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The official website of NFL | Steelers VS Panther forward: main injured rookie plays Rugby | Beijing September 22, 2014, Monday at 8:30 in the morning, Carolina Panthers home court against Pittsburgh steelers. The first three games of the two teams were all in the pre - season. Steelers record 1-1, Panther record 2-0. : too many mistakes, the Steelers in second weeks lost to crow in the game, three turnovers appeared on offense, two times out of the ball, a interceptions, finally put an end to the game. In the run, Baer (Le'Veon Bell) before the two's impressive performance, in the face of the Panther, Baer is still the Steelers the main attack weapons, the former two are both run passer of the ball 20 yards long distance performance. Pass on, Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) of the state is very important, the first two games are steals, and only one touchdown and a lost ball, have to say is not unrelated to the front attack weak, two tackles, Jiefeng left the third grade before the seven round will show chamu (Kelvin Beachum) before two years have been asked to score all position of the offensive line, last sixth weeks before locking Jiefeng left, right tackle Gal Porter (Marcus Gilbert), 2011 of the two round of the show is not reassuring. There is a wide receiver depth, although the number one external Antonio - Brown (Atonio Brown) both code number of cheap nfl jerseys free shipping array number of manufacturing capacity missed tackle convincing, but the Steelers in the offseason lost two veteran receiver Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) and Techali (Jerricho Cotchery), the group of two people in sixteen games for the great contribution of 28 touchdowns. Replace them with the second grade third show Marcus Heaton (Markus Wheaton), he and Brown can have a better performance is needed to verify the game. Panther: the first runner DAngelo Williams (DeAngelo Williams) still has no news to go on. In the last game, Calvin - Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) has a good catch with one hand, but at the same time, three times the ball out in the offseason, lost more than reliable receivers, rookie Benjamin has become the main point of the ball, although in the first game played well but as a rookie used to sell the problem it is unavoidable, Newton's most trusted or Greg Olson (Greg Olsen), in the first two is also very stable. In the second recovery of the comeback of Newton in the loss of Williams situation, the performance is still possible, the combination of punching, leading the team to win the lion. game to watch: in Sunday's game, the Panthers favored home court battle. The Steelers should pay attention to error control, and second defense "Denver wild horse's quarterback competition continues to be the most interesting competition for the alliance during the pre - season. The team coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) did not even appointed end against 49 of San Francisco's preseason who served as the starting quarterback. When Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) first started the first match, Trevor Siemian (Trevor Siemian) was also a persuasive choice in the next match. Kubiak said simply "fierce competition." The team general manager John elvy (John Elway) confidence will make the right decision kubiak. His confidence came from the lineup that he built around the quarterback. "the good news is that we have enough good players around them," said elvy. "We can play the ball. We won't send them to play and say, 'you have to win the game.' Do your job well, make the right decisions and make sure the team has a chance to win the ball. This is really all we need for the location of the quarterback. " in the first pre-season match, the top defense team of wild horse looks exactly the same as last season. In the absence of two top horn guards and two top passes, the Chicago bears are zero. by Thomas de Maris (Demaryius Thomas), Emanuel Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) and finally grow up Cody Latimer (Cody Latimer) which receivers have excellent lineup let any quarterback pass target in the face of the top corner guards. By C.J. Anderson (C.J. Anderson) led by the excellent punching ball should once again become the focus of Kubiak offensive group, which will alleviate some of the pressure for the quarterback. except for the quarterback, the stable performance of the rebuilt attack front is the biggest problem for the wild horse before the start of the regular season. The Mustang last season proved that they could rely on the bench - level quarterback to win the game. I believe this year will be so elvy.The official website of NFL | forty-third Super Bowl MVP trial | football chiefs santonio Hermes (Santonio Holmes) of the occupation career may not end. After this week, the bears cut him, Hermes return to the free player, according to the news, Hermes came to the chief of the trial. Kansas chief, there is an urgent need for receivers to replace the injured Alfred (Donnie Avery) and Jenkins (A.J. Jenkins). However, if Hermes can provide the help to the team is also a doubt, the forty-third Super Bowl MVP can not help on the bears, and the bears are seeking in double star external Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) and Arshin Geoffrey (Alshon Jeffery) after the third choice. Hermes played 9 games (two starters) this season, just 8 times to pick up 67 yards - only 1 times after third weeks. The chieftain put the Travis Kelsey (Travis Kelce) in the position of the near front, but the chief is still looking for the first touchdown from the foreign player this season. Can Hermes be that person?The official website of NFL | quarterback Blaine Hoyer will visit the Denver Broncos football | Blaine - Brian Hoyer's journey to find a new team is still on. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the quarterback would go to Denver to meet the Mustang officials on Thursday. He visited the New York jet on Tuesday and Wednesday. , who was cut off by Houston Dezhou on Sunday, received a medical examination in the jet, but he did not get a contract. This is not surprising, according to ESPN reported only in the jet due diligence to find new quarterback. jet did not give up signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) efforts, which if they didn't pick the quarterback in the draft if they plan together. Mustang also needs quarterback. There are no other quarterback players in their array except Mark Mark (Mark Sanchez) and untested Trevor Trevor. The wild horse may choose a quarterback in the draft, but as a player with a starting experience, Heuer deserves their attention. Despite the fact that could not be the Savior of the team, Heuer was more than expected for most of the season. His poor performance in the playoffs to the chief of Kansas City chieftain fully demonstrated his lack of stability, but he would not have been out of work for too long. In today's NFL, each of these quarterback has a lot of opportunities.

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