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shirt collar and cuff with gold, the inner side of the collar Celtic green and white striped Jersey home court triangle small standard written on their slogan: "A club like no other." (a out of the ordinary Club) a new road for the green shorts, dark green pants on both sides. Socks socks use is green, dark green, in the sock calf position and wide V pattern.The official website of NFL | Philadelphia Eagles sacked quarterback Tim TEBOW | Rugby Tim (Tim Tebow) - Seth Tibbott Philadelphia time. p.m. Saturday U.S. time 4 points, Philadelphia Eagles sacked 22 players, including Seth tibbott. In the United States on Friday when the team will quarterback Matt Barkley (Matt Barkley) traded to the Cardinals when people think Seth Tibbott will become the team's third outstanding quarterback, even in the last game against the New York jets preseason, Seth Tibbott was put up. coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) said: we feel thibau progress, bu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t he is still not enough to meet our standard No. third quarterback. ????????????????????????????|???????????Y?????????????????????|????????????Y????? by Saturday, the total number of hawks was 52, 1 less than the alliance.Miami dolphins are very satisfied with their own running guard Jay Ajay's performance this year, but they think the promotion will also give Ajay a more floor. According to reporter Miami, dolphins general manager Chris glier said he would promote the stability of the line, to improve the efficiency. "Look at the Falcon You'll see. how important it is," glier said, "terrible Falcon attack you and they attack those members obvious to people, no one missed a game. All the year, it is healthy to fight side by side. So, if you can keep your line starting five state that your attack pressure will be much smaller." , "returning to our dolphins, maintaining the status of the first strike members is very important, but the plan is not going to change. We have to make sure that the people who are on the field next season are the most efficient and able to play our best combination." dolphin center Mike (Mike Pouncey) for pouncy hip injury missed the 11 game of the season, veteran Brandon left Jiefeng - Albert (Branden Albert) missed four games, there are many other strikers experience temporary reshuffle. Even so, Jay Ajay still got the League fourth, 1272 yards of the ball. : "I think he is trying to become better yourself," glier said, "he will be more patient, the line is also very important to keep healthy. This year he has to adapt to different teammates, which has a certain impact on his performance. But one thing is no doubt, Jay wants to be stronger and he wants to be greater. " "he is still young, he knows he has a lot of places to improve, and we look forward to his future. So we have to give him his teammates and continue to strengthen the attacking front so that he will be the key to the dolphin's future. " The first round of Sula Remy - has provided a steady downhill first choice, if pouncey can stay healthy, Ajay would have more chance to attack.The official website of NFL | back to the glory days of starting point? Welker's visit to | dolphins Rugby Miami dolphins will meet a player who has been sent away by them. NFL official website (Ian Rapoport) - Ian Rapoport reported that Welker - wide receiver Weiss (Wes Welker) will visit the dolphins on Wednesday, this is his first visit to this offseason known. the unsuccessful rookie into the League for 33 years and took over the start of the 2004 season high stage of their own occupation career in the dolphin, he had only stayed in San Diego lightning game. He played in dolphin's third season, he made 67 receptions for 687 yards and 1 touchdowns. The subsequent offseason he was Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) with a second round and a seventh round pick price traded to the new England patriots. There, Welker became one of the most high-yield grooves in the new millennium, with more than 1000 yards in 5 seasons in 6 seasons for patriots. He has played for the Denver Mustang for the past 2 seasons. 's career in a series of concussions after 11 seasons put his career in danger. Last season Welker in violation of regulations after the expiration due to doping ban played in 8 games and missed 2 games. He couldn't pull up the space with his opponent's corner guards, and only got 464 yards from 49 passes. That's the lowest data he has ever received since he came out of the second season of dolphins. if dolphins now choose to sign Welker, it is most likely that he will be a young overseas catcher to guide dolphins to be gathered as a forefathers, including Jarvis Landry (Jarvis Landry) and Kenny Stiles (Kenny Stills), who has recently been traded.

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