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Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz) has not played since October 2014, but the New York giants take the lead in thinking that they are ready to return to training camp. "I feel great. Training has always felt good. It's getting better and better every day, "Cruz said on Friday. "I'm excited to be able to continue to train and continue to live like this and see what I can do. ... I'm completely restored. I feel great. No injury, no illness, nothing that makes me feel bad, no pain. " 2014 Cruz patellar tendon tear, last season was his comeback dream persistent calf injury shattered, he again received surgical treatment. Cruz's optimism is consistent with the previous comments by Jerry Reese, the general manager of the team. The latter expresses that the team hopes the player to become the Cruz we know is Jerry. Cruz said in the training camp before the ready "is certainly the goal", but he knew the giant will let him slowly return to team training. The giants are now praying that Cruz will be back in the next season. This is a huge addition to the giant's attack on the other side of Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.), but there are many hidden dangers after the experience of patellar tendon rupture. Cruz may be in training camp before the return, but the question is whether he can fully recover to the giants to the offensive players state.The official website of NFL |49 with new aid efforts to ensure that the exon three took over the role | football (Stevie Johnson) - Stevie Johnson played three seasons during the buffalo Bill catch thousands of codes in 2010-2012 consecutive years. Now his 49 peop cheap nfl jerseys free shipping le in San Francisco are surprisingly transformed into role players. even if he can lock in San Francisco No. three took over the role of doubt. Local time Thursday, when asked about the role of Johnson, 49 offensive coordinator Greg Roman (Greg Roman) simply said the team will give players a few extra over the label. When they were asked if they sent 3 out of the field, whether Johnson was on the court, he said: it depends on the situation and the situation. I think we will use it flexibly on the court. Kang Custer sports network Bay Area Branch (CSN Bay Area) implies that Johnson can not even confirm that he will remain in the battle because he expects a $3 million 925 thousand salary to be a big number for the substitutes. Reporter Matt - Maoko (Matt Maiocco) mentioned the lack of tacit agreement between Johnson and the quarterback Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick). Roman admits that Johnson needs to build such a tacit agreement. Even Johnson himself knew that he was no longer the most important part of the attack. I'm sure everyone knew the core offensive group will be Crabtree (Crabtree) and Boulding (Boldin), Johnson said Wednesday local time. So we can only make sure it's behind them. Johnson and Brandon Lloyd (Brandon Lloyd), Quinton Parton (Quinton Patton) and Bruce Ellington (Bruce Ellington rookie) competition playing time. It's hard to believe that 49 people would choose Lloyd instead of Johnson, but Johnson at this time still locking exon three role is not a good sign over. His salary is like those who need a lot of playing time.Beijing time on Tuesday September 27th at 8:30 in the morning, the NFL regular season third week night game will bring two southern rivals battle: currently one of a negative Atlanta falcons at Mercedes Benz Superdome, challenge the start of the two game losing streak of the New Orleans saints. The last six matches, the saints team four wins two negative advantage; among them, the saints last season had beat the falcons. 2006 local time in September 25th, 10 years ago in the third week and one night race, the two sides met at the saints' home. The game is back to the home court for the first time the saints since Hurricane Katrina, the saints eventually defeated the falcons Our wills unite like a fortress. 23:3. The saints safety Steve Gleason (Steve Gleason) in the first quarter punt a block are made of sculpture. The sculptures, which symbolize the rebirth of New Orleans, were unveiled in 2012 in front of the saints' court. Ten years later, this game has a special significance for both teams. At the beginning of the game, the saints began to attack first. Run back four point guard Drew - Bracey (Dree Brees), Bracey found the outside hand Brandon Coleman (Brandon Coleman) to push 28 yards. The saints from Bracey to run off, tight end Kobe - vrina (Coby Fleener) for two yards, a touchdown. The saints' varied attack formation made the falcons unavailable, and the saints first took the lead in 7:0. The offensive team falcons at the ball to three out, but the saints return Deventer Harris hand (De'Vante Harris) dropped the ball, the falcons advanced 43 yards indirectly. The falcons running back tweng - Coleman (Tevin Coleman) two yards rushing touchdowns, helping the team to draw 7:7. The saints in three points out quickly. The way to promote the falcons saints half, four grade 1 yards. Quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) to give the ball to full health, and give the ball to the semi - Wei tweng Coleman rushed the ball, successfully converted four files. The end of the first quarter, easy side battles, Matt Ryan short run Wei Feng de tower - Freeman (Devonta Freeman) for 13 yards to score, falcons 14:7 counter ultra score. saints offensive group once again on the punt, but punter Thomas - Moss Ted (Thomas Morstead) (Roughing the Kicker collision was malicious) foul, the saints to regain the first attack. The saints Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram) rushed into the red area 17 yards. Michael Thomas (Michael Thomas) received Bracey 3 yards to pass the ball, the score changed to 14:14. The falcons de Feng tower - Freeman punches the ball to break the siege with 36 yards, and then took over Mohammed (Mohamed Sanu) with short Thanou 16 yards, the final run waight 〉The official website of NFL | milepost pony outside take over the imminent 200th appearances for | football Indianapolis pony Reggie Wayne - (Reggie Wayne) will play 200th games in his occupation career on Sunday, all the games are for the pony appearances, which makes him into a very elite level level. is the only player he played pony more times than the legendary quarterback Jonny Unitas (Johnny Unitas) (206) and Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) (208). Wayne said he was very excited to have the opportunity in the second half of the season over his old teammates. We all know what Payton has done for this team and for the city. Some incredible I can over him, Wayne said. He has been here for a long time. He won a lot of games for the team, so it is obviously an honor for me to be at the same level as Payton. , of course, if you play 200 games, that means you're old. The next month over the age of 36, she would never know Wayne is the court's fastest players, especially in less than a year before his knee anterior cruciate ligament tear. That is why when Wayne said himself as a more than 30 year old athletes have natural decline when he focuses more on the preparation for the game in the spirit. I know I don't like Boulter than everyone, Wayne said. I have to pay more attention to research videos, watch my opponents and try to find the best way to take advantage. I may be more than I have been in the past few years, more than all the videos I've seen before. This is very useful. It helped me. That's how you keep your advantage, and I hope I can keep the advantage. Wayne approach to the game may allow him to play a few more years to become the first ball and made 225 appearances for the pony players, or even 250. It is not realistic to think that any of the Detroit lions kicker Jason Hansen (Jason Hanson) will have 327 games for a team. ????????????????????????????????-???????Adam Vinatieri????????????????????????278????160??1????????????????118??1??3????? The record number of 303 non kicker players in San Francisco's 49 legends to take over Jerry Rice (Jerry Rice) may also be safe. but keep good state of Wayne appears to allow him to stay for a long time for the pony.

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