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The official website of NFL |2016NFL race winners and losers | football for NFL, the number one signed transaction, seems not to be a big news. Also happening on Thursday, the Alliance announced a specific weekly race for the new season. Because at the end of last season's regular season, we knew that every team would meet with their opponents in the new season. Therefore, when we announce the specific schedule, you can say that there is not much doubt. However, it is also very useful to know the exact sequence of the race. The journey on the road can be determined immediately. It's also important for rugby. indeed, we knew who the opponents were before, but the order facing them was worth studying. Because Tom Brady likely in the 2016 season of the first four field was suspended, so for such as cardinals and Texas this team in September, and the new England meet, than to wait until December to meet strong. For the Jaguars from warm climates, the match to Buffalo happened at the end of November instead of a few weeks ago, which is disappointing from the perspective of climate. This kind of information is not known to us before. , and now we can carefully study the 256 matches, summarize the following points related to the schedule, and how they will affect the trend of the new season. First, let's look at the problem of rest - which teams are the most frequent? : most NFL match cheap nfl jerseys free shipping es are on Sunday, so the normal rest time between two weeks is from 7 days after Sunday to the next Sunday. However, on Thursday and Monday, and later Saturday, there will be a few matches, so when a team because on Thursday, Sunday or Saturday game, two games due to an interval between less than 7 days, this situation is called a short week (short week). Similarly, if the interval between two games is more than 7 days, is called long week. no one likes short weeks. A compressed week means at least one day to rest or prepare for a war. It's hard enough for the NFL team to have 6 days of preparation a week. Each team has a week's rest after the pre - season, and then the regular season begins. Because the main players themselves will have fourth games (last game) truce in the pre-season match, so the team actually has a considerable time to prepare before the start of the regular season. each team will also have at least one short week during the season, but each team is not completely equal. There are two teams to face 4 short weeks, including Texans and jets. The green army as an example, in the first week after their debut, only 4 days of rest, second.The official website of NFL | second tier Dallas Cowboys defensive strength worrying | football 's Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando - Scandinavia Derek (Orlando Scandrick) due to a knee in training torn anterior cruciate ligament and the season, the cowboys are likely to be a very big blow, and not just because of Scandinavia, Derek is a good player, is now more important cowboy the second is almost to the point of no one available. last season in the league only 6 performers who steals the number and passing times and destroyed more than 7 times and no one to let the other get up front, Skandar Rick is one of them. Scandinavian Derek can also play in the lateral defense and slot marking, and now he Boykin former Eagle Steelers cornerback Brandon - (Brandon Boykin) is the last season in the league only two slots in the array of 300 levels above has not let the other side cornerback got a touchdown. Brandon - Carle (Brandon Carr) is the best team cowboy lateral angle of Wei, but the last quarterback to his direction pass can get 116.6 points passer rating, this is a very bad result for Carle, because now he has been absent from the training of hand fracture. The first round of the 2012 show, Maurice - Clayborne (Morris Claiborn) is expected to be on the other side of the full-time starter cornerback, but he cannot get rid of injuries in the past two seasons were absent because of injury of a number of games so far this year is because the injury is not involved in team training, in addition to Clayborne last season in each file cover ball defense can make each other to get 2.45 yards, this is the fourth worst in all more than 50 stalls debut cornerback. The cowboy picked up the amazing Jones Byron Jones in the first round of this year's draft convention. But he also had injuries during last season's playing at University of Connecticut, but at present, shoulder injury has also been in a state of self-cultivation. more than three person who is able to guarantee the health and it is expected the number of stalls will share outside the defensive play, and the main groove angle guard position is likely to belong to Taylor Patemeng (Tyler Patmon). Patemeng last year undrafted, he was promoted to the end of last season and played fourth cowboy horn Wei 117 stalls, in his defense area each successful catch rate as high as 81.3%, but he never let them get the ball more than 26 yards. if the regular season started now, so cowboy array cornerback health only Patemeng and Craig - White (Corey White), and only in rotation in five Wei in the formation of the Robert - Sidibo (Robert Steeples) and Joel Ross (Joel Ross), so the second line-up will likely be in the east the other opponent.seems to think that Greg Hardy (Greg Hardy) of the Carolina Panther's defensive end is worth another chance. The 5 year NFL veteran out of the 2014 season, because of domestic violence cases. In , Hardy's case fell as the evidence was insufficient and the charges were lifted. He also had a chance to return to the court again. Recently, someone opened a door for him. The Dallas cowboy gave us a 1 year contract worth 13 million dollars on us time Wednesday, giving our former sixth round draft players the chance to continue playing. Hardy is a player who starts from the bottom. He started 39 games in the 2011-2013 season. He has a strong ability to rush. He has completed the 34 game of killing in the 63 games for the Black Panthers, and he has become one of the best quarterback players in the league. Although has a chance to play, Hardy still needs to face the league's penalty, the latest news is that the League will ban him 6 one is now dared to say that 49 people in San Francisco do not support their substitutes for the quarterback Colin Capet (Colin Kaepernick). , according to the ESPN reporter, 49 people donated $1 million to charities in the bay area to support various social inequalities. this is not just about money, which means that 49 people in San Francisco have been supporting their players. Capet Nick refused to sing the National Anthem in the pre-season to stand up to show the unfair treatment of the colored people in the society. Obviously, this behavior was supported by the team. , don't forget, a few months ago, Capet Nick also volunteered to trade himself. As the regular season continues, Capet Nick's protest will continue, but at least he knows he has strong backing to support.

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