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in Pittsburgh, fans waving a towel is not only a terrible thing. The Baltimore team took over the crow Torre Smith (Torrey Smith) is used to describe the Steelers home court turf is to let him fear. "It's awful," Smith said in an interview. The court manager needs to make some repairs to the turf, and it is clear that the site is overused. It was a good thing for them, but it was a nightmare for the players of the two teams. weather forecast said Saturday night that the wild card battle will rain, and the crow team coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) did not worry so. He said: "we are prepared to deal with the problem and we will arrange our strategy for the trend of the game." The stadium has been improved after it wa cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s used to make the rise of the dark knight, but it is only partial. So both teams have to overcome the conditions of the scene. Obviously, at present, there is no time for the League to seriously consider the time when players are running, changing and catching when they are on the field, because the safety problems of feet caused by the problems of the venues the NFL playoffs, even the wildcard week, every game are Shengsizhizhan, here for you to show the history of the NFL ten occurred in the week of the classic game instant card. In the 102002 season, 49 men and 39-38 giants. This game is called "wild card race ending the wild" (the wildest wild card finish) 92011 season, the Steelers 29-23 mustang. Tim Tebow - a Demariyus overtime pass to Thomas, the latter in a 80 yard touchdown directly kill the game! This is the last time the Heisman winner won the playoffs. 82009 season, the packers Cardinals 51-25. One of the most wonderful gongzhan in NFL history, and finally the cardinals in overtime captured and killed Aaron Rodgers caused off the ball, linebacker Karlos Dansby touchdown return complete lore. game between the two sides a total of more than 1000 yards to obtain 96 points to promote the record number of records, the Cardinals quarterback, Kurt Warner the inspirational legend came 5 touchdowns, and only 4 passing touchdowns without success, more than the number of pass failure number feat but no one can copy! The 72013 season, the 45-44 Sheikh of the pony. In the half court behind the 28 points of the chieftain, the pony led a magical reversal under the leadership of Andrew Luck. Luck not only had 1 extremely lucky pick up teammates to drop the ball, but also T.Y.Hilton completed the fatal blow. This is the reversal of the second major differences in the history of NFL. 61998 season, 49 people 30-27 packers. In the whole game, only 3 seconds left, the Terell Owens still played the role of 49 men (the number of history catching up was only inferior to Jerry Rice). After receiving the pass from Steve Young, it completed the goal and killed the packers. 52006 season, the Seahawks 21-20 cowboys. Tony Romo in that season.The official website of NFL | Raiders released defensive tackle Smith | football , on Tuesday, Oakland, the United States announced the cancellation of their Antonio Antonio Smith by Anthony. Smith only had a season in Oakland, and he signed a two year contract. last season, Smith first 16 games, completed 3 quarterback killing, the team is a strong impact of passing the ball, but the anti - running ability is not good. Smith spent 11 seasons in the league, respectively in the Arizona Cardinals, Houston Dezhou and Oakland Raiders spent in his past 156 field occupation competition contributed a total of 44.5 sacks. now the Raiders have signed up with Dan Williams, the defensive intercepts, to ensure that the defense line has sufficient strength.

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