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The official website of NFL | veteran cornerback Tilman: only for Panther effect | football , if the corner guard Charles Tillman (Charles Tillman) returns to her fourteenth NFL season after undergoing knee surgery, he will only play the Carolina panther. stressed on Saturday that the black leopard player and the coach have unity and respect, which makes the team special for the last season. this is the only team I really want to play, Tillman said. This team is the Panther. It's a great group of players... A great group of coaches. The people in the management are great. It was not surprising to me that they had, or we were 17 - 2. Tillman's remarks are similar to what he said after the tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee at the beginning of the month. After five months of the operation, 's goal was Tillman's goal to return at the end of the training camp. By that time, the Panther's coaching team will know more clearly whether Tillman needs to be the insurance of the team's cheap nfl jerseys free shipping new star. if the Panther did sign Tillman this summer, he would be happy to end his career in the Panther. stay in the Black Panther like my whole life here, Tillman explained. The team, the fans, the atmosphere, the atmosphere. Carolina - North Carolina and South Carolina - showed a lot of love.With the announcement of the court to cancel the NFL are given for the Brady, President Roger Goodall (Roer Goodell) said he will miss the next Thursday in the new England patriots against Pittsburgh Steelers opener. spokesman for the first time to the Fawkes sports reporter confirmed the news, and said that Godell will be in front of the television to watch the game, because I think he should be the focus of the game is the game "and the court itself and to celebrate the Patriots to win the season." this will also mean that Godell has been absent for the first time since he took office in 2006. It is reported that Goude will take part in a certain opening battle on Sunday.NFL global promotion plan | rugby NFL website | lasted for forty years in August 16, 1976, the first NFL competition outside North America was held in Tokyo, Japan. in 1983, the first NFL competition in Europe was held at the Wembley Stadium. 1986, Wembley held an American bowl, which was a number of overseas competitions in the NFL pre season, and was held until 2005. 1989-2005 years, Japan hosted the 13 preseason games, the 2002 Washington Redskins vs San Francisco 49 team competition held at the Osaka arena, the other 12 games in Tokyo arena. 1990-1994 years, the Olympic Stadium in Berlin has held a pre - season match for 5 consecutive years. 1991-1992 years, the world American Football League set up, a total of 10 teams. Among them, the Barcelona dragon, the Frankfurt galaxy and the London emperors are 3 European teams and the other 7 are North American teams. 1993-1994 years, the world football league did not play a game, and the Norway Lehamoer Winter Olympics held a preseason. in 1994, NFL and Fawkes announced that they planned to reopen the world American Football League program in April 1995, and 6 teams would join. 1994-2001 years, Mexico held a total of 6 pre season games, the 1996 competition in Monterey, and other games in Mexico City. in 1995, the world American Football League was restarted and 3 new teams joined. 1997, Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Chicago bears in Dublin in 2009, the Steelers owner Rooney become U.S. ambassador of ireland. in 1998, the world American rugby league was renamed NFL Europe before the start of the tournament. 1999, Berlin thunderbolt team joined NFL Europe. The Denver Broncos and San Diego lightning played a preseason game in Sydney, when the lightning team punter Darren Bennett from Sydney. In the same year, the first professional bowl in the southern hemisphere was held in Sydney. in 2004, the Cologne Centurion team joined NFL Europe. 2005, Hamburg Davy Jones team to join NFL Europe. The same year, the Aztecs in Mexico City stadium held a NFL regular season, this is the first game.NFL official website | Philadelphia eagle to cut top guard Mathis | rugby union CSN Philadelphia Geoff Mosher (Geoff Mosher) reported the Philadelphia hawks in the no trade left guard Ivan Mathis (Evan Mathis) the case will cut him. Mathis as a professional football focus (PFF) website, from 2011 to 2013 season, 3 consecutive seasons, the highest scoring guard in the League (2014 season ranked second). At the same time, it is not clear why eagle will choose to give up Mathis. The hawks are currently at a distance of 7 million to 8 million from the upper limit of the salary cap, so the salary problem should not be the main reason, and only 4 million 500 thousand dollars will be left after he is cut off. , aged 33, height 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 298 pounds, Mathis, is the guard of a sports ability is very strong, as well as regional roll. He may be in exchange for a fifth round pick earlier this month, the Saint Louis rams and the Miami dolphins and he was approached.

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