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tiger June 15th NBA finals are experiencing the gradual resumption of the ratings after the Jordan era. The last peak of watching was 1998 when Jordan was in the bulls. Although the knight warrior VS third round the ratings brought out good results, and also compared football is still pale into insignificance by comparison. has a large audience. The average time of watching the NBA finals is 20 million 400 thousand this year, or is there no other strong competitors on TV? In contrast, NBC's NFL Sunday night competition in 2016, though competing with the hot play like "the walking dead", could still attract 20 million 300 thousand people per game. NBA has done a good job in the post Jordan era, but to catch up with NFL, you need to make more effort.two offensive team will meet in this season first Tuesday night game, Steelers in injuries last season, scored the playoffs, just a little bit later to get rid of the Super Bowl champion Denver broncos. At the beginning of the new season, the Steelers failed to completely solve the problem of team attrition, Washington is fraught with grim possibilities. On the contrary, Kirk launched a rare attack on rugby last season at the four point of Cassens, and finally successfully killed the overseas League East and broke into the playoffs. The offseason red for the weak links lineup targeted reinforcement, the new season they will continue to have a big act in east of china. because the main Paowei column viand Baer suspended out last season injuries the Pittsburgh Steelers half alive or cheap nfl jerseys free shipping not in the first week of the new season to cobble together a trident attack. And No. two took over the new season Matei Weiss Bryant ended yet, although Antonio Brown is in the peak period of occupation career, but the Steelers offensive team wanted to go further, to Marcus Witten led by others to take over with a strong. The strong attack line in the new season will be full of blood return again, attacking front will protect the "big" the North Midland strongest, to attack the annual mawang! group is compared with the Steelers defense some shabby, more surprise is concentrated in the defensive line, a combination of Cameron last season - Hayward and Stephen - map Kuyt has brought no small surprise. However, Laurence Timmons and Ruian Shazl's internal combination still need to contribute to the anti biography. Shazl still has much room for improvement, but I think Timmons is a bit of a high salary and low energy. In addition, the first round of last season's injury potential star Budd Dupree will also give the Steelers to bring no small trouble in paibingbuzhen. The Steelers defense defensive backfield is still the biggest problem, but last year the two round show Sen Vazquez - Gul Sen's comeback may give the Steelers bring different elements back. Red retains the successful attack on the squad in the offseason, and even strengthened. Kirk - Cassens four points last season and played well in the offseason, also signed the contract is not small, the new season he will take action to prove whether they deserve a top four bits of the contract. Near end Jordan Reed played a very good performance last season, which is Cassens's favorite passing goal. Meanwhile, Deshawn Deshawn led the rest of the group will continue to provide Cassens with more passing options. In the first round of the draft with Josh dockson will also give the receiver group accumulation depth. After Alfred Maurice went to Dallas, the second grade Paowei Matt Jones will assume the Red Road offensive banner, from the University of Florida's 3 round pick of the season will usher in a great test. The defense group and the Steelers red compared to do or not to go, their defensive front 7 in the League ranked group strength estimation. In the offseason and released several veteran red line, next season's strength is greatly affected rushed pass. From Rui 〉, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter (Ashton Carter) said that the quarterback of the former naval academy, "Nanan Reynolds" (Keenan Reynolds), could be extended to serve in NFL. Carter announced the decision on Friday at the graduation ceremony of the Naval Academy. This is the last step to allow Reynolds to play for the Baltimore crow. "is lucky to hear the news of the Secretary of defense Carter," Reynolds said. "I'm really excited to have the honor to play for my country and have the ability to finish the dream of playing the best team in NFL." Two weeks ago Navy Secretary MeBS (Ray Mabus) obtained permission to participate in the NFL race to the Department of defense applications and "strongly recommended" Reynolds excellence in College after. The crows picked Reynolds in the sixth round and planned to transform the quarterback into an outside and back attack. In his college career, Reynolds has set a FBS record in total number, the number and score of the quarterback in the number and score of the ball.this season after the column, wrote the Falcon, patriot, tiger, panther and Mustang favourites presentations, mostly introduced in this column space team strengths or reasons to win, but also mentioned the team defects and shortcomings, because in my opinion, the team are not perfect. Today, the protagonist, I silently support in the six quarter, Arizona Cardinals, is the 2015 quarter of the most flawless white jade team, and there is no one. 1, the influence of the "cardinal" , 63 year old Bruce Arians are appointed manager for only 2.5 seasons and two harvest season the best coach, which itself is an unbelievable feat. His career is frustrated, let college quarterback coach Arians early into the industry, constantly wandering in the University Stadium, Mississippi, University of Alabama and Temple University lefthis figure, ten years of university career, not only let him bathe Baer - Bryant Enze, coach of Temple University for six years, met the future partner Todd Bowers (An Quanwei). Until 1989, the 37 year old Arians had blossomed into an offensive that was the first time all rounder, coached the occupation field, for four years running backs coach for Marty Shaw's room. Whenever the coach will have one or more excellent tutors, but Arians but on the contrary, in addition to Bryant and Shaw's short and Teng together, then met the Arians are mostly mediocre, such as old Jim Mora, Butch Davies, Mike, Ricky venturi Niumulin Tang et al. Until chuck Pagano cancer invasion, Arians first stood on the stage is central. Although and great coach too soon, but is quite congenial with the great quarterback arians. In 1998, ah AI met the new show Payton - Manning, and Ai Ai took three years to let Manning learn to be steady and learn to beat his opponent with wisdom. In 2004, Adelman met rookie Ben Roethlisberger, a handsome three years after full charge attack, the outstanding from terror, let Ben learned a long time ball threat, and enhance awareness of the precision and accuracy of long. In 2012, Adelman met rookie Andrew Rucker, Clark itself basic skills are already complete, but Adelman changed Lakshmi grip player contact, change the wrong direction the toes and will pass when Iraq, great offense to rookie, let alone 7 times a season, fatal signs. came to the three season after the cardinals, reconstruction of offensive front, let Palmer, Larry Carson Fitz Gerard and other veterans returning the youth, flash on tactics, excellent draft vision etc., Arians simply are born coach. More noteworthy is that Arians are less than three seasons coached the cardinals, but the team under the high trust of its just like Bailey Cheik to the great patriot, which itself is a coach in the league, start walking the cardinal influence. 2 , a galaxy of talents of secret service.Special service in

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