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After our football equipment released Cologne Carnival network have a unique style Jersey in the last year, "they become aggravated," Cologne Club launched the 2016 Cologne Carnival Jersey say crazy, because the design of the shirt and the traditional carnival outfits such as a frog. The new cologne Carnival jerseys produced by Erima, the team will wear the new Fiesta Jersey to play against Mainz next month's Bundesliga match.The official website of NFL | ram player without the intentional | football coach Coach Geoff - Fisher RAM (Jeff Fisher) against the red race designated 6 players participate in the pre game coin toss, they are with Norris - Jenkins (Janoris Jenkins), Michael Bullock (Michael Brockers), Zach Stacy (Zach Stacy), Stedman Bailey (Bailey Steadman), Greg Robinson (Greg Robinson) and Eric Aogeteli (Alec - Ogletree). Their common point is that the goats choose their new show sign from 12 years of Griffin III trade. Interestingly, the protag cheap nfl jerseys free shipping onist, Robert trading Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) the game is scheduled as a substitute sidelined. After the , the ram player said it was not known in advance as the intentional arrangement of the manager. Bailey, the 6 of them, said, "we hadn't been told before, so I thought," maybe these guys have been doing well recently. " And then he said, it's quite reasonable to look at it now. I'm glad the coach made the decision. according to the Saint Louis local media news, Fisher is perhaps such a move because he and Mike (Mike Shananhan) - sweet story profound friendship, and at the end of last season after being fired red. This is likely to be a good friend of Fisher head. Of course, as an outsider, this thing is very interesting, after all, like Fisher has to be known, they see spoof tricky few.New York giant is looking for the old line guard to help them. According to Kelvin Shepard (Kelvin Sheppard) said, he will become a giant. Shepard said on Twitter: "I'm glad tomorrow can formally signed, start the next chapter of my career at the New York giants!!!!" Shepard before the two season with the Miami dolphins, had also played for the Indianapolis Colts next season. He was selected by Buffalo Bill in the third round of the 2011 draft. Shepard, a 28 year old, played all 16 games for the dolphins last season, and made 2 breaks in 72 grabs. He might be playing with the players of Devon Kennard and Keenan Robinson (Keenan Robinson). The signing of is in line with the giant's idea. The giant has always liked to look for cheap line guards and spend a lot of money on other places. The online security position is heavily invested, as they did to Jon Beason, which would only bother them in turn. General manager Jerry - Rees (Jerry Reese) has been criticized made a lot of mistakes, but his success depended on like Michael (Michael Boley), Polly Chess - Blackburn (Chase Blackburn) and Mathias - Kiwane Nur C (Mathias Kiwanuka) who won the Super Bowl champion these lines. The line guard position seems to have finally formed after a huge change in the past three years. Although plagued by injuries, Kennard looks like a linebacker who will bring these together star.The official website of NFL | Mario will not play in the next game to determine the tower | football ?????????????????-???????Ken Whisenhunt?????????????????????????-?????????Marcus Mariota???????3??????????????????????????-???????Zach Mettenberger???????????? Mario Kobita was absent from a week of training because of a sprained medial collateral ligament in his knee during the last match. He was depressed because he wanted to play, and Vicente Hunter spoke about Mario Kobita. correctly handled the team Titans quarterback, this let them play in defeat to Miami dolphins game let Mario Kobita stay in the field with more puzzling decision. Mario Tabern earlier in the week was optimistic about his play, but according to the official website of NFL reporter Rand Gatlin (Rand Getlin) reported that the Titans know whether Mario Taddeo has to protect his competitiveness, they didn't let him go. Mario Kobita was very hot at the beginning of the season. He got the 158.3 point quarterback score in the first week, but in the past few weeks, because the defensive team adapted to his passing tendency, it led to his bad performance. He scored only 67.6 of the quarterback in the last game. Berg MAGOTAN is a capable backup quarterback. He has a strong arm, but over the last season due to slow and defensive opponents often read in yet to get rid of the defense made a problem badly and decided to pass. Berg MAGOTAN in his rookie season achieved a 59.8% passing rate, averaging 201.7 yards passing. He had 8 passes, 7 passes and 83.4 quarterback. Last season, Titan lost all of his first 6 games. news: Mario tower's absence training hopes to be able to play

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