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The Andrew air conditioning company on the back of the shirt is the first advertisement for Charlton to add ads to the back. The round collar design of the Jersey reminds people of the jersey worn in 1964-66 years. During the legendary era, there were many superstars in Charlton club, such as Eddie Firmani and Keith Peacock. That year's shirt is different from the previous pure red jersey, adding a lot of white elements.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?in February this year, Sam, who was 1 meters tall and 88 kg and weighed 118 kilograms, was announced by University of Missouri football team. He announced he would attend the NFL draft Convention a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nd revealed his secret of homosexuality. In May 10th, Sam, who joined the other 255 rookies to participate in the draft show, was selected by 249th rams and became the first openly gay player in NFL history. At that time, Obama congratulated Sam, saying: "gay, bisexual and transgender people in America are proving every day that a person should be based on his actions instead of his identity." , in the media hype, Sam got a commercial sponsorship. His jersey sales ranked the sixth among all NFL players, and he also won the most courageous prize of ESPY (ESPN performance award). It all seemed to indicate that Sam was about to start a legendary career, but it was abruptly stopped on Saturday. "the layoffs have nothing to do with Sam's sexual orientation. It's a pure team operation." Fisher said, "Sam is a low-key player. He's always going down and training. You can't ask for more players." But in the same position, we have more and better choices. " But ESPN believes that ability is just an excuse, that the real reason for Sam to be cut is his homosexual identity. teammates feel uncomfortable in the future and don't be bullish on trainee Reporter Lin ran reported as NFL (American occupation football league) the first active "comrade" in the history of the player, the 24 year old Michael · Sam openly supported by the public opinion and even President Obama, but his occupation career was not so red and purple, but fall into the impasse of unemployment. August 30th local time in the United States, the NFL Saint Louis rams announced that they had cut off Sam for less than 4 months. Although the official Geoff · of the rams, Fisher said, "Sam is not related to his sexual orientation", but ESPN, the Sports Authority media, believes that the real reason for Sam's being dismissed is his homosexual identity. His teammates are reluctant to train and bathe with him. "is the sexual orientation of the teammates important for the team?" When Sam announced that he was gay, ESPN made a survey of 51 NFL active players, and 44 players said they were "unimportant". But that's not the case. Sam was excluded from the team because of his homosexuality. "Sam is a very good player, and we all welcome him to join, but it's always strange to be gay in the dressing room." One of the players of the ram team said that when Sam came to the team, the atmosphere was not as friendly and casual as it was. One of the players who are clearly said, in fact, you heart is not love Sam: "each training or after the end of the game, we will always be better than he (Sam) a little earlier into the locker room and shower together because he is very awkward, we do so in order to avoid embarrassment." There are also media reports that Sam is a homosexual, ram,The official website of NFL | Redskins rookie quarterback in the mini football training camp before retirement | Connor (Connor Halliday) - Khalid suddenly choose to leave Washington to let the world understand. The is not selected in the team from the Washington State University free agent rookie training camp before leaving, it is reported that his reason for leaving is retired. Red Coach Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden) seems to be not very satisfied, he said: "I cannot say what of his decision, he just chose a plane to fly home. I didn't have a chance to talk to him, of course, I believe that he has their own personal reasons. fortunately Khalid leave does not affect the team wasted a draft pick, but also makes the competition quarterback more opportunities, at least for Robert - Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) is so. We have three quarterback fighting every day and 2 people will be eliminated in a few days, and then everything will be decided.

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