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The official website of NFL | Titans receiver praising rookie quarterback | football strong arm Tennessee this season in the Titans quarterback quagmire, on Friday, the team coach Ken Whisenhunt (Whisenhunt) announced that the rest of the season starting quarterback by rookie Zach - Berg (Zach Mettenberger) as magotan. Berg and MAGOTAN in university period is the most praised that he take a rocket powerful arm. The team wide receiver Kendall Wright (Kendell Wright) on Thursday said in an interview: we will do little to adapt MAGOTAN Berg, because his arm is too strong too strong. Face every time he passes, can feel a whoosh, so we must do to catch fast. this season, the Titans long ball attack is very weak, very few successful passes over 20 yards, only ranked twenty-seventh in the league, Hunter hope Berg wiesen MAGOTAN host can successfully improve this weakness. Two remote team offensive wea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping pons - Justin Hunter (Justin Hunter) and Nate Washington (Nate Washington) currently add up to only 29 receptions and a touchdown, they will become the first Berg for MAGOTAN quite happy. In the end Delaney - Walker (Delanie Walker) said: I think that is the most suitable for play ball throwing distance MAGOTAN Berg way, his arm will make our long ball attack has become the biggest focus. Whether Berg MAGOTAN bear the heavy responsibility of the Titan attack, the people of Dezhou's game against Houston on Sunday will see the outcome.Shareece Wright wants to leave 49 people in San Francisco. He made his way on Saturday. 49 people announced that they had cut off the corner guard. reported early last week that Wright was hoping that 49 people would deal with or cut him out. More than 10 days later, 49 people met his request. And Wright thanked 49 people on twitter. Wright in March of this year and 49 people signed a 1 year contract worth $3 million, prior to the four season he started 27 games San Diego lightning. 28 - year-old Wright failed to enter the list of 49 players in the four games of the season.This picture shows the Bundesliga champion of the 2016-17 season in Munich, Bayern. This commemorative T-shirt is the regular Adidas T-shirt designed by Bayern traditional clothes, red, white and Bayern Adidas logo badge separated around the chest, there is a huge white middle finger open palm, which represented Bayern second times to achieve a five Albert De. Finally, the "Deutscher Meister hand written below" (German title), and the following line is also attached to the year of Bayern five.Bruce (Bruce Arians) - Arians once again made the adjustment to the quarterback position. , the Arizona Cardinals coach Stanton announced on Monday that Drew (Drew Stanton) served as the starting quarterback in the game against the New York giants in the game. "I'm going to play Drew in the next game. This is not Brin (Gabot) (Blaine Gabbert) fault, "said the arians. "Drew has returned to health. I won't make a replacement if he hasn't recovered yet. " has been identified in the case of the Cardinals missed the playoffs, unless Stanton suffered injuries, Gabot ended the test using the linnet. yesterday just said and Arians will continue to serve as the first bot. But today, said after seeing the Arians 15-20 team lost to the Washington Redskins game video made the decision to change. Three or four Ali also said he still think Gabot can get a space for one person in the NFL, but Stanton let the Cardinals have the best chance of winning. After a fractured arm of the original quarterback Palmer (Carson Palmer), Stanton started 2 games. But he had a knee injury in tenth weeks, creating an opportunity for Gabot to start. Stanton's career passing success rate of only 52.5%, scored 17 touchdowns 21 passes by steals. Gabot led the cardinals in 2 wins and 3 losses record. But in the 5 games he continued to slide. In the last game, he succeeded in passing 16 passes 41 times. The pass rate was only 39%, and 189 yards and 1 passes were copied. played the best performance in his career Gabot arians. Arians and even once on Gabot is full of confidence, Palmer said that if the latter can continue to retire in the next season as a starter. But now this replacement decision should mean that he doesn't think so. Cardinals starting quarterback is still in suspense for the future. Even if Palmer returns, the Cardinals still not found the long-term for the team's ace quarterback. In the fierce competition in the National League West, the quarterback may dilemma will cast a shadow over the future for the cardinals.

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