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The official website of NFL | Starks instead of Rethy packers starting running back into | football when Eddie Lacy Eddie did not perform well, the Green Bay Packers changed their running sequences before facing Detroit lions. chief coach Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) told reporters on Wednesday that he thought James Starks (James Starks) is the top runner of the team, and racy acted as the two runner. I would say that James will be the number one running guard against Detroit, Mccarthy told the local media. He won the opportunity. I'm not very confident of relying on a major runner all season. We're going to let two people turn out. 's poor performance has made Wisconsin feel anxious, especially during the two failure of the packers. The three grade runner only got 308 yards for 83 shots, averaging 3.7 yards each time. In his past four games, ray Xidan had no more than 38 yards in the number of punches and only one match was more than 2.1 yards. whether it is due to injuries (ankle and groin) or increased body weight, Rethy has been unable to effectively find space and lack of power. Rei was cheap nfl jerseys free shipping limited to Wednesday's training, and he left early in the game because of a groin injury. Starks has been a better running guard in recent weeks. He also acknowledged this on Wednesday, including playing 10 times in the sixth week, 112 yards of the ball. His first video game is his rapid explosive force and make changes to the ability to find space in the backcourt, Rethy lack of such ability. two did not perform well this season, but Starks had the best chance of ending the wrapper. In the face of the thirtieth lion defense against the runaway league (133.8 yards on the field), the packers are likely to return to the right track in the attack and win.Houston Dezhou's external relay, Andre Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins), is one of the best contacts in the league. In recent interviews with , he said, "I think I am the best foreign player in the league. I train hard, and I allow myself to be the best in this position. My footsteps are before other foreign players take the lead. seemed to look at such talk a bit ridiculous, whether it is Pittsburgh Steelers - Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) and New York giants Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) or other receivers are considered to be the best. To the present position, Hopki has completed 86 hits, 1169 yards and 10, and at least he failed to prove that he was the best in the league. Of course his quarterback is Blaine - Heuer (Brian Hoyer) and the rest of the quarterback are better.Houston, the Dezhou coach O'Brien, made it clear: "Tom (Savage) is the first of the team. He behaved well in the training camp and was able to lead the team well. This is the four year of Savage in the team. For the understanding and execution of team tactics, as well as on-the-spot command and defensive reading, Savage's current capabilities are all above Watson. therefore, the team's first round show this year Deshaun Watson will be the team two quarterback, and then the veteran Brandon Weeden. in the past two games in the past, Savage made a total of 20 passes, 17, 167 yards and 1. In the quarterback who passes the ball 20 times or more in the league, his 85% pass rate is ranked the first in the league, followed by the ram's J.Goff (79.2%). Watson two games 35 pass 18 of 281 yards, and have completed the two shots of the ball. Judging from the performance of two pre-season matches, Savage can perform well in the team's tactical arrangement, try to maintain effective control of the ball, complete more accurate passing and lead the offensive team forward. said to the rookie Deshaun Watson and O'Brien: "he (Watson) is a very good young player. He will get good results in his future career. At the moment, he needs to adapt himself to the rhythm and atmosphere of the professional league." Although Watson's performance in two pre - season games is not as good as Savage, he doesn't have to worry about who is the team's first quarterback. He needs to adapt himself to the rhythm of professional competition as soon as possible, and learn the team's technical and tactical arrangements on the bench. Once Savage is injured or the state fluctuates violently, Watson should be ready to come on the bench at any time -- even preparing for the team's first appearance. on Wednesday, the team will go to Metairie, rehearse with the saints in New Orleans, and play third games in the pre - season match with the saints on Sunday. For the four weeks of the season, third weeks of competition is the top priority, which largely determines which players get first and which players will be cut off.The official website of NFL | Randy - Moss: I always want to pass in the Brady area | Rugby Randy - Moss (Randy Moss) does not need to prove anything to the public. He is destined to be a member of the future Hall of fame. But we all know he doesn't seem to have a good deal with the media during his players. , however, has to admit that he is one of the best contacts in the history of NFL. He is also a contributor to the new England patriot 2007 excellent season. Recently he spoke to Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and the vent door: I always appear in the area that Brady needs, I call this a professional, but Brady can always prepare ahead of schedule. Brady is the occupation player in the occupation player, I love him, and he did every thing. 38 year old Moss is not the first one to stand out to support the Brady player, although not what role, but at least know another Brady in support of his old team.

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