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Miami dolphins at the end of last month signed former Houston Dezhou star running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster), but due to Forster's hamstring injury has not healed, so the dolphins have been in slow rhythm of his return, but from the current situation, Forster seems to have been ready. Dolphin commander Adam Gass (Adam Gase) told reporters in an interview on Tuesday that Forster is expected to return to the Dallas cowboys in the second season. Forster since joining a new club have been coaching praise, Adam Gus in Forster joined shortly after Forster bluntly can directly participate in first team training, although the second grade of dolphins running back Jay agaj (Jay Ajayi) high hopes, but apparently Gus or more veteran Forster's experience and ability to trust. In the first week of the pre-season match against New York giants, Agayi scored 6 yards for two times, while the other two runner Isaiah Peder (Isaiah Pead) and Daniel Thomas (Daniel Thomas) contributed 90 yards. though Forster's new boss will not be too long for the first time, at least he can see his recovery from injury and his competitive state after injury.The official website of NFL | sixth week review: No. three will win | Rugby Steelers quarterback No. three victory over the Steelers quarterback all the Cardinals of the season undefeated Arizona Cardinals at Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben lack of challenge. The outcome of the game, which looks strong and weak, is somewhat unexpected. In the first quarter by the Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) to finish 1 touchdowns after the game offensive group are not in the state, 3 turnovers in the Steelers defense by ball. The Steelers side in the first half on a free kick to bite the score in the second half of the game starting quarterback Mike Vick (Mike Vick) was injured after Delhi - No. three Janice M. Vidal four Jones (Landry Jones) at play, but his performance led the Steelers reverse. In the first attack after cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he came on, he finished 8 yards of Mata Weiss Bryant (Martavis Bryant) with the outer hand. In each incident free kick after the Steelers continued stalemate, first with the Cardinals steals fight comeback hopes, then receiver Bryant alone singled out the Cardinals 88 yards touchdown catch defensive line in from Jones's pass. The Cardinals were unable to beat the Cardinals Steelers 25-13. defense again savior Mustang victory over Brown this is another game that does not belong to Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) of the game, he in the game in 3 passes was steals, but has the most powerful defense alliance Mustang, they continue to secure the team unbeaten. Manning passed the ball in the first attack, but then the Mustang first broke the deadlock with a free kick. The Broncos cornerback AKI Budd Talib (Aqib Talib) then steals Brown pass and return touchdown. But at the beginning of the second half Brown is closer to the score, quarterback Josh McKoen (Josh McCown) recently state fiery cross found tight end Gary - Pakistan Nikki (Gary Barnidge) completed a touchdown. After the two sides pitted but couldn't score, the third section near the end of the Broncos defense group captured and killed McCain and caused the ball and your horse right to get the ball back and eventually completed the kick, with a 9 point lead in the fourth quarter. But McCain again soon and Pakistan Nikki completed passing touchdowns, then Manning in the game of second passes were copied by Brown interception return touchdown, Brown instant counter ultra score. Manning then finally reveals character, he passes the ball to receiver Emanuel Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders), the border line in complete touchdown. After Brown levelled the score with a free kick, he passed the Brown's pass again in the wild horse defense group at the last stage of the game, but the attack team failed to grasp the chance to complete the winning attack. Manning's third pass was copied at the beginning of the overtime, and Brown got the right distance from the ball.The women's handball | Beach handball team Chinese focus of the war | home court won the opener (Figure) | China hand Co Beach handball June 17th news (correspondent Hou Jiawei Wei Qi Li Gang) 17, Haiyang ABG Beach handball war day. This morning, in the match of Chinese women's team B against Thailand, China's home team won a good start at the big score of 2:0 in the cheering and cheering of fans. it is reported that in the last China in Beach Games women's Beach handball team won the championship, Thailand team in the last race has been runner up good results. The two sides battle pedestria group phase is in the focus of the battle. The game started in the warm performance of beach baby. The Chinese players wear a red shirt and the Thailand team is wearing a blue shirt. The Chinese and Thai players bowed each other and began the game. The referee