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before the occupation bowl running back Forster Ariane (Arian Foster) finally found his place in the Miami dolphins. us time on Monday, Forster became the first dolphin's starting guard, replacing his running guard with Jay Ajayi in grade two. Forster, a 30 year old , signed a contract worth 1 million 500 thousand dollars in July with dolphins in 1 years. Although he spent the rest of his training camp watching him on the sidelines, he decided to make him the first. hasn't seen any sharp expression since Forster's injury to the Achilles tendon last week. In the new season, we can see how Forster survived the injury and proved his strength again.double play! This is not surprising, the same district rivals season double play opponents commonplace. But how do the giants do it for the only two loss of the cowboy this season? Many fans will say that the first week of the season, the cowboy has not completely entered the state, and recently a low tide of attack, so the giant met the cowboy at the right time. It is true that if we describe the status of the cowboy as a parabola, the two giants must have met the parabolic trough. Can the giant really just get the league's first record and the cowboy of the same area? I summed up the giant, do the following four points, to be successful, "bull" beat mighty Cow cheap nfl jerseys free shipping boy: 1. Let beckon come to the game. Beckham became famous: "three points to the ball." But few people remember that war 11 times to Eli Beckham, 10 receptions for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns, football is what feel hot, this is it. So it's marked that Beckham is the key man to deal with cowboys. at the beginning of the season I will Eli likened the "game of Thrones" - the daenerys targaryen queen, Beckham will be likened to the black dragon, meaning both of them together will be invincible. But the A version of the poison milk has the ability to make Yi Lai this season almost play a role in the latter stage of the league. And Beckham seems to have lost the magic of the past this season. can observe carefully Beckham changes, or when a rookie season can only play outside (most of the time listed on the right side), foot hot wheels vertical attack weapon, hostility is too heavy, very hard; and the start of the season, you may find that he can slots outside, can be short or long, can be initiated attack from any corner of the stadium, a lot of people say that he is more and more like Antonio Brown, not without reason. look at this season two wars, opening to 8 week Beckham 4 in 73 yards, the 9 pass 4 in 94 yards, with a touchdown catch at a third ball + conversion efficiency is low, sell, number of common mistakes again and again, Beckham's performance can't even describe the "excellent" two word. But I have seen every game that opened the game of the week, he received many block in the middle of the advance, only from the outside singled, and Brandon - Carle on his mark is almost closely, but he still got a 45 yard pass, to help the giant start; in this game, if not the two time out may be early in the game, out of sight, as for the winning touchdown ball, the cowboys just still immersed in grief was steals, like Beckham should be left up qiongkou Yong when the horse, is in the oars, pain is bitter salt in the blood oozing wounds, he suddenly appeared at the crucial moment. annals of the "three finger ball", David escaped from Brandon - Carle won the ball behind the opportunity, so Carle again but also to the outside to Beckham, and the winning of the ball, he suddenly ran "tilt" route to assassinate inclined Road, Carle LingThe official website of NFL | retired veteran quarterback Hasselbeck ESPN| will join the football Matt Hassel Beck (Matt Hasselbeck) chose to retire after 17 seasons, but he won't leave everyone for too long. Hassel and Beck announced their retirement on Wednesday. He also announced that he will be a guest of honor with his brother Tim Hassel Beck (Tim Hasselback). Hassel and Beck are always entertaining as a player. the end of brilliant career in Tennessee and Indianapolis as the Titans pony's backup quarterback, Hassel Beck is very easy to forget how good a player in the Seattle Seahawks when. He was selected for the three time in the 2005 season bowl occupation, led the Seahawks into the super bowl but eventually lost to Pittsburgh steelers. Hassel Beck with mobile ability, ability of passing accuracy and flexibility of the West Coast offense led by Alexander Haiying and Sean (Shaun Alexander), Walter Jones (Walter Jones), Daryl Jackson (Darrell Jackson) and Robinson (Koren Robinson), with a lot of points. Hassel Beck was one of the best quarterback in the first ten years of the century after the 6 playoffs, 5 of which were in succession.The official website of NFL | linebacker Justin Houston and chief of the renewal of 6 years | football Kansas City Chiefs franchise tag players outside linebacker Justin Houston (Justin Houston) in the franchise tag players signed a long-term contract deadline, finalized a ca.. NFL official website reported that Houston had signed a 6 - year contract worth $101 million, including $52 million 500 thousand to guarantee income. is the largest contract in the history of the Emirates, and the largest line in NFL's history. Houston's contract is also second in the history of the defensive player of the contract, after the grace of Dharma hole this offseason joined the Miami dolphins Su (Ndamukong Suh). before Houston's privileged label contract was worth $13 million 200 thousand, but he did not choose to sign the contract. At the same time, he missed all the chiefs of the off-season training. It is reported that Houston hopes to get a J.J. watt (J.J. Watt) with the same level of contract. He is now willing, and his contract is a little bigger than the $100 million contract that Houston Dezhou gave to the latter for 6 years. In the protection of income Houston's contract is much larger than that of the $30 million 900 thousand (but if you still stay at Watt in 2016 years at the start of the Dezhou League in the PFLP words can get $21 million for the full protection of income). Houston got 22 shots in the last season, only half a season from the single season's capture record. He was 26 years old as a key member of the chief of the chief defender who pressed the seven people on the frontline to press the quarterback. In the future he has been set, he can be full of confidence to try to break the single season record for sacks in the new season, and prove that he is the league's best passing hand combination part of rhetoric impact.

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