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The official website of NFL | Greg - Hardy 911 joke comment apology | football Defensive end Greg - Dallas cowboys Hardy (Greg Hardy) is not fully adapt to the new team, and the team made some contribution, but his outside thing is too much, the United States Friday on the 911 terrorist attacks his speech is to make public discontent. in the Carolina Panthers selected rookie wide receiver (Devin Funchess) - German Fuchs after he said on his twitter receiver and the original rookie wide receiver Kevin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) as the Petronas Twin Towers, he originally intended only to taunt. , but even a 10 year old kid knows this is not funny, let alone the cowboy management group. After twitter was released soon, the team said they would make management education for Hardy. Hardy apologized after . I want to say that I apologize for my comments, which brings people bad memories. But I hope my real fans will understand that I will not joke about those thi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ngs. reported that Hardy had an oral argument with a cowboy defender last week.tiger news July 10th Rashard Jennings (Rashad Jennings) in this offseason has been on the sidelines to build their own image. Now he wants to go back to the game. , the former New York giants running back in the offseason to participate in the "dancing with the stars" program and become champions. Now he will continue to take part in the summer tour of the program, but at the same time it is getting closer to the training camp. Jennings, who was cut off by the giant in February this year, has not yet joined a new team, but he is looking forward to finding a new host before the start of the new season. In fact, he believed that offseason dancing activities can actually help him on a team. "I was in the best of my life. I'll keep in shape, "Jennings said. "As far as I know, the team in the whole league will want to have a player in the best time of his life." Jennings also said: "now I'm still in the free agent market and I will be in the ninth season. I understand how the free player market works. I feel I'm going to join the new team for the next two months, but now I feel I'm in a quiet period of life. The transition to a new team, a transition to something other than a ball, to do all the charities that I am committed to. I'm quiet. " Jennings's performance last season was one of the worst of his career. He only scored 593 yards for the ball, averaging 3.3 yards per stroke. With the season, Jennings rushed the ball more and more is given to the rookie Paul - Perkins (Paul Perkins), the latter in this offseason to become a giant starting running back. then Jennings is likely to join a team as a substitute, but he has to accept a salary of $2 million 200 thousand lower than last season. he is free to play and depends on his own training, but two months later, he can expect Jennings to return to the game.The official website of NFL | recovered according to Rodgers love way to play football | Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) himself admitted that she suffered from leg injuries at the end of last season, making him an immobile pocket quarterback in the playoffs. He is still efficient, but it's not the way he likes to play. look at Rodgers's performance in this year's preseason, and it's easy to see the difference between the front and back. , I play the game in the way I like, that is, when I can, I will continue to attack and play the ball when I need it, Rodgers said on Thursday. If I had the chance to run away from my pocket and create a different passing angle, I would do it. It feels good to return to the way you like. I am in this offseason training hard to maintain speed and size, so that I can have the durability to many times in the game to complete this attack. It's sure to add different elements to our attack group. , in August 13th, the performance of Green Bay Packers in the first pre-season match against the new England patriots is obvious. Rodgers runs to the left and runs in the middle of a close attack. and whether his calf can support such a way of playing, Rodgers said he was completely free of worry. Team manager Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) obviously has the same idea as him. In the pre - season, he made Rodgers and the starting offense 33, and Rodgers didn't play in the first season of the season last year.Now, Rosdale's lads are still 90 minutes away from their dreams. In Cyprus exotic, even under the shade of the temperature is as high as 30 degrees Celsius, naturally, this weather is not used for Susskind from ravia Peninsula people in denmark. But all of these things can't stop their footsteps. Copenhagen club has defeated their opponents at home 1 to 0 at the same time, and has also made impressive achievements in the Super League. The lads are here to learn and create history, and their beliefs and hopes will support them.

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