toss, Thailand team made the first ball attack, the first to get two points. The China team quickly responded, road break shot equalised. After that, the two sides scored, the score rose. The first half of the game was fifth minutes, and the Chinese team made a foul on the Thailand team. The Thailand team had nothing to do with the tall defenders of the Chinese team. The Chinese team expanded the score to 9:4 after the Chinese team 14 Liu Xiaomei scored the score. sixth minutes of the game, the Thailand team made a small wave of 6:0 spare no effort to catch up. After a long pass in the rear of the Thailand team, Thailand scored a 10:9 score against the score. The game is getting hot. At this time, Liu Xiaomei came forward, scoring in the middle, helping the Chinese team to stabilize the situation. The Chinese team is 11:10. then the two sides scored each other. At the end of the first half of the first 44 seconds, the Chinese team led a 2 point lead at 14:12, and Thailand asked for a pause. After the start of the game, the Thailand team received the effect, 14. The first half of the game was 27 seconds left. The Chinese team asked for a pause. China team last attack. Back court service, through the effective organization of the midfield, the right road 21 Li Yao breakthrough shot, the ball into the ball! The score was 15 - 14 after the Chinese goalkeeper blocked the final attack from the Thailand team. The Chinese team won the first half. the second half easy side battles. Liu Xiaomei took the lead in scoring after the Chinese team's patient pass. The Thailand team was unwilling to fall behind and was broken by a penalty kick of the No. 7 Sriruksa. Third minutes in the second half, China's team 14 Liu Xiaomei hit the doorframe, and the Thailand team took the opportunity to return the attack. The score to 6:4. Since then, the Chinese team has put pressure on it frequently, and the number 21 Li Yao border continues to attack. Ninth minutes of competition, the Chinese team took advantage of the opponent's return to the far shot, and the score was expanded to 14:8.The official website of NFL | British Lions rugby | Falcon to reverse the tide, NFL came to eighth weeks, the Atlanta falcons and Detroit lions across the seas came to Britain, in second games this season in London Games started at wembley. 2 wins and 5 losses record for the falcons coach Mike Smith's position in jeopardy, the falcons fiercely determined to win to spain. Half the team offensive and defensive group is not in a condition to be the falcons scored 21 points in the second half and shot 22 to spare no effort to catch up, rely on 21 reverse falcons. lions star Calvin took over Johnson and running back Reggie Bush absent because of injury, have a great impact on the lions attack. I do not know the journey or the scenery is so beautiful, the lions both front 4 shock or the whole score is the second were not able to threaten Matt - Ryan led the falcons offensive team, the falcons won 5 of the first opening, and by running back Freeman Ryan received a screen pass by continuous line health and safety to complete the 7 yard touchdown. Three minutes after the falcons comeback, only spent 3 minutes in the lions cornerback's interference in the end zone with the help of the ball down to 1 yards, and by Ryan short passes to tight end finish Pasco touchdowns, with 14 Falcon 0 lead at the end of the first quarter. Shortly after the opening of the second quarter of , the lion defense team Nick flee of the lion team left the field after the impact of Ryan's knee injury, which is a great blow to the lion's defensive front. Indeed, it cannot resist the lions screen after Stephen Jackson's tough road run and Ryan scalpel like precision, 5 minutes before the end of the first half, the lions cornerback Mathis Julio - Jones interference canceled his ball, the referee in the end zone in steals lane and 101 return yards touchdown. The falcons continued to rely on the game to get a 11000 - yard Stephen - Jackson bulldozer and finish the ball on the 1 - yard line. While people expect the lions can narrow the score when quarterback Stafford at the end of the first half 1 minutes before he gave Forrer the ball was intercepted, 21 more than 0 falcons at halftime. to start the second half, the lions back to the state, either sell or run back over the problem improved a lot, the lions and completed a 22 yard shot in a 7 minute after the attack. The male lion defense team also recovered, one attack against lane and forced him to drop the ball against the falcons. 2 minutes later, out of pocket Gustave getting better, in our side, long pass found by Falcon leakage outside defender took over Gordon Tate, Tate reached the end finished 59 yard touchdown catch, the team reduced the score. After the rally, the defense lions increasingly fierce, even veteran Stephen - Jackson is still fierce, helpless shuangquannandi four legs, the end of the third quarter before passing the lions steals the lane. fourth section, male 〉

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