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(original title: NBA has released a new shirt, built-in small chips will completely change your basketball world) the warrior's New Jersey. 30 team, 30 stars, 30 new sets of shirts... When the spotlight of the conference site all together in the players, hundreds of journalists from around the world to realize in Taiwan, these new jersey changed not only the equipment sponsor logo, team logo jersey, material or design version. they really change, is the concept of Jersey in one game. NBA's new season shirt press conference. however, after the end of the conference, it seems like Kanter's style of Jersey sound less and less, you are amazing, from the beginning of the new season, the concept is to subvert the shirt. built-in chip. the so-called "NikeConnect" is in the $200 "player" version of Jersey and $110 "fans" version of Jersey, embedded in a small chip. fans in the purchase of Jersey, exclusive content can be obtaine cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d by scanning the corresponding star Jersey chip, including his team, watch the technique statistics and the athlete highlights of the game. "it really revolutionized the concept of fans to buy the Shirt Jersey, no longer just to wear to the stadium to support players, they can also get only bought a shirt to see the content here." Darren Rovell said the concept of interaction could lead to a rapid rise in sales of players' jerseys.The official website of NFL | crow rookie running back into the injured reserve list | football Baltimore on Tuesday announced a crow rookie running back Lorenzo tagliaferro (Lorenzo Taliaferro) in the injured reserve list, which means that the season is Robben Leah tower fee. He injured his foot in the fourteenth week match against the Miami dolphin. tower Leah Fei Robben season as a squad running back well, out of 292 yards in the limited ball, all reached 4.3, he also had 8 receptions with 114 yards. The third week of the season the match against Brown he rushed out a career high 91 yards and 5.1 yards, showing a flexible pace and dodge grapple, only he is in want of perfection of the ball protection ability still need to improve. Pearce Pierce (Bernard Pierce) will get more opportunities after the season's season reimbursement. But once the current main running back Justin - Forsythe (Justin Forsett) would leave after the end of the season, is expected in the next season tagliaferro was promoted to the first., though there was a 7 - game record of 0 - 16 in NFL this season, but for the Oakland Raiders they were only one of the 16 consecutive defeats. this season, the Raiders have lost 9 games, plus the end of the season 6 game losing streak, if this week's game in San Diego and then losing, so since the defeat of Houston in November 17, 2013 in Dezhou after the team, they will reach the 16 game losing streak. The 2008 season Detroit lions final losing streak to 19 games, the Raiders 1961-1962 year 2 season has 19 game losing streak. The Tampa Bay pirates still keep their 26 - game League record. , if the Raiders ended with 0 wins and 16 losses this season, they will refresh the team's record of consecutive defeats, and want to catch up with the League record, which may be put on next year.In the 2012 season, Doug Martin (Doug Martin), the rookie, reaped the first break of his career. But since then, he seems to have been unable to get back to the state of the time. Martin missed most of the games last season because of a shoulder injury. This season, another 2 games have been lost because of a knee injury. Even if he was able to play, his performance could not satisfy the fans. In a word, now Martin doesn't look good. in the last 7 games, Martin has failed to perform any more than a hundred yards. In the 3 games he played this season, he didn't even have more than 50 yards in the number of punches. This question cannot be simply blamed for the unfavourable opening of the pirates in Tampa Bay, and Martin himself must bear the responsibility. The data showed that Martin had 37 shots and 6 shots this season, but only 3 missed escapement. This data is only thirty-ninth of the 43 runners at least 25% of the team's attack. even so, coach Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith) is still planned for this week to stick with Martin. Martin himself believed that he was not far away from the outbreak. He said on the team's official website: "those doldrums are in the past, we are trained very seriously and everyone is willing to take responsibility for their teammates. I am looking forward to our future performance and I will continue to work hard to do anything I can do. " The pirate's opponent this week will be the Baltimore raven, whose run is currently in the League eighth.

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