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The official website of NFL in Detroit will be competition in the future super bowl and pick the right to host the football, wo Detroit is looking at two big banquet. Rhodes Wood (Rod Wood), the president of the lion, has confirmed that the team will compete for the 2022 Super Bowl. Their competitors include Minnesota, Atlanta, Miami and Losangeles. The Ford stadium has already held a super bowl, and no new Gymnasiums in this cold area will greatly weaken the competitiveness, and Detroit's hopes are slim. The prospects for competition in the show are much more optimistic. Although Detroit does not have a vast outdoor space like the previous two hosts, Chicago and Philadelphia. But Wood said he believed that the Fawkes theater (Fox Theater) and the Ford stadium would have a good chemical reaction. we have a heart about what we can do. Wood said. I won't say it's clear, but we'll try to make the draft as exciting as it is in Philadelphia - although it may be limited by the weather. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views an cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | quarterback Blaine Hoyer will visit the Denver Broncos football | Blaine - Brian Hoyer's journey to find a new team is still on. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the quarterback would go to Denver to meet the Mustang officials on Thursday. He visited the New York jet on Tuesday and Wednesday. , who was cut off by Houston Dezhou on Sunday, received a medical examination in the jet, but he did not get a contract. This is not surprising, according to ESPN reported only in the jet due diligence to find new quarterback. jet did not give up signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) efforts, which if they didn't pick the quarterback in the draft if they plan together. Mustang also needs quarterback. There are no other quarterback players in their array except Mark Mark (Mark Sanchez) and untested Trevor Trevor. The wild horse may choose a quarterback in the draft, but as a player with a starting experience, Heuer deserves their attention. Despite the fact that could not be the Savior of the team, Heuer was more than expected for most of the season. His poor performance in the playoffs to the chief of Kansas City chieftain fully demonstrated his lack of stability, but he would not have been out of work for too long. In today's NFL, each of these quarterback has a lot of opportunities.kkansas chief, the chief of the karma City, has lost one of the catching weapons. The team announced that Jeremy Mclean (Jeremy Maclin) was cut off. The decision will immediately release $10 million in salary cap space for the chief. in the first year Mclean joined the chief of his outstanding performance, the completion of the 87 ball 1088 yards and 8 touchdowns, obviously is the chief leading receivers. But the second season has to step back, because the chief to choose more scattered and short passing attack target selection. last season Mclean data only finished 44 in half, the ball 536 yards and 2 touchdowns. His two teammates Thailand (Tyreek Hill) - Rick Hill (61 receptions for 593 yards and 6 touchdowns) and Chris Conley (Chris Conley) (44 receptions for 530 yards) yielded similar data. Play well tight end Travis Cares has the two (Travis Kelce) and the receiver (85 receptions for 1125 yards and 4 touchdowns), the chief that they have enough to pass, they would rather cut Mclean save payroll. , who was selected in the first round of nineteenth rounds in 2009, began his career in Philadelphia hawk. He proved himself to have comprehensive abilities and reliable catching and large yards attack level. Mclean Mclean came to the chieftain in the 2015 season and was punished by the League because of the violation of the league rules in the process of signing the chief, which lost the third round of 2016 draft and the seventh round of draft in 2017. last season his figures were a new career low, but we don't think it represents a decline in his level. He is sure to join a team that lacks an outfit and may be able to surpass the last season in the new season.The official website of NFL | patriot linebacker Mayo to restructure the contract requirements | football new England patriot guard Jerrod Mayo (Jerod Mayo) will continue to play for the team. According to a reporter on the NFL official network, Mayo and the Patriot have agreed to reorganize the contract. The two sides will sign a 1 - year, $4 million 500 thousand full guarantee contract with a two - year team option. It is reported that the move will save about $6 million in salary space for patriots. last season, Mayo's sixth weeks of injury season reimbursement, which has also cast a shadow on his patriot career. Worse, Mayo also ended the season in sixth weeks in the 2013 season because of a similar injury. Mayo's injuries and recovery have made the team concerned about whether to continue to cooperate with him. After the reorganization of the contract, the Patriots will save a certain amount of salary space, and Mayo will be guaranteed. It is reported that the team will pay the full salary if he chooses to cut him off before his injury. It also means that the patriots are willing to give Mayo enough time and patience to overcome the injury. When is 29 years old, Mayo will be back at the moment, and the experts and the media are skeptical about whether he will be able to recover. But as for patriots, the team still believes that Mayo can come back.

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