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| Guozihao handball handball team of Ningbo | hidden little record unbelievable | hand Co they are Greece, Sweden and other European teams called little; they are not regarded as the International Handball league teams participating before receiving free training; they hold the attitude of learning abroad is going to go back to...... However, after half a month of the devil race, they unexpectedly broke into the top 16, created Chinese handball in the history of the best record in the spoils. Don't think too much of them. They are just one meter and five out of their head, hiding in a group of small groups in Yinzhou Jin Jia primary school. Yinzhou Jin Jia Cao primary school handball team was posted on the 2010 National Youth handball team's label in June 27th, playing the thirty-eighth world primary school handball tournament of Sweden. The game was hailed as the Europeans of the game itself, but suffered a Chinese children brave spoiler. Yesterday, they returned to Ningbo with the award-winning certificate issued by the organizers of the PA Tiller cup. The national number of the Ningbo team is considered the worst The world primary school handball elite has been held for thirty-eighth sessions. China's junior team is the first one or the first time. Because our team has been very stable in recent years, and their performance is also increasing steadily. So the National Sports Bureau directly let us represent cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the 2010 countries and young men's teams to participate in this competition. Yinzhou Bureau of education advocates Chen Xijiang said. Jin Jia Cao primary school established in 2004 2005 for the first time the men's handball team, the school participated in the Jiangsu Haimen held national primary handball League, won the fourth, became the biggest dark horse contest, a year after the race team scores rose steadily in 2009, held in Shanghai national primary handball League, they won the runner up. Although in Chinese grades we one, but in the world, but the absolute lowly. On the Swedish trip, the school only takes toll, and all other expenses, including food and housing, are also provided by the contractor, and a week long training course is also provided. Eight teams enjoy such treatment, because in the eyes of the organizers, the eight teams are the worst. Chen Xijiang said. defeats Germany and defeats Greek is small and unbelievable a total of more than 1000 teams from more than 50 countries, with more than 19000 athletes. The Chinese young men were included in the fourteen year old group, with a total of 85 teams. To be honest, we have a bad luck in this game. The group is all strong in Europe. We all think of training, and everyone can't think of it. Chen Xijiang reviewed the process of competition to reporters. The competition was divided into two stages. The first stage is group competition, and the leading teams are outgoing. The Chinese team is divided into a group of European teams, such as Sweden, Iceland, Greece and Germany.In the end Gavin del kopar (Gavin Escobar) of the Dallas cowboys in the 7 years ago by the diagnosis of testicular cancer, since he has been committed to the promotion of people for the disease cognition. when he was 18 years old, he completed the operation of testicular cancer. On Thursday, the team will play on a pair of sneakers with "I survived" and "feeling nuts" on the match against Minnesota Vikings. said in an interview, Escobar said, "I have several words to choose from. I have chosen these two sentences. Many people want me to choose" persist for many years ", but I still like the two sentences I choose. this week the NFL league players were trying to seize the opportunity to show the individual because of the league 's "my story, my shoes" week on Thursday. ace kopar are now fully recovered, he is not only in the team this week the theme of the shoes, the team ran Wei Yi gathered at the Seoul - Elliot (Ezekiel Elliott) will be wearing against animal cruelty and a pet slogan shoes. Brandon - Carle (Brandon Carr), Byron - Jones (Byron Jones) and so on will be wearing shoes on the water crisis. ? NFL????|??????????????????3????|????? Due to the recent (Percy Harvin) - Percy HARVIN trading events, all kinds of rumors rampant Seahawks team, there is news that HARVIN was traded after the team because of different views and the transaction split into two factions. In order to quell rumors, this Thursday the core team quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) announced that he was happy to be in the Seahawks, no team is better than the seahawks. Wilson said in an interview: there is no small group in the team's dressing room, and there is no problem between the teammates. Everyone is growing up and doing their best to maintain the atmosphere of the dressing room. I have no doubt about the friendship between my teammates. I believe my teammates are struggling to win, and we are still a powerful competitor to the super bowl. This is my team-mates, not as it says in the report. When asked about how to deal with Halven's deal, replied, "Wilson and I are very similar to him. They are all people who are always demanding on themselves and are eager to win all games. We all want to be able to create everything with the ball in our hands. I don't know why the media always have to make a mess of things, and I guess that's what the professional players have to face. As I've always said to others, you have to ignore the sounds.| news: Yancheng City Bowling bowling athletes in the 2017 National Youth Bowling Championships create history in Shandong Zibo City just after the National Youth Bowling Championships, the city has the concerted efforts and hard work, a new record of fourteen gold medals won the best score, a total of sixteen gold medals in the youth group, Yancheng female team consisting of Peng Rui, Li Qing, Yuan Yue, min hole sheathed cable women's single double team, all the gold medals, the Almighty, elite group. Among them, Kong Min made women's singles champion, Li Qing Kong Min, made women's doubles champion, Kong Min won the women's all-around, Li Qing won the women's elite champion, Peng Rui, Kong Min, Li Qing, Yuan Yue won the champion team of four, and women's team championship. Qi Wankang, Xu Chen made men's doubles champion, Xu Chen made man elite champion, Qi Wankang, Xu Chen, Cai Qilin and Chen Jiaming win team of four championship and men's champion. Kong Min, Cai Qilin and the mixed doubles champion, Kong Min, Qi vincant 258 257 single men and women both achieved the highest score award by the Bureau, more than four men and four women. A Yancheng team made the championship. Junior won six trophies, which are made of U12 lattice seals skills competition champion, U12 double champion Youya, Dai Manlin achieved U16 skills champion, also made U16 men's singles champion and single highest score of 245 points, Chen Jia Ming and Chen Liuhao U16 men's doubles championship. Yancheng glory glory! Hereby annunciation. Healthy The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.

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