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A victory over the San Francisco 49 people in San Diego last week lightning game, lightning linebacker Maddie - theo (Manti Te 'O) played a defensive team each. Second years into the career since the performance more stable theo. He has become the essential defensive backbone of the team. In addition to playing well on the field, the field scandal seems to be getting farther away from him. was Theo University during the "fake girlfriend incident" had become the focus of attention, since the two season through his own performance proved to have more reason to be concerned. Although very few people have to rake up the past, but still some opponents in the game got a "black history" taunt Theo 49, offensive tackle Anthony Davies (Anthony Davis) is one of them. Davies in the network of social media said: "asked about his girlfriend Theo me last night, he shouted at me. It's so interesting. " Local time Monday, Teo later learned that this choice through social media to refute Davies: "the season does have a lot of people in the game to take this thing to harass me. By this season, it's all over. So I told him in the game: 'think of a new joke.' According to PFF (Pro Football Focus) scoring sys cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tem, Teo was 60 in the league this season 3-4 defensive tackles ranked twenty-first. His progress is obvious to all, and both the team and the fans believe he can grow up to be a better player in the future.The official website of NFL | Payton - Manning's thigh injury continues to track | football Denver wild horse's quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) is scheduled to participate in the team training next week to ensure a good leg injury. Manning in December 14th against the San Diego lightning game hurt her leg, said yesterday in an interview: I tried to adjust the time, let my body recover better, I know this time a lot of people are doing the same thing, everything will come next week's training. Wednesday team training list also missed 4 starters, they are: Orlando Franklin - left guard (Orlandon Franklin), linebacker Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall), Emmanuel - Saunders (Emmanuel receiver Sanders) and Demarui Lawrence Thomas (Demaryius Thomas). Saunders and Thomas were all on the ground, but they didn't wear helmets. And safety David Bruton (David Bruton Jr.) and Juwan Thompson - running back (Juwan Thompson) also did not join in the training, two of them are due to the detection of cerebral concussion and reasons shall not participate in training. After training for , a large number of reporters interviewed John, Fawkes (John Fox) about whether Manning would participate in training next week. Fawkes's answer is: I can be very responsible and say he will come back to training next week.In the Thanksgiving night game, the turf of the red court was criticized. Therefore, NFLPA decided to intervene in the investigation. , according to the Washington media, will "investigate the matter". "The quality of the sod has been for some time," the anonymous message said. but NFL thinks the stadium is not a problem. NFL spokesman Michael (Michael Signora) - Xinuo pull said: "in the game, NFL football running officials did not find any problems at quality, these two days we have not received any complaints about the turf." team spokesman Toni Wylie (Tony Wyllie) also held the same view: "although the recent cooling caused some Bermuda grass color to brown, but on Thanksgiving night, our stadium is in good condition. , but a simple color transfer will not lead to quarterback Kirk Kirk (Kirk Cousins)'s foot stumbling. After that, he throws out a copy, and the other side goes back to attack and score.the most surprising thing about this week is that the wild horse and the tiger are both losing the ball. The thought of a patriot must until sixteenth weeks to be firmly secured before the two United lie. I didn't expect to finish fourteenth weeks, and the head of the United States was basically fixed. The strength of the list also returned to the top three. The Panther continues to play a dominant role and is on the top of the list. The Cardinals locked in a playoff spot after the defeat of the Vikings, as long as the next game against the packers and the Seahawks won a League of nations can ensure that the first round of the playoffs, bye. The Seahawks and the Steelers regained a strong fighting force in the past few weeks, so the strength of the standings rose to fourth and fifth, but now the situation is very different from the two teams. The Seahawks wild card has been difficult to shake, but still with the Steelers chief jet fight. Mustang after losing to sixth, while the tiger is because Dalton is injured, straight down to ninth, estimated in the midland and Mustang for second to strive. The packers and chiefs rose 1 names each. Jet strong performance has been blocked in the playoffs for the Steelers outside power list up to tenth. Vikings temporarily fell to eleventh, but as long as the packers also cannot defeat the cardinals, then the country who do not necessarily lead to north. Although the Raiders have risen to twelfth, the gap between the 2 wins is still too big in the current situation, and the playoffs are basically hopeless. The giants, the red skin and the Hawks struggle for the East champion. This week, when the three teams all won the game, the strength list rose to thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth respectively. Like in the East and the anxious southern. Dezhou people and pony continue to synchronize, next week, the two teams will face face to face. If the people of Dezhou to win the first Southern pony, temporarily, but last week in the face of the Jaguar is still not lost, or otherwise the Jaguar will surprise southern summit. In this week's strength, Dezhou ranked seventeenth, Jaguar rose to twenty-first, and the pony fell to twenty-third. other teams are either exercising new people, or are already starting to prepare for the rest of the season. The following is a detailed list of : 1. 13-0 the Carolina Panthers; (-)

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