualifying matches in the second stage of each oil type. The 36 games of the four animals were divided into the first 25% of the world champion oil competition. Finally, five kinds of oil (four animal oil type and oil type world champion) championship, ESpN live and taped. Chinese players have participated in the two pBA WSOB, and no one has entered the second stage. The best result is fiftieth in the first nine bureaus of the single animal oil. Mr. Shi Guotai wants Chinese players to make a breakthrough in 2016. 2. selection method qualification

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