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The official website of NFL | Hall of fame running back Ferguson, and appeared to help rebuild | football is not good for people in Ferguson, Missouri, for the last 48 hours. has not been charged with the arrest of Darren Wilson, a police officer who shot Michael Brown (Michael Brown). Thousands of angry people began to swim in the middle reaches of the city, and more than 400 people were arrested. NFL Hall of fame, Williams Aeneas Williams also came to this area of riots. But now in Saint Louis, he became a priest and he came to help Ferguson rebuild. He told reporters on Tuesday: there are so many people in need of help, such as some innocent merchant helplessly saw his tearful shops smashed glass, although the weather is very cold, but I and the volunteers do not care, because we can feel the warmth of heart. Williams in the first 10 seasons of his career at Arizona Cardinals occupation force, then cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the 4 season went to the Saint Louis rams, in August this year, Williams selected the NFL Hall of fame.The official website of NFL | Brady: don't want to go to the other team to play football | several new England patriots player told the NFL last week the media reporter Albert (Albert Breer) - Blake, the Gillette stadium is a bad place for Thursday's game against the Kansas chiefs of the patriots. You can through Sunday night game, see Tom Brady 43 to 17 victory over the Cincinnati patriot tiger game (Tom Brady) under greater pressure, but by fifth weeks after entering the public opinion pressure is bigger, until the perfect performance to calm public opinion. In an interview on Monday night, Brady reexpressed the idea that he wanted to stay in the Patriots to retire. , he said, "I love patriots." as I always say, I didn't know many times. I didn't want to play anywhere else, and there was no place I would like to go. I play for the best boss and coexist with the best coaches. We are a family in Boston. We are a community, and I really enjoy it. I just want to do my job, improve my teammates, let my teammates, coaches and everyone support me. Brady referred to a common phenomenon, star players may transform the team in the last few years of occupation career, such as Derek (Derek Jeter) - jath this player is far more than a Joe - Montana (Joe Montana). Brady said: everyone's situation is different, NFL is unpredictable, it is also a common occupation in the sports sector, such as Michael - Jordan (Michael Jordan) the end of occupation career in another team, Joe - Montana (Joe Montana) can end the occupation career in another team, or as Lebron James (LeBron James) as for the team, you can always see such a player to replace the team. And now my goal is not to do that, but there are some things that I can't control. I want to do my best here, finally, until the end of my career. And this year is a very important time, because a lot of problems are in front of me, what I can do is to play the good ball. The has said he will end the occupation career at the age of 40 or so, before fully committed to helping the Patriots impact. The hardest time has come now: it is very difficult to keep a good career at a certain age.The new team logo design inspiration from the shape of the 1927 FA Cup (the Cardiff City), the coat has a shield shaped badge cardiff. The same shape also in logo design this year to use, such as the 1999 Cardiff City's centennial, and 2008 to 2012 of the Cardiff City team logo.In 2015 the Suzhou hurricanes one Bowling for eleventh weeks Zhang Jiayi won | Bowling Tournament 2015 Suzhou hurricane No. 1 bowling center eleventh week week performance G1 G2 G3, the serial number fairway name G4 bare points plus almost week minus score sharing ranked 1 9--1 a lucky name first Jiayi 19222621519482717 844207669 2 19321419720781110 801203771 Zhang Jiayi 13--1 Lu Rongming second Lu Rongming 3 Wang Liang 180188196225789789 197699 third new 14--1 10--1 4 Liangxin Wang Xue Jinlong 207201188185781781 fourth Xue Jinlong Jiang 5 12--1 195691 Xianjie 177169192138676248 780169690 fifth 6 20019218917475524 15--2 Xianjie Jiang Xu h 779189 sixth Xu Hai 7 13--2 18021416118874336 779186 8 Wei Lin Wei Lin 16--2 Baiyun Baiyun 91 19116616419771860 778180 4--2 Ma sueyoshi 17620617019674820 768187 B two 10 154162139183638120 758160 Ma Jiqing 11--2 Liu Xiaosong 11 Liu Xiaosong 9--2 Shaw Mianren 17916722616773918 757185 B Wuxiao cotton 12 16--1 15919012814161818 Yang Xuezhen 120756155 Yang Xuezhen 13 Huang Jingmin 14813120014061918 11--1 four B 110747155 B 14 15--1 Chenyan Lin Wen Jing San Huang 126161134144565160 725141 Otsuichi Lin Chenyan

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