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Cleveland Brown became the second team to receive the former Washington Red quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III). He visited the team this weekend. Although will not soon be signed, this is by far the development of Griffin's off-season schedule the most interesting. Obviously, Brown for veteran quarterback interested and may not necessarily be with draft pick to pick quarterback. Brown is also considered to be associated with the 49 quarterback in San Francisco, Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick). team's new boss, Hugh Hue (Hue Jackson), hinted at his thoughts on Friday. He attended the exhibition day of California university to observe Jared GF Jared, one of the best quarterback players this year. According to the team's official website, Jackson will also meet Griffin with other high levels. those who expect Brown to find solutions at the quarterback should be relaxed. Brown is assessing every possible draft in the positio cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n and has not been irresponsible to make a decision. Griffin gained the best offensive rookie of the year in 2012 with his dominant performance. At that time he made 3200 passing yards and 20 touchdowns and 5 steals and also scored 815 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns. In the next 3 seasons, Griffin played 22 games in the starting period of 5 - 15. His pass rate slipped and 15 times in 22 games.The official website of NFL | Raiders one year contract signed wide receiver Vincent Brown | Rugby The Oakland Raiders recently signed a one-year contract with their outside hand to Vincent Brown (Vincent Brown). According to NFL media reports, the former San Diego team took over the lightning, the completion of the contract in September 16th in Beijing. Brown was selected in the third round of 2011. Lightning gave up after missing most of the training camps because of a calf injury this year. for the Raiders, they need to take on, because Rhodes - Street (Rod Streater) was seriously injured in Sunday's match. And Brown completed 8 hits and 117 yards in the 2013 blitz Raiders, which may be the cause of the raider's attention. Brown, who has returned from injury, looks much slower than last year. If Brown can prove his health, he can finally become another main force when the Raiders finish the season. The director of the NFL editorial department said: wait! The Raiders signed a tall, fast but disappointing guy? It's really crazy. What will everything be? We will wait and see.tiger news June 13th Newton (Cam Newton quarterback CAM) ball training will not in the Carolina Panthers Mini camp. just a few days ago the Panthers coach Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) said he expected Newton to be accepted in the offseason after shoulder surgery in this week's Mini camp in return pass training, but now Rivera said a week earlier estimate of their "". although Newton is not going to pass the ball as expected, it needs to be noticed that his recovery is still on the timetable. The Black Panther's plan for Newton is to undergo personal training after the surgery 12 weeks later (June 22nd), and pass the ball training with the team after 16 weeks' operation. So according to the schedule, Newton should have been passing the passing training next week. NFL official website reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo said that Newton's recovery did not encounter problems, but Rivera himself is expected to return early time Newton, who had not obtained the doctor's permission.The official website of NFL | Redskins Coach: we had a chance to win 7 games | football Washington Red Leather coach Jay Gruden is a half bottle of water type. He won't talk too much or deny something completely. Last week, the team entered Hugh week with a 3 - 6 score, and guton decided to make some positive remarks at rest. "When you look back at our past competitions, you will find that we have the chance to win more," Gruen said in a local media interview. Now we have only 3 wins, but some games are very close. If we were to seize the opportunity, the current record would be 8 - 2. But this is NFL. maybe Groton is right, but it's the same for most of the teams in the league. The difference between 7 - 2 and 3 - 6 is often to be able to hold a few critical attacks. Groton hopes to inspire the players again through his own speech and tell the team that there is room for improvement. Groton said: I think we should pay particular attention to the team's 3 - gear situation in the future. Whether it was 2 minutes left in the game or early in the game, no matter the ball was in our half, it was still in the red area of the opponent. This is the place where we need to improve. Anyway, this is NFL, and maybe the end of the red will end the season with 5 wins 11, but they must believe that they could have won 12 wins.

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