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???????????? ?2???????????????????????????????????????|им??????????????????????????2014???????????????1????Admiral Sports????????????????? According to the provisions on the use of and puma as part of the agreement, Wimbledon business director Ivor Heller announced details; product launches, "cooperation with Puma that I like deep, we are now part of the Puma family, we already feel the passion of Puma. "new quality training services and second Jersey is very special, I look forward to July 7th at 7:30 on Friday night the Jersey conference activities revealed all of this. Cherry Red Records the stadium will be quite busy after the news. When "in the future, I believe that this relationship will be a success, we are proud to be in the new season and the future for the club shirt." The new productAmerican time Sunday NBA Chicago bull's Jimmy - Butler (Jimmy Butler) was interviewed by a reporter. he said, he is fully capable of NFL took over the position, even can easily exceed Denver Broncos star wide receiver de Maris Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) and Pittsburgh Steelers star wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown). 's remarks were attacked by Thomas for a long time. Thomas said Butler sho cheap nfl jerseys free shipping uld be modest. If he came to NFL, he might discover that he knew 0 before. Butler was selected to NBA in the first round of the bulls in the first round of 2011, and then was selected to defend the second - second and the 2 - time all - Star team.| Chinese squash Squash Open shooting game is Meng Xiaomin Li Dongjin faces a challenge wildcard national squash player Meng Xiaomin in the game. (data picture) Luca September 13th 2010 Bailian another city · Yang family department Chinese Squash Open shooting in Shanghai today. From 13 countries and regions of the players, the race China national squash team Xiaomin Meng and Li Dongjin will be a wild card in China Squash Open, the rest of China national team athletes will also participate in the qualifying competition. China open in September 13~18 in qualifying held at Shanghai Institute of Physical Education squash Museum, male and female finals will be in Shanghai on the evening of 18 Wujiaochang eggs sinking transparent glass squash specially built up millions of dollars in held in the square. After active communication with the world women's Squash professional alliance (WISPA) and the support of the Chinese Squash Association, has been promoted to the first level since its first upgrade in 2008. It has become a top professional competition both at home and abroad. The China squash competition attracted many of the world top players and occupation to enroll in the competition levels increased significantly, compared to the previous tournament even more exciting, while providing a learning exchange, master countries to squash a good opportunity to improve the competitive level of the Chinese squash player, also let China squash enthusiasts to have witnessed the International Master opportunity. September 13th men and women in the first round of qualifying in Shanghai Institute of squash, men were 16 into 8 games, women's 8 into 4 games. Part Chinese national squash team will participate in the male and female Gesaisai game. September 15th will enter the race, Meng Xiaomin pick against No. 5 seed Mara Thea Karen; Li Dongjin will face No. 6 seed Francis, Chinese players facing challenges, combat exercise opportunity is an excellent Asian Olympic games. the tournament organized by the State Sports General Administration of sports management center, the ball China Squash Association, Shanghai Sports Federation, Shanghai congregation squash ltd.contractors, Shanghai City, Yangpu District Sports Federation Co, Shanghai City Shopping Center Co. Ltd. exclusive title sponsor. (Paul)The official website of NFL | Tennessee Titans reportedly willing to trade the pick | football Tennessee will take this draft Titan pick traded? has this possibility, but the show is not cheap for any interested team. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) revealed in his NFL official website on Monday that Titan is willing to play the role of Saint Louis rams in the 2012 draft. When the ram with Washington's blockbuster deal will draft position from the pick down, then red in the position of selected quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III). , this is a place where there may be a transaction, especially if a team wants to jump up to win the quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota), Rapoport said. Is Titan interested in trading? Talking to people familiar with their decisions, that requires a lot of really great expense to trade up to pick position and convince Titan ace may be worth giving up some people. He then said, "are they willing to trade?" They want to, but it takes a lot of money to finish the deal. more recent opinion was unanimously recognized as the draft second good quarterback (behind the Florida State University four Wei Jie, Winston Metz (Jameis Winston)) Mario Kobita will be picked in the pick, pick away his may be Titan may also be passed to the other team came to the location of the transaction. Although he held at the school on the players to show mediocre, but the 2014 Heisman winner from the University of Oregon is still in draft players ranked high, the position of good players of course will not affect his talent market scarce. Not surprisingly, and Titan pick fair is costly, because the transaction after they may not only lose the opportunity to choose Mario Kobita, in trading down after may not be elected to the University of California striker Leonard Williams to defense (Leonard Williams) the cornerstone of such defense. , of course, may also have the Titans decided to retain the pick, pick Mario Kobita without regret. Coach Ken Whisenhunt (Ken Whisenhunt) has said that if the Titans used the pick to pick Mario Kobita, he will soon become the starting quarterback. is currently the only sure thing is in the second place position of the Titans will sign a "

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