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The official website of NFL, Barbosa absence of training, will not be able to play football in the first week, wo San Diego has great lightning may not be able to use their three rookie Joey - in the first week of Bosa (Joey Bosa). Barbosa missed Wednesday local time of training, which means he will have no chance of all equipment and team training. ????????????????|???????????????????????????????????????????????|??????? media reports, botha has revealed in an interview, he will not play on saturday. Although the lightning and botha after a long time in the contract negotiations finally agreed, but to see the rookie seems to have to wait for longer time in the game. Barbosa missed training camp and the preseason team, which will directly lead to the reason he was unable to play. however, botha fo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r their own future is still full of confidence. He believes he has the ability to adapt to the team's new defensive tactics and to be overly professional. In addition, from a health point of view, lightning will not risk its new show. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Denver Broncos once again fell on the title of the journey, the team coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) with class. The Tuesday horse general manager John elvy (John Elway) in an interview with reporters talked about it. Elvy said: "the main reason for Fawkes class or between us the idea is different, between us to make the team further have different views. The past four years we took four consecutive American League West title, this is no small achievement, but how can we win? That's the biggest difference between me and him. " four years ago to return to the Mustang elvy as general manager, the first thing he did was to sign under coach Fawkes. Herve repeated in an interview that Fawkes was the best fit for the team at the time. But he also said that the most disappointing thing was not losing, but that they had lost in the playoffs in the last few years. "I don't think it's important to lose, but at least we have to feel the passion and happiness in the game, but we are hopeless in the two years." did not disclose Payton - Manning elvy (Peyton Manning) will retire, he said he and Manning had a good exchange on Monday, but now is too early to make a decision. As for the manager, said the team offensive coordinator Adam elvy - Gus (Adam Gase) and defensive coordinator Jack - Del Leo (Jack Del Rio) has the opportunity, of course he will consider all potential candidates, so as to make the best decision.the Tuscan club recently announced the 90th anniversary anniversary memorial club logo and Jersey, the club was founded in 1920, until 1921 the first game. EMPOLI is the name of the memorial logo will be replaced by " PO" " 90" long history, on behalf of the club 90th anniversary, the text is behind the Tuscan Club Shield logo badge outline, write 1920-2010 words above. Jersey is in a uniform team new season as the foundation, with blue and white chest twelve head, they are the team of eleven players and a coach at first, it is this twelve people created Empoli football history. Empoli will play in the next Serie B League and Italy cup in the two jersey.The official website of NFL | Pedersen: is not allergic to shrimp allergy tobacco | Rugby looks like Adrian - Pedersen (Adrian Peterson) needs to clean up his stomach. , the Minnesota Viking runner, appeared on the team's list of injuries on Sunday, due to intestinal problems. , according to the reporter at the time, was because he was allergic to smoking on the way to Detroit. Just yesterday, Pedersen explained in his Twitter: I had to come out to clarify that I was an allergy to a shrimp, not a tobacco allergy. but as a player, he should know early on what the food allergy is, rather than having an allergy before the game. Then the reporter said Pedersen told him that he was really a tobacco problem. now looks like the truth of things we can't know.

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