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Adidas sports marketing staff Andre Vianna (· André Vianna) said: "the fans are so fond of classic red and black striped shirt, in the" northern lion "to celebrate the 111 birthday occasion, we regard it as a birthday gift to the club and the fans, the club of great historical express deep respect."The official website of NFL | embarrassed moment: the lion proximal front due to prevent dog urine a sprained ankle | football doesn't know why the Detroit lions always need to face some unspeakable injuries. Last season, their Nate Burleson Brecen broke her arm in the car to catch the falling pizza box. This year they linebacker Stephen Tullock (Stephen Tulloch) for celebrating a sack lead to ligament injury, plus the Jose Ferrer (Joseph Fauria) in order to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping prevent the dog pee hurt his sprained ankle. is injured after Ferrer attended a friend's volleyball match, when coming into the house in order to prevent a puppy's doorstep pee, he decided to use his feet to drive it, the final result obviously, this is not a very interesting story. now, the rest players of the lions team need to be extra careful. They need safety measures when they do everyday things. It seems that bad things are always accompanied by teams.Pittsburgh Steelers this week with the Atlanta falcons to start fighting, are eager to double reverse with a victory in the playoffs and occupy a favorable position in the competition for tickets. The hawk took over Julio Jones (Julio Jonesd) last week, but he was suspected of fighting this week because of his hip injury. The Steelers swim guard Mike (Mike Michtell) Mitchell said in an interview, he hopes that Jones will play in the game. "I don't think we are so lucky," Mitchell said. "We need to be ready to play with the strongest opponents. I look forward to seeing him on the scene. " For the Steelers, Jones is the biggest threat to attack the opponent group. Jones's performance will also determine the trend of the game to a large extent. The 4 year to complete the 21 ball over the past 2 weeks, a total of 448 yards and 2 touchdowns. He received 259 yards last week, and the data set a new high in the league this season. now, Jones's injury is more serious than expected. The falcons did not give a clear statement about whether he would be able to come out. The falcons tend to use the number one hand more conservatively, a lover reveals. However, 5 - 8 - negative falcons are now at the top of the Southern District of New Orleans, and they may need to be bold and adventurous if they want to enter the playoffs.Due to the recent (Percy Harvin) - Percy HARVIN trading events, all kinds of rumors rampant Seahawks team, there is news that HARVIN was traded after the team because of different views and the transaction split into two factions. In order to quell rumors, this Thursday the core team quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) announced that he was happy to be in the Seahawks, no team is better than the seahawks. Wilson said in an interview: "there is no small group in the team's dressing room and there is nothing wrong with the teammates." Everyone is growing up and doing their best to maintain the atmosphere of the dressing room. I have no doubt about the friendship between my teammates. I believe my teammates are struggling to win, and we are still a powerful competitor to the super bowl. This is my team-mates, not as it said in the report. " When asked about how to deal with Halven's deal, replied, "Wilson and I are very similar to him. They are all people who are always demanding on themselves and are eager to win all games. We all want to be able to create everything with the ball in our hands. I don't know why the media always have to make a mess of things, and I guess that's what the professional players have to face. As I have always said to others, you have to ignore the sounds. "

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